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Dyrwolf: A Young Adult Fantasy Romance av…

Dyrwolf: A Young Adult Fantasy Romance (utgåvan 2018)

av Kat Kinney (Författare)

Serier: Dyrwolf (1)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
951,967,949 (4.8)Ingen/inga
Titel:Dyrwolf: A Young Adult Fantasy Romance
Författare:Kat Kinney (Författare)
Info:(2018), 287 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Dyrwolf av Kat Kinney


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Visar 5 av 5
Brilliant read

I was hooked on this one from the start. It was much darker than I expected, as we are thrown into a world where sixteen-year-old Lea Wylder, is training to fight a colony of werewolves that enslave humans. When Lea stumbles upon an injured young werewolf, she has to decide whether to put aside a lifetime of hatred to aid him, and even if she’s willing, what will be the cost to her?

Lea is really well thought out; I loved her strength in the face of adversity and the growth in her character as she started to question everything. Henrik is really likeable, as is his wolf. I loved their slow burn / enemy-to-lovers cute romance; it was really well done without overpowering the excellent storyline.

There is plenty of intrigue from the start, but there are also so many twists it was incredible. There are a lot of names and things to keep up with, but each new revelation made the investment worthwhile.

The pacing is great. I loved the action scenes; they were so unpredictable. The descriptions are beautiful and original; the accounts of the migraines are done so well, that at times they were overwhelming.

Overall, I highly recommend Dyrwolf to Fantasy, Y.A. and Romance audiences. One of my favourite reads in a long time, and I’ve already bought the sequel. 😊 ( )
  EKFrances | Oct 1, 2023 |
Beautifully written, gripping paranormal YA Fantasy! Set in a dystopian, yet familiar, landscape very similar to my own up in northern Canada, Lea lives in fear of the werewolves that tortured and kidnapped her mother and forced humans to flee up into the mountains. That is, until she finds a young “Drywolf” in a trap, who convinces her to help him get back to his community and he’ll help her find answers to her burning questions. I liked the main character, Lea, who has learned from her father how to survive and take care of herself but has always felt like an outsider in her colony. She’s on a quest of self-discovery and truths about the battling factions. Action, shape-shifters and romance abound in this highly recommended fantasy tale! I am looking forward to book 2 in the “Drywolf” series. ( )
  Annbirdgenaw | Apr 24, 2023 |
The dyrwolves are the enemy, everyone knows that. Then one day Lea comes across a trapped, injured one, who turns out to be a boy about her own age who knows things he shouldn’t. And suddenly Lea’s not so sure about what everyone knows to be true. The story is told in first person, present tense, from Lea’s viewpoint.

Elements I liked:
The story really drew me in. I liked that Lea realistically struggled with migraines, making her an atypical main character and fantasy story hero. I liked that in spite of her struggles, Lea was a strong female lead who worked to make her own choices and figure things out. Descriptions in the story were detailed and often lyrical, the writing well-done. The world felt real and the characters were varied and interesting, with most of them having enough depth to make them believable. I liked the story’s unique take on werewolves.

Elements I struggled with:
The first couple of chapters were very choppy, with poorly transitioned memories, flashbacks and bits of world-building interrupting the flow of the story. I almost didn’t read further – the choppiness was so frustrating and made it hard to follow the story. A couple of allusions to things in our world were a poor fit for this world – allusions to Little Red Riding Hood and to Hamlet. Those did not seem to have a place in this world and frankly, jarred me out of the story at those points.

Barring the first choppy sections, I really enjoyed the story and the characters. The book is entertaining and the pace is good as Lea learns more about the dyrwolves and her own past. It’s an entertaining story, well worth reading.

(Read March 2021) ( )
  SLynnHelton | Jan 6, 2023 |
Quit at the 10% mark. I just wasn't enjoying it. I was even having trouble making sense of it.
  OgreZed | Sep 14, 2020 |
Dyrwolf by Kat Kinney is a paranormal fantasy. Humans and dyrwolves both claim the colony as theirs. For now, the river acts as a boundary between them. Lea Wylder has trained all her life to kill dyr, to claim the colony back for humans and to have her name on the carving for something useful. When her only friend Salem is taken captive by the dyr, she would anything to save him, even helping one of the dyrwolf to get to him. It doesn't matter that Lea has seen the wolf in her dreams, that her heart flutters everytime she looks at him and that she's obsessed with his fluffy tail.
I am a fan of paranormal romance and have read many werewolf stories, but this was one of the best. There was so much attention to detail. Every scene was captured so vividly, It seemed as if I was seeing through Lea's eyes. The plot felt slow at first, but then it dived and everything was perfect. There were some instances where I thought of hunger games (maybe the bow?) and Harry potter (for the minderblood). Overall it's a five star. A perfect read for werewolf fans. ( )
  sunsettime | Jan 22, 2019 |
Visar 5 av 5
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