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My heart is a chainsaw av Stephen Graham…

My heart is a chainsaw (utgåvan 2021)

av Stephen Graham Jones

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
1267172,046 (4.08)6
Titel:My heart is a chainsaw
Författare:Stephen Graham Jones
Info:New York : Saga Press, 2021.
Samlingar:Early Review, Horror, Ditt bibliotek


My Heart is a Chainsaw av Stephen Graham Jones


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I am continuously amazed at how each of the author's books are so different and yet get to the heart of what a good horror book should be. A must read for slasher movie fans that takes you right to the edge and then gleefully jumps over with both feet! ( )
  JJbooklvr | Sep 18, 2021 |
I'm clearly in the minority here, but this was not a good book.

If all it took to write a good horror novel was to drop as many horror film references as possible in every conceivable sentence, then why aren't we all writing books? I was not impressed by the horror encyclopedia of Jade (which we know is really just the horror encyclopedia of the author), I was annoyed.

The plot of the novel actually plays second fiddle to the incessant horror name-dropping and gets murkier and murkier as the book progresses. Unresolved plot threads are expected in low-budget horror films, but when you're writing a 400 page book you truly have no excuse.

None of the characters are likeable. The plot is a mess. The walls of inner monologue are brutal reading. You'd be better off reading 1001 Horror Films You Need To See Before You Die. ( )
  sublunarie | Sep 16, 2021 |

My Review
: There are all sorts of ways to read a Stephen Graham Jones book. Surfaces work...there's always a story hanging around, you won't be wandering lost in thickets of writing-armpit sweat-watered weeds...references work too, you can unpick your memories of the midnight movies or frightfrests your friends threw (or open IMDb if you're really young)...but I think the best way is to make it through as it's happening, to be there as Jade walks across the graduation stage or through walls or up into skies limited only by the basic laws of physics.

The reason I feel that last works best is that, by the time I'd reached the end of this read, and then read Author Stephen's Acknowledgments after the wrenching and impossibly sad final scene, I was so wrung out that I simply accepted that everything I'd just been through had been intended to do what it did to me. As I'm not one to write book reports (ask Mr. Singleton! never turned so much as one in during high school) I'm not going to try to do that at this late date. I referred to this book's immediate older sibling, The Only Good Indians, as "gore with more" and that's an assessment I stand by as applied to all of Author Stephen's books. Part of that "more" is the strangely hypnotic effect of the story arc receding from view...the interstitial "SLASHER 101" essays addressed to the One Good Teacher (of history, naturally) Mr. Holmes are well and truly weirding Your Faithful Reader out. When they switch addressees, it gets even weirder...but in the end, it's painfully intimate and deeply instructive to read them.

In common with all Author Stephen's books, you mere peon of a purchaser have no rights. You're not stupid, you've read some of his other work (at least The Only Good Indians!), you're aware that horror is in store. So surrender your volition. Then the entire experience of being in Jade Daniels's rage-filled head makes all the sense in the world. Because then you're not actually sure if ANY of this is happening in meatspace. Is this an adolescent with anger and abandonment issues responding to the end of what never was childhood? Is this a young woman processing the pain and rage of a life that was wished on her by weaker, worse people than she was? There's a sparkling moment of fizzing delight when Jade meets Letha, a beautiful rich kid whose father has a trophy wife and whose presence in the town of "Proofrock" (think a minute, and hard, for more than the surface snicker; that's all it takes to turn it into a shiver), when Jade anoints her "the Final Girl." That's both when the tale gets grounded in consensus reality and when its ascent into the dark and cold vault of Jade's own head is cemented.

I'm always a fan of gerunding done with panache...Author Stephen does it with panache. At one point, Jade Holden Caulfields across a lawn, and that's me dead cackling. I think there are few greater pleasures than easter-egging your readers' experience...hoping they'll get most of them. I think the fun of reading a book whose author has chosen a niche to write in, one with an astoundingly vast mythos/history/background to explore, is in part the recognition factor of word-play. Yes, it's about slasher-film homage, and no Holden Caulfield isn't slashed to death (though generations of English students have no doubt fantasized that Salinger met that fate after writing it), but he *is* the prototype of the Angsty Teen too smart for easy answers. With everything Jade's carrying around, she's not one whit less burdened than Holden and possibly by some similar troubles given that she's got A Thing growing up strong for Letha.

