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Heartless King: Kings of Rittenhouse, Book 5…

Heartless King: Kings of Rittenhouse, Book 5 (utgåvan 2020)

av Maya Hughes (Författare)

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Titel:Heartless King: Kings of Rittenhouse, Book 5
Författare:Maya Hughes (Författare)
Info:Some Kind of Wonderful Publishing (2020)
Samlingar:Lästa men inte ägda


Heartless King (Kings of Rittenhouse, #5) av Maya Hughes


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The fifth and final book in the Kings of Rittenhouse series was an emotional rollercoaster for more reasons than one. Heartless King is the final glimpse into the lives of the Kings of Rittenhouse and a fantastic wrap to the series.

Colm Frost is the last of the core group of Rittenhouse Prep hockey gods to find love – not that he much cares after being betrayed by his best friend and little sister who had the nerve to fall in love. Well, the old, responsible Colm is gone, and to prove it, he and a room full of strangers are going to drink her inheritance – that’ll show her. Drunk out of his mind and having just recovered from an injury that has kept him off the ice for months, Colm is stunned when a blast from the past arrives at the bar in the form of the beautiful, selfless woman he shouldn’t want. But man does he want her. And it seems like she wants him, too – at least for the night. After a spectacular night together, Colm is sure she’s it for him. Always quick to love, Colm is certain that this was only the beginning for them. Unfortunately, love is seldom that easy.

Three months after their incredible night together, Colm has reinjured himself and lost all desire to be part of the human world. His friends are desperate and, as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. It just so happens that the woman Colm can’t seem to forget has been coerced into helping him with his recovery. The two are forced to overcome their past to make way for a beautiful future – something hard enough on its own much less when life throws them another curveball in the form of a positive pregnancy test. Now they must decide once and for all if their relationship is worth fighting for.

I’ll admit that I struggled a little bit with Heartless King. Maya Hughes did not disappoint – her writing was on point, her characters were wonderfully developed, and you felt a connection to Colm and his leading lady. My problem was that Colm had to grow on me. I spent a good chunk of the book wanting to slap him. A lot of that had to do with the way things ended in the previous book (Fearless King) and with some of the spectacular jerkish moments he had in Heartless King. As someone who admits more than once throughout the course of the book that he gets intense too fast in relationships, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of patience when it comes to his significant other wanting to slow things down. However, he wasn’t an all-bad character and his development felt natural – he didn’t just flip a switch and become a different person. I could appreciate that.

Ultimately, Heartless King was a wonderful book to round off an even more wonderful series. I’m sad to see the Rittenhouse boys go, but hopefully we’ll continue to see more glimpses in Maya Hughes’s other fantastic series, like Fulton U. ( )
  A_Ravenous_Reader | Apr 28, 2020 |
So many feels
5 stars

Maya Hughes has a way with words that really brings you into the story. But it’s her skill with the angst that really pulls at your heart and makes you feel all the things and then some with whatever book she writes.

This is the 5th - and last - book in the Kings of Rittenhouse series. Each book follows a different couple, but since they’re all such close friends, if you’re looking to pick up this book and haven’t read those that have come before it - pick the first four in the series as well as getting this one! And we’ve obviously got to know the Kings, their Queens and their backstories - so I feel we’ve been building up to this story for a long, long time!

Colm has had his share of heartache in his life yet he’s always been the responsible one in the group. I’m not sure quite how Ms Hughes makes us feel so sorry for him even when he’s being a monumental douche - especially at the beginning. I just wanted to hug the poor man and tell him things would be okay. The fact that he was big, brash, broken and grumpy - and still a little bit of a control freak - just makes me love him more. Colm is my kind of hero even before you find out he’s so vulnerable - especially to Imo. He’s a big ol’ teddy bear.

I think that’s why Imo was so perfect in my eyes. She was the perfect foil for him - a calm to his chaos while also drawing the calm from him when she felt more chaotic herself. Imo also had a pretty heavy past and while I don’t normally go for stories where either of the main character’s have had a previous love of their life - in this case it works just fine as we ultimately know that Colm and Imo are soulmates.

The pair definitely give off that soulmate vibe - despite all the ups and downs that they go through. Fear not though, the angst is real, my friends. There’s no silly drama or convoluted points to move the story forward. Every word is so real - and you’ll race through the story with the power of Ms Hughes’ storytelling abilities. So as well as the soulmate vibe, the two also have hella chemistry. It’s the kind that clutches your stomach and makes the butterflies swirl in delight. So sexy. So, so good.

As I said, this story is so well written, with such rich and vivid details on the lives of these characters that they start to mean so much to you in the short time it takes you to fly through this book. It makes you laugh, cry, but ultimately makes your heart soar with all the feels.

Maya Hughes is an absolute goddess of the romance world. She writes with heat, heart and in a way that makes me feel like I’m coming back to meet with a well-loved friend, every time I pick up her books. And the fact that this is the end of an epic series - and I’ve come to know and love this bunch of hockey players and the women they fall for - makes it all the more emotional for me as a reader. And all the more satisfying along with it.

As with the previous Rittenhouse King novels, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. You get everything you want from a love story - all the feels and enough angst to make the HEA all the more satisfying when it comes. A very worthwhile 5 stars. ( )
  joreadsromance | Apr 25, 2020 |
Maya Hughes’ Heartless King is an amazing conclusion to the Kings of Rittenhouse series. This is NHL Center Colm Frost and physiotherapist Imogen Walsh’s story.

I adored this novel, and I am devastated that it is the last book in the series. Colm is a good guy. He took care of his younger sister, Liv (from Fearless King, Kings of Rittenhouse #4) after his parents died. He is the responsible friend. His life implodes after suffering two injuries. Imogen is a sweet heroine. She takes care of everyone. She lost her parents and her boyfriend. Colm and Imogen are both broken. They understand what it means to lose loved ones. They both have issues to resolve. I appreciated that they make each other feel alive and give each other a purpose again.

Maya Hughes did an outstanding job with this book. It made me laugh and cry. My heart went out to Colm and Imo. I felt invested in all the characters. I loved the epilogue. I am hoping there will be a next-generation series with Abby and Lucas. Heartless King can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading the entire series. The group of friends are in all the books of the series. They are loyal group of friends whom all have thought-provoking stories. I recommend this book to people who love sports romances. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. ( )
  dlynch | Apr 22, 2020 |
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