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The Next Wife av Kaira Rouda

The Next Wife (utgåvan 2021)

av Kaira Rouda (Författare)

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392504,524 (3.57)Ingen/inga
Titel:The Next Wife
Författare:Kaira Rouda (Författare)
Info:Thomas & Mercer (2021), 311 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Next Wife av Kaira Rouda


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“The Next Wife” by Kaira Rouda is about anger; anger that protects and motivates; anger that pushes people to fight back; anger that drives people to pursue goals that were previously impossible. Characters pull readers into the drama through alternating first person present tense narratives, John, the husband; Ashlyn, the daughter; Kate, the first wife; and Tish, the next wife. Readers see the same events from different points of view, with different interpretations, and different perspectives. These people delight in talking, and they tell their stories so well that I will let them speak for themselves here.
They talk directly to readers: “Let me explain that to you.” “Can’t you imagine it?” “You can understand my anger with this situation now, I’m sure.” “We planned it this way.” “I don’t know why I added that, but I did.” “I take a deep breath and calm myself. Focus.” “I am such a fool. I threw everything I had away.” “I’m not naive. Not anymore.”
They grumble about everything: “I need answers.” “I fight the urge to say what I really think.” “I don’t appreciate her much at all anymore.” “She really needs to get over herself.” “It’s annoying, unprofessional.”
They evaluate and plan: “I’m going to get them.” “You lied. I trusted you, and you let me down again.” “There is so much I don’t understand.” “But I’m lying.” “I just may have a few more tricks up my little old sleeve.” “I can’t believe this is happening. There’s no more time to talk.”
I loved every spiteful, malicious, page of “The Next Wife.” Every single one of the group is irate, vindictive, conniving, and downright bitter. There is not a nice one in the bunch. The only thing they all agree on is that it is not easy being the next wife. They are people we love to hate. ( )
  3no7 | May 10, 2021 |
To say The Next Wife is an exciting read is a vast understatement. It’s non-stop thrills, guesses and surprises. The description alone hooked me, and once I read the first chapter I knew I was destined for an all-night read. I could not stop.

Tish. At the start, Tish just seems like the typical younger woman at the office who hooks the older boss who’s having a midlife crisis. Not too likeable but not too surprising. Yes, she’s young, maybe just a bit too young emotionally. She’s won the husband, the job, the house, the money, ousted the first wife and was great friends with the daughter in the early days. But Tish isn’t really the typical second wife, things are just a little off with her. Tish doesn’t just have desire, or yearning or need. What she has is more like rapacious craving. She is determined to have what she wants, and if there is one thing Tish does not lack, it’s confidence. In her looks, her strength of will, and her ability to get her own way. And John starting to pull away, to express some regret at leaving first wife Kate, to display some rebellion against Tish’s rules to keep him isolated, the suspected sneaking around with Kate behind her back, isn’t going to cut it with Tish. Nope. No way. She did not escape her terrible, terribly poor youth to start making concessions now.

John. Here’s a guy who thought he knew what he wanted and went after it without hesitation. But after three years, this I-finally-found-the-love-of-my-life thing with Tish doesn’t seem quite so lovely. He misses Kate and is now using every business opportunity he can to be with and communicate with her, he misses his former closeness with his daughter and chafes at Tish trying to maneuver them apart. But he’s exhausted from work, has a heart condition, and doesn’t feel well.

Kate. Or should I say Poor Kate. Built this business from the ground up, side by side with husband John, sacrificed a lot, including a close relationship with their daughter Ashlyn, working long, long hours to focus on the firm. And then John meets his soul mate – ugh – and as if personally embarrassing and humiliating Kate in front of their staff isn’t enough, he delays the release of her latest invention until the IPO is launched. As I said, poor Kate. No husband, a daughter who is often distant, and the business she loves invaded by Tish sashaying around. But Kate is no more the typical first wife than Tish is the typical second wife. Kate is strong, controlling, iron-willed and there’s not just heartbreak and loss there, there is smoldering anger.

Ashyln is the poor little rich girl. Privileged childhood but a mother with not enough time for her growing up, her home and family disrupted by Tish and her rules and manipulations. She’s an intern at the firm and wants her family and family business back together like it once was. She resents Tish and misses her dad.

The focus shifts around between the four of them and it at first seems clear what they think, know and plan to do. But it’s not clear. Their words and thoughts are unsettling and maybe not so obvious after all. There are too many delicious twists and turns to reveal them here without spoilers. Something unexpected occurred early in the book and I was happily left playing catch up from that point.

The Next Wife is one of the Amazon First Reads for April 2021 and I am happy I selected it. The plot is smooth and fast-moving, full of uncertainty, danger and suspense, the characters multi-layered and interesting if not always likeable, and everything is expertly brought together for a very satisfying conclusion. Great read. Highly recommend. ( )
  GrandmaCootie | Apr 3, 2021 |
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