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What We Carry: A Novel av Kalyn Fogarty

What We Carry: A Novel (utgåvan 2021)

av Kalyn Fogarty (Författare)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
1531,122,353 (4.5)Ingen/inga
Titel:What We Carry: A Novel
Författare:Kalyn Fogarty (Författare)
Info:Alcove Press (2021), 336 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


What We Carry: A Novel av Kalyn Fogarty


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The first wife of the man I married at 62 went through two miscarriages. Curious about what she must have gone through, I read Kalyn Fogarty’s What We Carry. It weaves pain, grief, loss, and love in an exploration of what it costs a woman to lose a baby.

Cassidy Morgan followed society’s rules. She became a veterinarian and married a loving man. Her first pregnancy ended in a late-term miscarriage and heart-rending grief. She lashed out, isolated, and pushed away her husband, Owen; her confident sister, Claire; and her officious mother, Joan. She fears she’s the ultimate failure. The horses whose foals she deliver do better. When she becomes pregnant again, she feels equal amounts of joy and terror. Will she deliver successfully? Is it even possible given her age and history?

Based on Fogarty’s personal experiences, this story is a complex, immediate look at what is and is not within a woman’s and a family’s control. Fogarty writes well and includes the voices of Owen, Claire, and Joan, giving readers a sense of how the loss of a fetus travels through family. Readers will root for Cassidy, though they may also be shocked at times. She’s as three-dimensional as you can get. The narrator is honest and emotional but never begs the reader for sympathy.

What We Carry is such a wonderful title. It’s meaning increases as more is revealed. Women—especially those who’ve miscarried or know someone who has will love this. So will book clubs. The book fills a gap. Women seldom write about miscarriages and this heart-wrenching story answered my questions about how both men and women respond. ( )
  Lgood67334 | Aug 13, 2021 |
What We Carry is a book about a topic that I believe is something that should be more openly discussed. Cassidy has lived a life perfectly planned out. She has a great career, a loving relationship with her husband and a beautiful house. She is ready for and really wants a baby.
She soon finds that conceiving doesnt always happen right away and can be a long and complicated process. She eventually does get pregnant however later in her pregnancy she sadly has a miscarriage. Its hard to navigate a new normal afterwards and she blames herself.
She gets pregnant again and is excited but also worried that history may repeat itself.
This was a good read but really sad and was a bit hard for me to read at times. I really do like this book though because its about things that are sadly not talked about enough. How hard it can be to conceive and miscarriage. Something that sadly many women go through. I think books like this are important because it can be relatable and help women in similar situations feel less alone and hopefully help prevent self blame for things out of their control. ( )
  beckyjazz | Aug 1, 2021 |
This is a beautifully written emotional book about miscarriage. One in every four women suffers a miscarriage but it isn't a topic that people talk about much and there are very few fiction books about it. . The book is based on the author's own miscarriage and she wrote it because she wanted the subject acknowledged more than it is now.

Casssidy is a veterinarian and has always had her life planned out. She and her husband Owen are devastated when she miscarries their son late in her pregnancy. She can barely handle life again and has no one to talk to about it. Owen is willing to talk but she feels that it didn't affect him as much as her and pushes him away. Her thoughts are filled with grief and guilt - in her own way, she is taking the blame for it. As her grief continues, she has only her sister to talk to, She has a very antagonistic relationship with her mother and knows that she'll be no help. After having her life planned out from an early age, this really makes her question herself and wonder if maybe she wouldn't have been a good mother. Owen is always there to help her and love her even as she pushes him away he longs for the wonderful relationship that they had before the miscarriage.

When she becomes pregnant again, she is filled with joy and apprehension. Will this baby be ok or will she miscarry again is on her mind constantly. Owen is always by her side encouraging her but he understands that she is scared and admits that he is too. She and Owen work hard to overcome the problems in their relationship as both look forward with joy and worry about the impending birth.

In the first part of the book, I really didn't like Cassidy much. I thought she was stubborn and uncaring. However, as we saw her grief and despair, I began to like her as a character and began to understand her actions and attitudes. This book is an emotional look at pregnancy, family and love. Even though it was hard to deal with the sadness in the book, the final take away was one of love and understanding.

Thanks to goodreads for a copy of this book to read and review. ( )
  susan0316 | Jul 27, 2021 |
Visar 3 av 3
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