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A Court of Silver Flames

av Sarah J. Maas

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7281823,597 (4.19)14

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Mostly ok. I'm glad Nesta pulled herself out of her self destructive spiral, but I'm still kind of meh on her as a character.
The whole subplot with Feyre's pregnancy bugged me. I'm annoyed that the author wouldn't let her transform herself, especially once everything started going wrong--like how much worse could it get at that point? And Rhys' overprotectiveness, and everyone hiding the fact that it was dangerous from her, what??? I get that the baby is wanted, but maybe she would have chosen to terminate and try again if given the option early enough. And using the pregnancy as a mechanism to forward Nesta's character growth is just irritating, especially since she had to give up her power to save the day--I wanted Nesta being a badass and using it to burn the world down, especially since she didn't get to make it to the top of the mountain. ( )
  haloedrain | Aug 22, 2021 |
I wasn’t sure I was gonna read this yet, because Nesta has never been a favorite of mine. But this was a perfect fit for my readathon this month, so I decided why not; because I knew I would definitely read it someday. This still has some of the best parts of SJM’s writing - engaging and entertaining with great female friendships. The bond between Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie was definitely the highlight of this novel for me.

But everything else felt like a letdown. The whole idea of the hero helping the heroine get through her trauma seems like a predictable trope for every novel of the author, and while I understand it’s an important topic to explore, it becomes boring when you read it multiple times in the same series. Nesta is also mostly insufferable and despite whatever redemption arc she got, it wasn’t enough for me to like her. And because of that, the romance didn’t make me feel much. The plot of a looming war and the story arc of the villain also had a very underwhelming resolution. And as this series and the author’s writing has gone by, the excessive use of “male” and “female” have started to grate on me even more.

Overall, this was an okay read and probably those who love Nesta’s character will enjoy it more than me. It’s also probably SJM’s weakest works in terms of plot and that left me slightly disappointed despite keeping my expectations low. However, she does end the book on an interesting note and I would be fascinated to see where the story goes next. ( )
  ksahitya1987 | Aug 20, 2021 |
This is a story about the recovery journey of Nesta and her love story with Cassian. It is a good story, however, the story can be told with less sex scene and meandering description of the emotion of the characters. ( )
  Baochuan | Aug 6, 2021 |
I wanted to love this book. And I do. But it was a bit disappointing that it wasn't from the Feyre/Rhys perspective like the other books. Especially since there was some plot development that I think would have been great to have from their view. Overall the Nesta/Cassian plot line was okay - There is definitely more to it that just wasn't explored. Overall, it was great to see the character development from Nesta and Cassian, and always great to have more time in the world of Prythian. As always, read the content warnings - this book should NOT be labeled as young adult. Has some very mature scenes that are certainly not acceptable for young readers, but great for the "new adult" crowd. ( )
  sedodge | Jul 28, 2021 |
Blog review: https://trishadoeseverythingbutstudy2.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/april-2021-review...


I just reread my status updates before starting on my review, which is what I always do to get immersed in the book again, but by the end I started sobbing again. God, I don't think this book will ever not make me cry.

Let's start from the beginning.. I was so scared I would hate this book because so many people who enjoy every single on of SJM's book ended up hating this, so I was already pretty sceptical going on. And other than a few snags (a few big snags), this was amazing.

I procrastinated on writing this review for so long, because I just couldn't make myself write it in fear that I would never get to say all I wanted to about this. While I still think this will take a few rereads to fully sink in (and I absolutely can't wait to reread, but hopefully wait a few months because my review ratio is suffering), I still want to get my main thoughts out of the way.

I absolutely loved Nesta's journey. The way she has forged new friendships, with Emerie and Gwyn, with the other priestesses, with the Inner circle itself. I have loved seeing how she got to this point, even though I did hate her a lot of times in the journey of getting here.

I did like Cassian in this, but he was a bit too...focused on sex sometimes? Actually that can be said of nearly every character in this book. We'll talk about this later, because boy do I have a lot to say about it.

