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Revenge in Rubies (Harriet Gordon Mystery…

Revenge in Rubies (Harriet Gordon Mystery #2) (utgåvan 2020)

av A.M. Stuart

Serier: Harriet Gordon (2)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
368554,679 (3.91)9

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1910 Singapore. Inspector Robert Curran is called in to investigate the death of Sylvie Nolan, the new and much younger wife of Lt. Colonel John Nolan. Mrs Harriet Gordon becomes involved as she is friend to his sister Priscilla Nolan. But what could possibly be the motive of someone who was so well liked. But then another murder occurs. What is the possible connection between the deaths, will this be the last one.
An entertaining well-written historical mystery, with its cast of well-developed characters. A story which can easily be read as a standalone book
An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
. ( )
  Vesper1931 | Jul 29, 2021 |
The Harriet Gordon as amateur sleuth saga continues with a greater focus on British army life in the colonies. The backstories of many individuals are hidden until the plot begins to unwind towards the final reveal.

The mysterious murders and involvement of officials in high places was fairly convoluted. I wasn't as drawn into this story, compared to book 1, especially since Curran oh-so-convieniently is knocked out of the action by a previously undisclosed malarial illness. The final action was rather unrealistic, based on implausible coincidences and improbable situations. Despite these criticisms, as long as the reader just goes with the flow, it is a great beach read. ( )
  SandyAMcPherson | May 13, 2021 |
Wow, another great book by A.M. Stuart. When Harriet Gordon receives word from a friend about a tragic death, she and Inspector Curran are thrust into a web of family secrets that threatens to destroy them both.
A great cast of characters, exotic location of Singapore and well written dialogue keep you wanting more and more of this historical mystery. ( )
  SharleneMartinMoore | Apr 24, 2021 |
Welcome to Singapore of 1910. The British Empire is still alive and well and the life of the white expats is continuing as it had always been. Well... mostly.

This is a second on a series and it helps if you had read the first - there are too many spoilers in this one and some of the backstory is just abbreviated here. Harriet Gordon, the widow of a British doctor who died in India, is now fully settled in Singapore, keeping house for her brother, the Reverend and helping at his school, and trying to forget both her days in London (and Holloway prison) and her losses in India. She even has a job outside of it - as she can type, she works for the local police department, assisting with all the typing needed. After the horrors of a few months earlier, everyone had settled into the usual colonial life. Until a young wife of a very high ranking officer gets killed and things start to unravel.

Inspector Robert Curran is called to investigate, Harriet gets drawn in by the usual channels (curiosity and friendship) and they are off again, trying to solve a murder while things get more and more complicated. A new bout of the malaria which Curran had been carrying for years decides to show up just when it is the least convenient. And Harriet still has no idea when to stop and think before she acts.

Before long more people are dead, the story starts pointing in all kinds of weird directions, we get more of the backstory of Curran and his father and of the different groups in Singapore and Harriet gets pulled back into what is essentially a suffragette movement - and she even talks about her experience in Holloway.

Just as with the first novel, the mystery gets solved almost incidentally - it just has nowhere else to go. No bright detectives who guess everything from the smudge on a cup - in this world all solutions come out at a price. The hints are there from early on, a reader will pick up on them before the detective because he is sick and because we have all of them and only them and he needs to deal with a lot more.

The mystery works as a mystery. But the whole novel works on a different level as well - as a portrait of colonial Singapore and the British army a few years before WWI disrupts the flow of life for the empire forever.

And the author has a perspective that most people this side of the ocean lacks - she is an Australian (Kenya born), she was in the military for some years, she had been stationed and lived in Singapore and according to her biography she had a few different careers besides that. Her Singapore and her British army do not feel like a textbook replicas - they live and breathe. Her research allows her to weave the real story with the invented and connect them into one story. And the characters she invented fit as if they were there.

I was hoping that the second book will be as good as the first and it did not disappoint. And this is turning into one of my favorite series. ( )
  AnnieMod | Mar 1, 2021 |
A pacy crime novel, set in 1910 Singapore, with interesting characters who have a 'past' in an atmospheric setting.
  DramMan | Feb 4, 2021 |
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