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Ballistic (The Palladium Wars Book 2) av…

Ballistic (The Palladium Wars Book 2) (utgåvan 2020)

av Marko Kloos (Författare)

Serier: The Palladium Wars (book 2)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
333567,182 (4.04)9
Titel:Ballistic (The Palladium Wars Book 2)
Författare:Marko Kloos (Författare)
Info:47North (2020)
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:trade paperback, fiction, science fiction, arc, for review


Ballistic av Marko Kloos



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This is really four stories that touch occasionally; it continues from the first book and needs to be read as such. It just seems that the only reason a second book exists is to sell more books as there's really no climax to this one nor the last one., Aftershocks. The characters: Aden, who just wanders looking... Cdr Dunstan, a Navy CO... Idinia, a police woman/soldier who's old at 38... and Solveig, an heiress--all have very much 21st century human lives with a few sci-fi words tossed around. Said another way, not much vision in the future. t seems that the entire book could have been written in half the amount of words. I looked for Kloos' web site and found nothing about a third installment, nothing to tantalize except that the author lives in NH and runs a pack of dachshunds. Maybe, I don't care enough, either, to continue reading the series? ( )
  buffalogr | Oct 23, 2020 |
This is a very solid Mil-SF that doesn't so much dwell on the military aspect as it focuses more on our four main characters that come from all walks of life in a richly-imagined worldbuilding setting. It continues after the events of the war in the first book, mostly developing a feel of uneasy occupation in enemy territory, or rather, trying to get by as the defeated party in your own world.

I think a lot of us can relate to that. So much of our lives seem to be out of our control and power is in the hands of people we don't/can't trust. Add a rather deep look into the life of the police, or smugglers, or the daughter of a business clan on the losing side, and you have a pretty detailed and broad tale in this book.

So many people are just trying to get by, have to suffer under misconceptions, or even actively try to stop terrorism even when it hurts them personally. I really enjoyed the character building and the sacrifices that keep having to be made.

As for the big action near the end, suffice to say, Kloos has a definite thing about leaving us at spots where we REALLY can't wait for the next volume. :) ( )
  bradleyhorner | Jun 1, 2020 |
Ballistic is the second book by Marko Kloos in The Palladium Wars series. The first, Aftershocks, was primarily used to develop the characters in the series. By the end of Aftershocks, I suspected but was not sure, who the main characters in the series books would be. With Ballistic, those characters were solidified and the story jumps from the perspective on each one in succeeding chapters.

The war had been fought by three planets, Rhodia, Pallas, and Gretia with the latter being the aggressor. The four main characters are:
• Aden Ragnar, a Gretian whose life to date has been driven by a need to escape his wealthy overbearing father,

• Rhodian Navy Lieutenant Commander Dunstan, an aging piece force space ship captain who is honor bent to uphold traditional military discipline while policing the inter-planetary trade routes in a powerful, but outdated, spaceship,

• Pallas ground force Captain Idina who, along with her Gretian Police Captain counterpart, is policing a militarily defeated planet called Gretia,

• And Aden’s sister, Solveig Ragnar, left behind to grow up and take over an inter-planetary sales company owned by her and Aden’s father.

A Gretian résistance rising in the inter-planetary system becomes more evident in this book. It is driven by former well train Gretian soldiers and intelligence agents. As the four characters attempt to get on with the peaceful existence they’re each seeking, they increasingly find themselves faced with the disruptive effect of the résistance.

The Paladian War series is shaping up to be a long story told via succeeding series books. While I sometimes suspect that an author’s decision to break a story up in installments is driven by a profit motive, in this case, the break up is necessary. Kloos’ story unfolds at a slow pace at times due to the depth of his character and storyline building. Were he not to break up the story as he did, the result would be a very thick and expensive book that few of us would want to pay for or commit the time to read.

Kloos’ storytelling is good, but I hope he picks up his publishing pace as I’m anxious to see where the next series installment takes me. ( )
  ronploude | May 16, 2020 |
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