The romance was just....not as good as Feysand. Feysand is literal heaven, at this point, and this book just didn't live up to the original ACOTAR level, for me, at least. It wasn't bad, per se, but just not that good. Nesta and Cassian were just so into the sex part, that most of this book must be sex scenes. And the original ACOTAR, while I'm not saying it did an amazing plot, at least delivered on an awesome romance. the characters were not as hellbent on getting laid as these two were. I don't know, I was just disappointed on that front.

Why then, you ask, did I give this 5 stars? The answer is the plot that was incorporated, was just amazing. I loved the whole training the priestesses bits, the whole proving yourself bits, the learning to overcome whatever keeping them back, the friendships with Emerie and Gwyn; that all I enjoyed to the most.

My only private notes for this book are, quoted directly:contraception:
i am a science student studying biology, and i have concernsHow do these people not have contraception!??! No wonder these faes have difficult pregnancies, they don't even have proper birth control, how exactly does one expect them to have proper pregnancies and deliveries?! No wonder we had the whole pregnancy debacle in this book, because if they had birth control this would have been a lot shorter. Like if they had birth control, Feyre would not have been having a premature pregnancy (because i remember for a fact that they wanted to wait before kids), and they would not have had an illyrian baby, because they would have used their brains and ensured the use of birth control. While we're here with the spoilers, I didn't like the ending, with Nesta's powers, I really wanted her to keep using them. And Nyx?! Really!? Is this fanfiction!? XD And the worst part is that I have this memory of these people using birth control at some point, like I remember clearly with Aelin in ToG, but I don't have as clear of a memory with this, but if you did one book, why not the others?

About the sex, I commented a few days back on Firelily's review for this book, which actually conveys a lot of what I had to say, and I'm quoting this bit of the review from that comment:There was way too much sex, but I try to make it a habit to not rate books for their sex scenes because I honestly don't focus on them as much as the target audience probably needs to, but I felt that this book's sex scenes were just too impersonal. The whole ACOTAR trilogy had these emotional sex scenes, where you can't really skip them because there's some or the other emotional growth (or retardation, depending on where you look at it from) going on, and you can't really shift them around because each one is unique.

But in this book, it was just an excuse to get as many sex scenes in as possible. Nearly all of them were impersonal, and I would bet you that if I shuffled them all like a deck of cards and randomly dealt them out and then made you read the book like that, you wouldn't even realise that there's a difference, because it's all just so impersonal. They could be any two characters just fucking. (and this is where I'm going to copy paste my entire comment into my review draft because this is the most I've written about this book for my review yet)And I did copy paste it XD

There's a lot of stuff I wanted to cover about Nesta's and the Inner circle's decisions and behaviours in this book, but I've decided to do all of that in a separate blog post, inspired by a discussion on my nook in TMR with Marie. It started here, with an event at 64% into the book, but quickly devolved into a discussion about the whole series in general, with a focus on this book and Nesta. I'll be ironing it out and publishing it on my blog ASAP, but you can read it there if you want it earlier ;)

Other than that, I don't really think there's anything left! I loved the book, and I can't wait for Azriel's book! As of now, I'm really hoping for Gwyn to be the love interest, because I am so not onboard with the whole Elain-Lucin-Azriel drama, but that sneak peek going around on tumblr (read the first few comments under this review for more on that) really doesn't bode well for it. I don't want Azriel to pine after Elain but settle for Gwyn; it's his first choice or not at all, Gwyn doesn't deserve anything else.

On the whole, an amazing read, perhaps a bit too long that it needed to be, and one I will definitely be rereading. I recommend it to anyone who's read ACOTAR and isn't picking it up because they thought Feysand isn't in there (which was actually why I wasn't going to pick this up earlier); try it, the worst that can happen is that you hate it ;)

Update 19/04: Absolutely loved it. RTC

Edit 14/04/21: I FINALLY HAVE A COPY.
I can't wait to start this, hopefully this week, because this has to be one of my most awaited for books, and I've been hearing a LOT of hate.

Pre-reading review (I have now realised that it was a fancover):
  trisha_tomy | Jun 1, 2021 |
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For every Nesta out there—
climb the mountain

And for Josh, Taran, and Annie,
who are the reason I keep climbing my own
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