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Burn Our Bodies Down av Rory Power

Burn Our Bodies Down (utgåvan 2020)

av Rory Power (Författare)

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18313117,835 (3.76)1
Titel:Burn Our Bodies Down
Författare:Rory Power (Författare)
Info:Delacorte Press (2020), 347 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Burn Our Bodies Down av Rory Power


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Trigger Warnings (as stated on author's website): Fire. Emotional abuse by a parent, including gaslighting. Familial and generational abuse. Nonconsensual pregnancy – note, no sexual assault or rape. Body horror, some gore, blood (lighter, relative to Wilder Girls). Death. On page character death. Child/infant death (takes place off page). Off-page gun violence. Emesis (mention of vomiting).

For seventeen years, it's only ever been Margot and her mom. No hint or answers to questions Margot asks about her family history or her mother's past. Until one day Margot find a key - a photograph, tucked in a Bible with a message pointing her to a town called Phalene. All Margot's ever wanted is family, so she leaves her mom and heads out for answers. Only, when she gets there, she quickly finds out there's really something about her family that isn't right and she must get to the bottom of it. Fast. Because her mom left for a reason and if she doesn't figure it out soon, she might not make it out herself.

This book (just like Wilder Girls) grabbed me from the very first page and kept me reading. I even stayed up way past my bedtime to finished the book. That being said, I don't think it will be for everybody. It is a YA horror, so it's not as crazy as say, Stephen King, but the atmosphere of this book is exactly what it describes - spooky and intense. I still can't believe everything happened in the book in less than a few days (I believe it's 3 days, could be 4). Margot went looking for answers and boy did she find them!

"After all, I don't think the past ever really leaves, in Phalene. It breaths. It holds on." (pg 224)

The characters themselves, and I'm looking at Margot, Jo, and Gram, aren't really fleshed out, but the relationship they all have with one another is, which is a lot of what the novel is about. There's all kind of manipulation and lying but at the cost of "being a family." It's a weird dynamic that Margot tries to figure out. Power does a wonderful job at showcasing human emotions in very specific circumstances and she doesn't disappoint here either. Margot has put up with so much her entire life that her desire to figure out what happened so she knows more about herself is what drives her character along.

"...but I'm the only person in the world fighting for me. If I don't do it, nobody will." (pg 215)

After reading this novel, I've come to the conclusion that I will be reading anything Rory Power ever publishes from now on. ( )
  oldandnewbooksmell | Sep 24, 2021 |
What did I just read? The ending of this book still has me unnerved. I’m not entirely sure how to classify the take as it’s part thriller, part mystery, part family drama, and maybe a little bit of horror?

I had high expectations for the book after reading Wilder Girls. In Burn Our Bodies Down, Power delivers the same incredible sense of atmosphere, and you can almost feel the oppressiveness of both towns, of the farmhouse, everything. Growing up in central Illinois and spending a few summer working in cornfields, they can be eerie enough on their own with their carefully placed rows, so the chaotic planting and the evident sickness of Vera’s crops adds to the malaise of the farm.

But it’s the characters who shine, although shine is not a word I’d use for any of the characters. They have rough edges. Margot’s longing for a relationship, her recognition of the push-pull for attention or anything from her mother, the evasiveness and alternating love and cruelty from her grandmother were hard to read.

At times, this isn’t an easy book to read. The pace of the book at the beginning is slow, a bit reflective of the oppressive heat and the kind of emptiness that is Margot’s life. . There are times, too, when none of the characters are particularly likable and yet Power pulls me into Margot’s story because, quite frankly, I have no clue what is going on. It’s clear Margo is being lied to, she knows this as well, and that is what drives the plot forward - her need for answers, and maybe also her desperate need for love, for reciprocation from a family member. That said, while I had ideas of what might be going on, wild and crazy ones, nothing prepared me for what was really going on at the farm!

Despite the slow pace at the start, this was a page turner. Disturbing, moody,emotionally gripping, and while I’ve still got questions, the ending doesn’t leave me with a “but wait, what’s next” like Wilder Girls did (thank you, Rory.)

