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The Stone Girl's Story av Sarah Beth Durst

The Stone Girl's Story (utgåvan 2018)

av Sarah Beth Durst (Författare)

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614331,237 (3.83)5
A girl made of stone, forever twelve years old, has outlasted the father who carved her and gave her life, but now the magical marks that animate her are fading and she must leave her mountain home and find help in the valley below if she wants her story--and those of her family--to continue.
Titel:The Stone Girl's Story
Författare:Sarah Beth Durst (Författare)
Info:Clarion Books (2018), 336 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Stone Girl's Story av Sarah Beth Durst



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I was super excited to read this and it ended up being good but not great. The story was a bit slow and boring for me, but I think younger readers would find it more entertaining and interesting. This book would be great for kids of all ages.

Mayka is a girl carved from stone whose Stonemason died. While Mayka and his creations live on in the mountains, some of the creations are starting to wear out and fade. As a result of this, Mayka decides to begin her long journey down the mountain to find a Stonemason to help save her friends.

This is a unique concept and I loved the idea of stories carved into stone making stone alive and real. Unfortunately, I thought the whole thing was a bit oversimplified and never really engaged with the characters or story. This was a super simple and easy read that left me feeling a bit wanting.

I think younger kids will probably enjoy this story a bit more. It’s a simple story with some interesting concepts and some adventure.

Overall this was a good read but not as wonderful as I had been hoping for. The whole thing felt a bit simple and under-thought to me. I think younger readers will enjoy this more than adults. ( )
  krau0098 | Sep 27, 2018 |
A creative premise here - Stone carved animals and a stone girl that are ambulatory. All were created by a master carver who the girl (Mayka) considers he dad, The problem is that over time they must be recarved or they will stiffen up. So Mayka must journey from their mountain home to find a master carver (dad died) to bring back to update their cuts. They meet many on their quest including a very evil carver who wants to control all the stone figures by cutting an obedience mark on them. The weakness for me is that the characters spend too much time discussing what they are going to do and not enough time doing it. But, kids will like it. ( )
  muddyboy | Jul 1, 2018 |
A good solid story of how stories about who we are can determine who we are. Good characters, good plot, it flows well enough if not perfectly. Something in the language, dialogue and description doesn't mesh with the almost mythic tale being told. ( )
  quondame | May 9, 2018 |
THE STONE GIRL'S STORY is a wonderful middle grade fantasy. Mayka is a girl who was carved of stone by Father who also carved many other creatures: birds Jacklo and Risa, rabbits Dersy and Harlisona, the owl Nianna, Etho the lizard, Turtle, Badger, the cat Kalgray, and the fish. But Father died many years previously and the marks he carved into their stone are fading. When they have faded enough, all the carvings stop. Recently Mayka's friend Turtle has stopped and she is grieving his loss.

She decides that the only thing for her to do is to venture down the mountain from their home to the valley below to find a new stonemason to recarve the marks needed to keep her friend and herself alive. She was planning to go alone but Risa and Jacklo decide to follow her and join her on the adventure. And what an adventure it is.

On their journey, they meet many people. Some are dangerous and want to return them to their "Keeper" in the hopes of a reward. Others are kind like the young girl Ilery who is also visiting the city of Skye and Garit who is an apprentice stonemason. They also meet a carved small dragon named Si-Si who has been forgotten by her owners and who was made as a decoration but wants to rewrite her story to make herself useful and heroic.

Most troubling of all Mayka meets on her journey is Garit's Master Siorn who has discovered something new - a way to add a mark of obedience to all his stone carvings. Siorn is hoping that his discovery will raise the status of stonemasons who have been distrusted since the Stone Wars but Mayka is appalled that someone else would take control of stone creature's stories. She needs to find a way to rescue Jacklo was was captured by Siorn and had a mark of obedience carved on him. But that isn't enough. She needs to find a way to stop Siorn from convincing others to use the mark.

This was a wonderful coming of age story as Mayka learns about her own strengths and learns that she is rewriting her story as she changes because of her adventures. It was a wonderful story of friendship and the lengths people go to for their friends. I loved the idea that everyone is the author of their own story. I highly recommend this book for is lyrical language and engaging heroine. ( )
  kmartin802 | Mar 4, 2018 |
Visar 4 av 4
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A girl made of stone, forever twelve years old, has outlasted the father who carved her and gave her life, but now the magical marks that animate her are fading and she must leave her mountain home and find help in the valley below if she wants her story--and those of her family--to continue.

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