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Protocols: Handbook for the female slave

av Robert J. Rubel

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Protocols have to be desigend by each Master for his/her slave. Protocols are what makes a relationship special. This book is intended to provide examples, ideas and discussion points to those who follow - or would like to follow - the calling to live in a modern-day Master/slave Leather relationship.… (mer)

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Lyndsey and I use this as a reference when discussing protocols at MaST meetings. ( )
  Ponygroom | Dec 18, 2016 |
Reviewed by Chris Phillips
This book is specifically applicable to persons engaged in or considering an informed, mutually consenting Master/slave (M/s) relationship. For those reading this that are outside of the Bondage Domination Sado-Masochism (BDSM) community the book provides a practioner’s view of how this dynamic is lived. For readers who are part of the BDSM community, this provides practical and personal guidelines in constructing and maintaining a vital M/s relationship.
Rubel defines his terms in the introduction and provides enough background to lay a solid groundwork. Rubel states, “This book is my personal Manual of Protocol for my slave.” (pg. 19) This manual provides the basis for the book. Rubel’s comments, introduction, appendices and reference materials add more body to form the remainder of the book.
Terms such as protocols, contracts, and rituals are clearly defined in the Introduction.
“Protocols represent a set of rules that govern specific actions or behavior in a particular situation. So, there is a ‘lockdown protocol’ in prison and a ‘test-taking protocol’ in the boarding school.” (pg 22)
Dealing with the Master-slave dynamic as a viable and vital relationship dynamic in modern society, Rubel proceeds in detail to describe his current relationship and how that can be applied to others’ lives. He defines the relationship between himself and his slave. He elucidates how these protocols are implemented and what the consequences are for failure but only as part of the commentary. Protocols and this book are specifically designed to guide a slave’s behavior in service to her Master.
One common thread is communication. Rubel sets the stage in chapter 3, but visible throughout.
“Issues of Communication
Courtesies and conversations often rely on tact. Tact is the talent for not saying that you were right in the first place. In our Family, we are not interested in affixing blame, we are interested in developing rich, harmonious relationships. The relevant aphorism is: ‘We’re not put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.’” (pg 59)
His comments show insights into the details of working out his current relationship.
The chapters follow in logical order and increasing complexity. Rubel includes ample details to ensure that there is understanding although the sheer quantity of detail may leave some readers feeling overwhelmed. In the appendices, Rubel includes an example of a training contract, important safety information, forms and resources that are mentioned in the book, and references for further study. Rubel includes URLs for Leather conferences and events, which often provide more classes and presentations.
Rubel provides insight into the “power exchange,” “authority exchange,” and the Leather community as a subset within the overall BDSM community. Rubel contends there is sufficient distinction between Leather M/s and BDSM M/s for this book about Leather M/s High Protocol. The distinction Rubel espouses is a spiritual component not present to the same degree in other BDSM relationships. Quoting Master Skip Chasey and Master Steve Sampson, he states that the Top/bottom relationship is sexual, the Dominant/submissive is mental or about energy and the Master/slave is spiritual. The practical application illustrates that any portion can be adapted without demanding the strictness and structure of Rubel’s personal relationship.
Writing in the first person conversational tone, Rubel lends a personal touch to the book. This allows him to express his “commentaries” which explain the reasoning behind the protocol as well as important details of difficulties or unexpected twists that occurred in the writing of this book.
This book is an excellent source for those in or considering a Master-slave dynamic. It should be of interest to anyone that is part of the BDSM or Kink community. Family and friends of those in the community would also benefit from Rubel’s insights. ( )
  ChrisPhillips | Jul 31, 2010 |
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Protocols have to be desigend by each Master for his/her slave. Protocols are what makes a relationship special. This book is intended to provide examples, ideas and discussion points to those who follow - or would like to follow - the calling to live in a modern-day Master/slave Leather relationship.

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