Just...wow. ( )
  jenncaffeinated | Jul 4, 2021 |
It's about time love left a mark on me.

disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for review consideration. All of the opinions presented below are my own. Quotes have been taken from the advanced copy and are subject to change upon publication.

This review can also be found on my blog.

Okay, I really liked this. While I enjoyed Power's debut, Wilder Girls, I feel like she really hit her stride here. I found myself drawn into Burn Our Bodies Down almost immediately. Margot came to life for me right away and I was so invested in her story and where it would go. The mystery was soo twisted and I was constantly on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. And I was absolutely wrong at every turn. My only problem was really some inconsistencies I'm sure will be ironed out in the final copy.

I never got good at recognizing attraction in other girls--it took me long enough to recognize it in myself, and even longer to say "lesbian," without blushing.

I also love the queer rep in this; the main character is a lesbian and while there is no romance she has that little "do I want to be friends with her or do I want to kiss her" struggle that I think most wlw experience when they meet another woman they're drawn to. I'm glad a romance wasn't shoehorned in here; I feel like it would have been out of place in the story considering what's going on.

Overall, this book is soooo good and I'll definitely be recommending it in the future!

content warnings: Fire. Emotional abuse by a parent, including gaslighting. Familial and generational abuse. Nonconsensual pregnancy – note, no sexual assault or rape. Body horror, some gore, blood (lighter, relative to Wilder Girls). Death. On page character death. Child/infant death (takes place off page but implied violence – pages 301 and 308 in the print ARC). Off-page gun violence. Emesis (mention of vomiting).

Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Ko-fi ( )
  samesfoley | Jun 18, 2021 |
Well, this was a rollercoaster. Not exactly in the best way.

I usually don't read horror, it's not my favourite genre, but I try to pick something up from time to time. Why I don't usually read it: it's creepy and makes me jump and yes, I don't hate it, but I like to read it when I'm in a calm environment. This book is one of the few I have read, and I wouldn't say I didn't like it.

This book kept me on my toes for most of it; yes, it was a bit boring in the beginning, but soon it got pretty interesting. 'Thrilling' is probably the best way to describe it. I guessed some of the plot twists, but most remained out of my reach.

The one thing I didn't love, and which is probably the reason I didn't feel like giving this 5 stars, is the science of the explanation. I can't say anything without spoilers, so spoilers:

How does that even work!?!? I might not be a scientist specialising in reproduction in human beings, but even I know enough that you literally can't have something like this happen, namely babies, without sperm to fertilise the eggs. You just can't. The ridicin was supposed to increase fertility; not fertilise. There is a difference between the two, and it is pretty big. Fertility is just a measure of how likely you are to achieve fertilisation, and fertilisation is the actual union of gametes, two different ones to produce a zygote.

In theory I think you could produce a zygote with two copies of the same gamete, i.e., here two egg cells, but since, again, I'm not a scientist specialising in human reproduction, I don't know how true it is. What I do know is there is a very, very small, minuscle chance of this happening, if it were possible. And that chance will have the risks of various genetic defects and very low life expectancy, like we see in clones.

All that combined, something like this is just implausible. I know the author must have taken creative liberties, and she did put together an interesting story, so all of that can be overlooked, but I just like my stories to have plausible ends. Or just be fantasy, so I don't have to think about it that much.

I also hated that Tess died. Could she not have survived somehow!?!? I am glad that this book didn't leave any plotlines that were introduced, unexplored. I think everything was tied up nicely.

On the whole a very entertaining thriller, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes creepy towns, secrets, thrillers, strained relationships between mothers and daughters, and slightly implausible plotlines in an otherwise non-fantasy story. ( )
  trisha_tomy | Jun 1, 2021 |
Margot and her mother have been everything to one another. Yet, Margot's mother is distant, needy, and aloof. Margot just wants to know her mother, her past, her family, anything. When Margot finds her grandmother's number, she calls her. When Margot runs away from home, to her grandmother, she unravels more about her family history than she ever wanted to know.

I don't really know how to describe this book other than - odd. The characters were odd, particularly Margot's mother and grandmother. The story itself was odd, not in a bad way, it was just different. I'm not sure I really enjoyed this book, but I didn't dislike it. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars. ( )
  JanaRose1 | Nov 30, 2020 |
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