Adolescent sexuality is always fraught. Parents play their roles in shaping it, either with rule or without them, with clamp-downs or without supervision, there's no right way to ride this roller-coaster. But the issue facing Jade isn't made any easier by her absolute conviction that Letha is The Final Girl, that staple of the slasher film, therefore of necessity being lustrous and almost superhuman in her glorious Otherness. That's how she's supposed to be, right? Jade "doesn't make the rules...just happens to know them all." Her unique and defining obsession with slashers is gong to pay dividends, right? Because she's preparing the Final Girl for her role, unlike most...she won't be surprised by the tragedies.

I think I speak for all readers when I say that the way this blows up can only be described as FUCKING EPIC.

And from that point on, the cigarette boat is away and the pace does not let up.

There are the obligatory twists and turns, the reveals that aren't *quite* reveals, and the accustomed ways that Author Stephen's practiced to get your kishkes kicking and your shvitzer sprinkling. You can't fault the man on delivering the suspenseful goods! If you're in the market for a low-gore delivery of suspense, however, look elsewhere. The way this works is for your expectations to be manipulated so I won't be discussing particulars. Suffice to say I was taken in. More than once. And I'm a pretty well-broken-in reader....

Still, there's no point it wondering why no good deed goes unpunished or how exactly it is that one's expected to walk away from what can not help but feel like a set up straight from a film. The pain and the passionate pull of it will reach some screeching crescendo, won't it, just give it a little more time and it has to!

Nonsense, says the Great God Author.

By the time we've reached the moment when there is no more to give, when the entire story's gone to the most extreme place that it can go...there is something more in the tank for a send-off, and there's no way that you'll believe your eyes when you get there.

Some things just can't be put right. And others can't be left wrong. The issue is...who decides. ( )
2 rösta richardderus | Aug 30, 2021 |
Slasher movie fans will love this story. Imagine living through a combination of slasher movies in real life. Where you play one of the characters, the director or the misunderstood youth ? Hold on this book will take you there.
I felt like I was walking though was it deep mud while drunk trying to understand this story. I struggled, it seemed to take forever to finish, I should have quit but I have loved this authors books before. I didn’t understand most of the references to horror movies, so I didn’t get how they connected to the characters of the moment. Many parts I had to read 2-3 times to understand, other I just gave up and moved on. It felt so complicated. I was frustrated, I could feel the brilliance but couldn’t connect. I may not have enjoyed reading it but I am amazed at the genius in the writing and weaving the movies/characters and actions together to fit. It ended. I was left feeling sad for one character I think, were they broken, brilliant or just crazy ? The book left me questioning this till the end. I have to give this a good rating for the writing. ( )
  TheYodamom | Aug 12, 2021 |
Heartrending, in every sense of the word. A half-Indian girl full of fierce, piercing rage, whose life's one solace is slasher films, is thrilled when signs begin to point to the slasher she's been waiting and hoping for having come to her small Idaho town. Jade watches the unfolding events and predicts the next steps, and like an angry teen Cassandra even tries to spread the word—though she knows, like all good horror film buffs, that no authority figure will believe her or be of any use. But what she doesn't expect is also the last thing she wants—that through her unheeded warnings and explanations of the developing horror, someone might begin to decipher her own history, and what lies beneath her pain and episodes of self-harm. Bloody, funny, grotesque, and a great read. Jade's thoughts on the cleansing cycle of the slasher movie, from first blood to final girl, are presented between chapters in the form of her essays for a sympathetic high school teacher and are fascinating for entry- and expert-level horror fans alike. ( )
  bibliovermis | Aug 5, 2021 |
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