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Throne of Swans

Throne of Swans (2019)

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Titel:Throne of Swans
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A Throne of Swans av Katharine Corr (2019)



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Despite a slow start, I really enjoyed "A Throne of Swans" which was inspired by "Swan Lake".. I loved the way the nobility could shape-shift into swans and I thought Aderyn was a worthy protagonist. Although naive at times, she was also loyal and brave to her friends, family and domain. Lucien came across as an obnoxious jerk at first but he really was a sweetie and very protective of Aderyn.

The world building was complex and the story moved at a steady pace all the way through. The action, plot twists, violence and political intrigue kept me interested and turning pages. However, I was a bit disappointed with how A Throne of Swans ended but it did ensure that I would be reading the sequel when it comes out to see how the authors finish the series. ( )
  HeatherLINC | Oct 17, 2020 |
First published at Booking in Heels.

So the basic premise is that every noble family can transform it will into certain birds. Aderyn’s family are swans, her advisor’s family can turn into ravens… etc. Noble family = bird. The non-nobility are known as ‘the flightless,’ and are generally seen to be lesser by the majority of the upper classes. Aderyn, however, cannot fly, which is a secret she must desperately protect in order to retain control of her homeland.

That in itself is a fairly unique concept. Not the shapeshifting itself, as there are all sorts of Swan Lake allusions in A Throne of Swans, but that’s just what forms the background of a fascinating, twisting story with political machinations, backstabbing and evil doings. Sometimes the villains are obvious in fairytale-esque novels like this one – not so in A Throne of Swans. I had no idea who would betray Aderyn, or who was plotting against whom. It was fantastically done and every twist was a genuine surprise.

It’s written reasonably well, with some beautiful descriptions. The prose flows and the dialogue is unstilted. It’s well-paced and an absolute page-turner – I ‘flew’ (ha) through this in two days, and could have done so much quicker if I didn’t have to work. I honestly regretted every moment that I wasn’t reading this book.

The ending is perfect, and I loved how grey it is. It’s not an idyllic, romantic rainbow ending, nor is it an awful, dark cliffhanger. It’s an ending that makes absolute logical sense in the circumstances, and I really, really appreciated the authors’ willingness to go down the path of realism. So much respect for that ending, honestly.

My only criticism is a sort of vague one. Oh, aside from the fact that the romance springs out of nowhere and I didn’t like it. But that aside… I just think this book could have been so much more if it was written in less of a YA style. I’d have loved more detail, more character development, more explanation of the romance… just more. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with A Throne of Swans, far from it. I think it’s just that I loved the world and the story so much, that I think it could have been even better if it were more adult.

I honestly cannot wait for the next book, A Crown of Talons, although I don’t think there’s even a tenuous release date on it yet. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering it so I can read it immediatley. I do hope the authors don’t somehow backtrack from the ending that I loved – it’s perfect and it will be interesting to see how the characters make the best of what happened. ( )
  generalkala | May 3, 2020 |
After her parents’ deaths, Aderyn has become the Protector of Atratys. Since her mother’s murder, though, Aderyn has lost her ability to transform into birds (in her instance a swan) putting her position and life at risk. She travels to the Citadel to try and establish who really attacked her mother, but the truth puts her in an incredibly dangerous position.

The outcome is a really dark and fascinating fairy tale. The idea of nobles becoming birds is original and I really enjoyed watching Aderyn develop as a character over the course of the book as she gradually takes her place in order to save her country. The world she inhabits is incredibly convincingly drawn. From the first chapter you, too, will be spirited into this enchanting story and wishing that you could fly. ( )
  liccyh | Feb 20, 2020 |
I'd seen a lot of buzz around A Throne of Swans and I was really intrigued - I've always loved the story of Swan Lake (ever since watching the Barbie movie as a kid, and then eventually being old enough to go and watch the actual ballet! 😂) and I was really interested to see how a YA fantasy book inspired by it would turn out. So I was super grateful when ReadersFirst offered to sent me an advanced copy in exchange for a review! I was not disappointed by this book and - although it's the first and only book I've read so far this year - I can see it as a contender for my favourite read of 2020!

This book has a lot of different elements to it, which seem to all work together really well to create the start of a unique YA fantasy series. As I mentioned, I love the Swan Lake inspiration which is woven throughout the story, mainly in the characters' ability to transform into different birds, including swans in the case of the main character Aderyn - although she has been unable to transform since she witnessed the tragic death of her mother several years ago.

After the death of her father, Aderyn inherits the role of Protector of Atrayts and must go to the court of the King, her uncle, in order to seek justice for her mother's death and fight for her homeland. The royal politics in this world - including alliances and betrayal, plots and treason - reminded me of Game of Thrones and you're never quite sure who you can trust at court. I loved all the worldbuilding in this book, including the division between the nobles who can transform and the 'flightless' who cannot, the different dominions and backstory behind the royals and different families. I definitely looked back at the map and family tree which are included at the front of the book a few times, and that really helped put what I was reading into context.

All of the characters are very well developed. Aderyn herself is likeable and relatable - she struggles with her role and with her self-confidence, but at the same time she is strong and a fierce protector of those she loves. I also liked that she could be a strong female character without having the cringey sassiness which often accompanies that in YA books, so that was refreshing! The other characters and Aderyn's relationships with them are also well developed throughout the book.

I really enjoyed the plot of the story and I did not see the ending coming, but it also made perfect sense and tied the book together nicely. I can't wait for the sequel to come out and see where the authors take Aderyn next - but it won't be out until 2021!

Thank you again Readers First for sending me a copy of this incredible book, which is being released on 9th January 2020! I really recommend any fans of YA fantasy pick this one up ASAP. ( )
  booksinthevillage | Jan 5, 2020 |
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