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Troy: The Greek Myths Reimagined

av Stephen Fry

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Serier: Stephen Fry's Greek Mythology (3)

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"A retelling of the Greek myth of the Trojan war"--

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“When she fell, a hole opened in the human world that may never be filled, save in memory. Poets must sing the story over and over again, passing it from generation to generation, lest in losing Troy we lose a part of ourselves.”

Stephen Fry relies upon various sources in compiling this comprehensive volume that begins with the origins and foundations of the city of Troy (mythical, historical and geographical) and proceeds to paint a picture of the immortal and mortal forces that lead to the events that ultimately result in the Trojan War.

“When the gods play so deep a part in our affairs, we should count ourselves cursed.”

Homer’s Iliad ends with Hector’s funeral, however, Stephen Fry continues the story to include the Trojan Horse and the defeat and sacking of Troy in the hands of the Achaeans. Though Stephen Fry does not go into much detail in the looting and plundering that followed he does leave us with this,
“No matter how much you side with the Greeks and cheer for Odysseus, Menelaus, and the rest, you cannot but be moved to deep sorrowing pity by the plight of Troy and its citizens. We know how brutal soldiers can be. Years of homesickness, hardship, and the loss of comrades while under the constant danger of life-threatening injury harden the heart and stifle the small voice of mercy. We know how the Red Army, for example, raped, looted, and murdered their way into Berlin in 1945. How cruelly British troops tortured and mutilated rebels rounded up after the Indian Mutiny. What the American army did at My Lai in Vietnam. Whatever country we are from, and however proud we may be of our national claims to tolerance, honor, and decency, we cannot dare assume that armies fighting under our flag have not been guilty of atrocities quite as obscene as those perpetrated by the ravening Greeks that night.”

Stephen Fry is a masterful storyteller, and while these stories are not new to anyone, Stephen Fry makes these stories accessible to anybody and everybody who is yet to read the classics themselves. Added to the stories are Stephen Fry’s witty take on the characters and events as well as contemporary references and trivia interspersed throughout the narrative. The featured classical artwork inspired by these stories is stunning. I also enjoyed the segment on Myth vs. Reality towards the end of the book. The discussion about the research into the historical elements of the myths and disputes revolving around the same was very well presented.

“The point really is that with myth we can sift and sort details of personality, archaeology, and origins as we would with real lives and histories, yet simultaneously accept and embrace supernatural and symbolic elements of fiction and magic.”

With so many retellings of the Greek myths available to us these days, one might think that yet another one would be redundant or repetitive. I feel that’s not the case because while the source material and the characters remain the same, it is interesting to see how the author presents, interprets and adds dimension to the characters in question. It is also interesting to see which stories or characters the author chooses to present to the audience. There are so many to choose from. Stephen Fry has done a commendable job in presenting us with his selection of the stories from the myths - the immortals, the mortals and their exploits, while adding his own brand of wit, humor and wisdom.

While Mythos remains my favorite of the three books in this series, I thoroughly enjoyed Troy, Stephen Fry’s third installment in his retelling of the Greek myths. As with the previous two books, I paired my reading with Stephen Fry’s audio narration which makes for an entertaining experience. Having listened to all the three in the series over the last month, I now have Stephen Fry’s voice lodged in my head and whenever I read (and whatever I read), I hear Stephen Fry (not that I’m complaining)!

I look forward to reading (and listening to) Stephen Fry’s Odyssey. If the last three books are anything to go by, I’m sure it will be well worth the wait! ( )
  srms.reads | Sep 4, 2023 |
Once again, Stephen Fry, comedian and classics scholar, proves to be an amusing and enlightening guide through the final book of his Greek mythology trilogy (preceded by Mythos and Heroes). One might think that there's nothing left to be said about the Trojan War, but Fry's analysis of the genesis of Homer (fictional blind poet or real person?) and his recounting of the fates of Achilles, Helen, Hector, Priam, and others reveal new and fresh insights. Especially remarkable are his analysis of the character of Odysseus, here shown to be more treacherous than heroic. Maybe Fry will rework the Odyssey and we'll see if the wanderer is redeemed. ( )
  froxgirl | Aug 11, 2022 |
You don't need an audio version of this - you can hear Stephen Fry's voice as you read. My only complaint - which is fairly minor - is the constant referencing of his other books in the footnotes ( )
  dylkit | Jul 16, 2022 |
I look forward to each of Stephen Fry's offerings on the tales and mythology of Greece.
I've a passing knowledge of the Trojan war, but this book drew together many of the disparate bits of knowledge I have accrued over the years.
The book covers the content of the Iliad, and more of the history of the Trojan war.
It's a comprehensive volume. I am glad that the opening included a warning that one didn't need to remember all of the names. There are many of them, most of whom are mentioned only once.
As expected, Stephen Fry's narration is excellent, easy to read and full of fact and humour. The facts also include the footnotes, of which there are many, covering reference to the Iliad, Homer, other sources, and pointing towards other tales previously covered in Mythos and Heroes. The foot notes can become a little distracting, interrupting the flow, but I cannot make a reasonable constructive suggestion as an alternative.
The book is around 400 pages in length, but the 'history' of the siege and sacking of Troy finishes at about page 335. The remainder is an interesting discourse on myth versus reality and the listing of the the relationships of the principal characters. It is obvious that Stephen Fry is passionate about his subject matter.
Overall a great book. Definitely one to be read by anyone with an interest in 'ancient' Greece. ( )
  Sandman-1961 | Mar 6, 2022 |
I adore Stephen Fry's telling of tales. I have read Mythos and Heroes prior to this one and all 3 are some of my favorite books. He has a way of blending historical and mythological items together into a compelling story that you cant get enough of. I went the audio book route on this one and feel like it added so much more when you hear Stephen Fry reading to you. He inputs all of the needed details and holds back on some that would make it confusing. In the addendums he input more facts and information showing that a lot of time and effort goes into the books he writes. I appreciate his enthusiasm for the subject and bringing it to a level that is enjoyable to read (or listen to). ( )
  demonite93 | Feb 25, 2022 |
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"A retelling of the Greek myth of the Trojan war"--

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