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The Crash Palace av Andrew Wedderburn

The Crash Palace (utgåvan 2021)

av Andrew Wedderburn (Författare)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
1491,147,547 (2.75)Ingen/inga
Titel:The Crash Palace
Författare:Andrew Wedderburn (Författare)
Info:Coach House Books (2021), 208 pages
Samlingar:Read, Ditt bibliotek


The Crash Palace av Andrew Wedderburn


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This book was totally addictive to read, but by the finale I was left wondering what was the point. Wedderburn drew me in with the intriguing character of Audrey Cole, a young woman from Canmore, Alberta (woo, almost local!!!) whose biggest drive in life is to drive. This premise doesn't sound all that promising, since she doesn't actually make it to being a racer and essentially winds up as a roadie for a not very popular rock and roll band, but once Audrey hits the road and her backstory starts to get explored I had to find out how it all ended. Somehow during her travels with the band she ended up at a hotel in the Alberta wilderness, the titular Crash Palace, a place of iniquity, fun, and a whole lot of drinking. We spend most of the book waiting to see whether Audrey actually has any fun at the Crash Palace (a seeming eden for parties), but besides mixing drinks for people, small conversations with the band, and an unexpected pregnancy the story is almost devoid of drama. This technique does keep us hooked until the final pages, especially once Audrey decides to visit the Crash Palace once again years later and gets stuck there in a blizzard, but the arbitrary ending is rather unsatisfying. If you're a fan of slow burn stories and want to explore the relative meaninglessness of small lives, then I would recommend this book, but otherwise I'm not quite sure what to make of it. ( )
  JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |
This book is certainly unique in it's plot and characters, and the writing is good. But, I just didn't like this story. About half way through I almost quit reading it, but it picked up a bit and while I did end up finishing it, I didn't really enjoy it, and I can't entirely say why. Perhaps it's because most of the characters have little back-story or redeeming qualities to make you care about them, or because there are enough lose ends to knit a hat with, or because when you finally get to the end, the story has no true conclusion. Others may enjoy this story for it's interesting music references and somewhat quirky protagonist, but I need a little bit more of a cohesive plot and characters that aren't all a complete mystery to be able to recommend a book. ( )
1 rösta drsyko | Jan 24, 2021 |
Many thanks to the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program for this book and the opportunity to read/review it. The novel narrates the story of Audrey Cole, a woman with a past life that eventually pulls her away from her quiet existence and a young daughter and sets her escaping on the road with a stolen vehicle. Lots of references to music, the life of a road band, driving, and life choices. Perhaps it was just a matter of the wrong book at the wrong time for the wrong person but unfortunately, the story didn't hold my interest. ( )
  KatyBee | Jan 24, 2021 |
The Crash Palace is well-written. The author creates a sense of mystery and urgency. Audrey Cole is obsessed with driving and as the narrative shifts in time, that obsession continues to drive her actions. In the past, she is a young woman discovering her obsession, finding a job driving at an oil shale camp, a short-lived job that led to her picking up a new one driving an unprofitable, but dedicated rock band around from club to club around western Canada.

In the later timeline, she steals a car to drive out to The Crash Palace, a huge, rambling resort hotel where she and the band ended their peregrinations not all that many years ago. As a reader, I got the feeling that something epic must have happened for the place to haunt her.

When she arrives there, she recalls the past, which mostly seemed to be the bystander and cocktail mixer. It is a testament to Andrew Wedderburn’s skill that I stuck it out as again and again, nothing much happened.

The Crash Palace was a huge disappointment. It reminded me of something a college professor asked me about a research project I was working on, he had one comment, “So what?” I finished this book wondering the same thing. I felt like I read a lot about very little. Yes, Wedderburn wrote in a way that engaged my interest, but in the end, I felt conned. I was intrigued and wanted to know why she was afraid, yet fascinated by, the Skinny Cowboy and why she fled The Crash Palace in such haste, and why she was so desperate to see it again that she stole a car. Those questions don’t get answered satisfactorily, or at all.

I received an ARC of The Crash Palace from the publisher through Shelf Awareness.

The Crash Palace at Coach House Books

Andrew Wedderburn

https://tonstantweaderreviews.wordpress.com/2021/01/21/the-crash-palace-by-andre... ( )
1 rösta Tonstant.Weader | Jan 21, 2021 |
I tried to like this book. The beginning was great with Audrey in the present checking car handles. Then the book shifts to Audrey's past and I felt the reading was dry and too verbose. Even though the book isn't very long, it seemed like it went on forever. I wanted to like this book but unfortunately it fell flat for me.
Special thanks to LibraryThing's Early Reviewer's giveaway for this free book and the opportunity to read and review it. ( )
1 rösta PrettyTarantula | Jan 14, 2021 |
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