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Slough House av Mick Herron

Slough House (urspr publ 2021; utgåvan 2021)

av Mick Herron (Författare)

Serier: Slough House (7)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
11512189,364 (4.26)2
Titel:Slough House
Författare:Mick Herron (Författare)
Info:Soho Crime (2021), 312 pages
Samlingar:Fiction - Signed


Slough House av Mick Herron (2021)


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"When they went on about sixty being the new forty, they forgot to add that that made thirty-something the new twelve."

The latest installment of the Slow Horses series, which I love. Many of our favorite characters are back, and this one focuses on the privatization of secret ops and the manipulation of the news media. As per usual, witticisms abound. Unlike some of the others in the series, this one ends with a cliffhanger, so we know there will be another entry to the series, and must wait patiently.

3 1/2 stars ( )
  arubabookwoman | Aug 19, 2021 |
I worked for a little while in Slough, years ago. I don't remember much about the place, which suggests that it is pretty bland. Bland is what you want when you are hiding a nest of spies, even incompetent ones.

Mick Herron's sets his thrillers at Slough House, the administrative backwater where the slow horses, spies who don't make the grade, are posted. Slow horses are maybe a bit too dense or maybe they have developed irritating tics that drive the spymasters mad or that are too glaring to hide. Maybe they made bad judgements calls years ago and can't be trusted now. Or maybe they are just damaged and can't face going into the field again. The slow horses are sent to Slough House to be minded by Jackson Lamb, a grotesque man with the tenacity of a python and a deep loathing for the folks in Whitehall who play silly games.

In this, book 7 of the series, someone (Could it really be the Russians?) is knocking off Lamb's crew one by one and that makes no sense. The slow horses are not doing anything particularly interesting, and they never do anything high level. A couple of the dead ones were fully retired or had invalided out and posed no threat to anyone's sinister schemes. What is going on? Russians? Really?

I enjoyed reading Slough House, even if I didn't always understand the deeply convoluted plot that involves money shuffling, influence peddling, and the professional death that comes of admitting you made a serious mistake. The writing is quick and witty and Mike Herron paints his characters in living color.

I received a review copy of "Slough House" by Mick Herron from Soho Crime through Gumshoereview. A version of this review first appeared online in the July 2021 issue. ( )
  Dokfintong | Jul 18, 2021 |
Wickedly wonderful humour and characters. Always a pleasure to read. Always sorry when I'm done. ( )
  SusanWallace | Jul 10, 2021 |
Loved it. Great characters, funny page-turning prose, intriguing plot. Trouble is I started with this one, now I'm going to have to go back and read the rest of them! ( )
  malcrf | Mar 31, 2021 |
These stories, this genre, the dark (as-if-there-were-any-other) aspect of espionage, the colossal failures of the intelligence agencies, these seem to be intertwined with my DNA, though rarely as novels. "The Sandbaggers," Alec Guiness as Smiley, the hundreds of books on WWII spycraft and CIA stupidity, even Tom Stoppard's excellent "The Dog It Was That Died" -- these are my totems. Only recently have I delved into the fictions on the page, starting with the Smiley novels, which I had never read. And now, six (or is it seven?) entries into the series, I've "discovered" Mick Herron, the slow horses, and Jackson Lamb, and "Slough House" is without a doubt the best novel I've read in years, after slogging through Anthony Horowitz, Jo Nesbo, Tana French, and others.
Was the unfurling of the plot the reason I kept turning the page, or even the reason of the novel's existence? Even if one were to forecast the denouement of "The Red-Headed League" from its opening pages, wouldn't one be engaged otherwise? So it is with Herron's newest. I've just started on the Audio of Book One, "Slow Horses," and Herron seems to be in command from page one. It may be due in part to Gerard Doyle's excellent reading, but this series has just been elevated, in my estimation, to near-essential. ( )
  jlbattis | Feb 27, 2021 |
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