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Las mujeres en la química (Science…

Las mujeres en la química (Science Wide Open) (Spanish Edition) (utgåvan 2021)

av Mary Wissinger (Författare), John J. Coveyou (Creator), Danielle Pioli (Illustratör), The Spanish Group (Översättare)

Serier: Science Wide Open (2)

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Jump into the awesomeness of chemistry! Discover the power of curiosity and resilience along with the women who have blazed a trail in the world of science. From ancient times to modern day, the exciting story of chemistry is sure to inspire the scientist in everyone.
Titel:Las mujeres en la química (Science Wide Open) (Spanish Edition)
Författare:Mary Wissinger (Författare)
Andra författare:John J. Coveyou (Creator), Danielle Pioli (Illustratör), The Spanish Group (Översättare)
Info:Science, Naturally! (2021), Edition: Illustrated, 40 pages
Samlingar:Read, Ditt bibliotek


Women in Chemistry | A Science Book For Kids! av Mary Wissinger (Author)


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Reviewed by my 11 year old daughter: This book is great! It was fun to read and it taught me more about chemistry. I thought the drawings were good, too! I like that the girl is asking questions’amd they’re being answered in the book. I did think that the author could have explained some things a bit more: for instance, when the author talks about DNA and how it makes a copy of itself, I wondered, “Why does it make a copy of itself?” Otherwise, I enjoyed this book. ( )
  mandayoga | Apr 10, 2021 |
I am an adult spanish language learner. I read children's books in Spanish to strengthen my language skills. I would consider myself to be at an advanced beginner reading level. This book was an appropriate mix of paragraphs that I could easily read along with some that were more challenging containing words that I needed to look up. I also enjoyed the content as it had information about women scientists from around the world that I was not aware of. This is part of a women in science series and I preferred Las Mujeres en la biologia. ( )
  Lynsey2 | Mar 5, 2021 |
My kids, age 4, 7, and 9 enjoyed being read aloud this book. It's their first exposure to a lot of the ideas in chemistry and so they had lots of questions about what I was reading to them. My son wanted to know why there were no men in the book so that was a whole other conversation. The illustrations were colorful, and eye-catching without being overwhelming. ( )
  wrightja2000 | Mar 1, 2021 |
"Las Mujeres en la Química" es un libro pequeño, pero lleno de información grande y importante. Con preguntas cortas sobre la ciencia y entonces repuestas y ilustraciones pintorescas que explicar los hechos, chicas (y chicos) pueden aprender mucho sobre la quimica y las mujeres famosas en esa ciencia. Aunque el libro parece a ser para niños, el contenido is más para los grados 5-9. ( )
  HouseofPrayer | Mar 1, 2021 |
Women in Chemistry by Mary Wissinger is the second book in the Science Wide Open series about female scientists from different eras and countries.  According to the back cover, the book is aimed at ages 7-10 (although the author's stated range on her website of 4-8 is more appropriate).  This book is about five women chemists, all unfamiliar to me:  Cleopatra the Alchemist (3rd century AD), Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier (1758-1836), Rosalind Franklin (1920-1957), Ada Yonath (b. 1939), and Dawn Shaughnessy (b. 1972).  Each is introduced with a typical question related to chemistry that a child might ask, such as "What is the periodic table?" and "What elements am I made of?"  The question is answered by highlighting the work of each woman.  At the end, the reader is reminded that scientists ask questions and look for answers.  There's a pronunciation guide for the scientists' names, as well as a glossary. The vibrant illustrations by Danielle Pioli are engaging.  Now published by Science, Naturally, the series was developed by Genius Games, a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) publishing company, and were originally funded with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.  These books are also available in Spanish, and would be a great addition to a classroom or school library. ( )
  rdg301library | Feb 23, 2021 |
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Wissinger, MaryFörfattareprimär författarealla utgåvorbekräftat
Pioli, DanielleIllustratörhuvudförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat

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Jump into the awesomeness of chemistry! Discover the power of curiosity and resilience along with the women who have blazed a trail in the world of science. From ancient times to modern day, the exciting story of chemistry is sure to inspire the scientist in everyone.

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