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Cemetery Boys av Aiden Thomas

Cemetery Boys (urspr publ 2020; utgåvan 2020)

av Aiden Thomas (Författare)

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3671252,163 (4.31)2
Titel:Cemetery Boys
Författare:Aiden Thomas (Författare)
Info:Swoon Reads (2020), 352 pages
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Cemetery Boys av Aiden Thomas (2020)



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This is one of those novels that might've changed my life if I had read it as a teenager. That long ago, there wasn't anything like it within my reach.

As an adult more than twice as old as the main characters, I'm wishing there was more romance transgender urban fantasies written for adults. (Are there any like this?) Seeing that representation, especially within a culture that can be (but doesn't have to be!) hostile to queer members and set someplace I have a personal connection to, matters. The happy ending (or new beginning) matters.

On the negatives, I also wish the story hadn't implied that the boys took all day, from sunrise to sunset, to drive across L.A. Yet they returned in a few hours, somehow. That plot sink killed some of my enthusiasm, because I kept trying to figure out what had happened to a crucial day. It vanished! That's going to be in my mind every time I think about recommending the book.

I'm really glad to have read CEMETERY BOYS, anyway. ( )
  aspirit | Feb 5, 2021 |
This has elements of being an #ownvoices book for both the author Aiden Thomas and narrator Avi Roque (who does a fantastic job). ⁠

Cemetery Boys has a slow start but quickly grabs the attention of the reader as the story unfolds. This was a fantastic book. Lots of rich details and cultures folded into a multifaceted mystery with a touch of romance.⁠


What if you summoned a ghost but couldn't get rid of him?⁠

Author Aiden Thomas saw the writing prompt in a social media post and Cemetery Boys grew from there.⁠

All Yadriel wants is to be recognized by his father and his community as a brujx and to see his mother again during the Dia de Los Muertes celebration this year. As a trans boy, Yadz has trouble getting his father, the leader of his community, to recognize that he belongs with the rest of the brujx who can see ghosts and help them cross to the other side. When a family member suddenly goes missing and his body can't be found Yadriel and his best friend Maritza take the opportunity to prove to their families that they have what it takes to be part of their community. As they start their own search for answers, things quickly go awry. They summon a ghost, but it's not the one they're looking for. They offer to help him make sure his friends are okay, but the more time they spend helping Julian get his affairs in order, the more questions they have and the more complicated they realize the problem is. ⁠
( )
  Teacups13 | Feb 4, 2021 |
Series Info/Source: This is a stand alone book that I borrowed from the library.

Story (4/5): This was fine but I didn't love it. I enjoyed the inclusion of some of the Mexican traditions and the characters were fine. I just felt like not a lot happened here and the story never had any urgency. It is mostly a mystery where Yadriel and his family are trying to find a missing cousin. It was incredibly easy to predict who the "villain" was and the big twist at the end wasn't really much of a twist...just the plot playing out exactly like you expected it to.

Characters (4/5): All but a tiny portion of the story is told from Yadriel’s POV. Yadriel is trans and really wants to go through the coming of age ceremony that all the other boys go through. However, his father is having trouble believing that the person who used to be his young daughter will be accepted by Lady Death as a brujo and granted powers over ghosts. Yadriel and his family both grow a lot throughout the book, as both his father and extended family learn to accept Yadriel’s identity. We meet a number of other characters throughout the story as well and they were decently done. I will say though that I never engaged with any of these characters all that well and they all felt a bit one dimensional to me.

Setting (3/5): This book and story takes place around and about LA, most of it takes place in graveyards around that area. The setting was fine but never all that well described, the settings just didn’t really come alive for me and pull me in.

Writing Style (3/5): This book was slow and the pacing just felt off. 90% of the book has a very "day in the life feel to it" and moves very deliberately; it deals a lot with Yadriel’s day to day struggles and school life. The last 10% (or maybe even less) is super intense and action packed and deals a lot more with death magic. I just felt like this wandered so much and could have had a much more interesting and tighter plot. This book had a lot of potential but just ended up kind of "blah".

My Summary (3.5/5): Overall I am a little confused by why this book has such high reviews. Yes, it does a decent job portraying a gay transgender character but the story itself was lacking. I think the book as a total package could have used some work. Technically it is decently written and it is easy enough to read; I just didn't find it all that interesting. I did get Aiden Thomas's next book “Lost in the Never Woods” to review as well, so hopefully I will enjoy that one more than I enjoyed this one. ( )
  krau0098 | Jan 15, 2021 |
I appreciated the representation in this book. Overall the story isn't perfect but it has brought a lot of attention to underrepresented communities. I think that the level of acceptance this book has gotten is great as it will make room for more diverse stories to come into the world. A lot of the complaints that I saw in the reviews were about the ending's predictability and the protagonist's imperfections. For the first complaint, all I can say is well spotted, you've successfully identified foreshadowing. And as for Yadriel being imperfect, I'd like to point out he's only sixteen, if I'm not mistaken he was only a year past when he traditionally would have started his burjo journey at fifteen. I know I wasn't perfect when I was sixteen. I'm still not perfect now, but I've definitely grown a lot in my views of the world and of myself. I can't say that giving a character flaws is a mistake. I think that Aiden Thomas has created a character and a community that shows the potential for growth, which is especially important if he intends to continue writing in this world as he said he would like to in an interview with Avi Roque, the reader chosen for the audiobook. I'd very much like to see how Yadriel grows and how the brujx community of this world changes with more and more of its young members try to find a balance between their individual identities and their cultural identities. ( )
  SMagill723 | Jan 7, 2021 |
RGG: Fascinating premise--Trans, Gay youth in a community of Brujx in East LA; urban fantasy that falls flat in the writing. Reading Interest: 13-YA. Lots of kissing, but nothing more explicit.
  rgruberexcel | Dec 11, 2020 |
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Yadriel wasn’t technically trespassing because he’d lived in the cemetery his whole life.
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