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Everyday Food: Great Food Fast av Martha…

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast (utgåvan 2007)

av Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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A collection of dishes that can be prepared with fresh ingredients in thirty minutes or less, including main dish salads, vegetable risottos, no-cook pasta sauces, grilled kabobs, and roasts.
Titel:Everyday Food: Great Food Fast
Författare:Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Info:Clarkson Potter (2007), Paperback, 384 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Everyday Food: Great Food Fast av Martha Stewart Living Magazine



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Well, this book made me both happy & hungry... So many simple & great ideas for meals.

The font is easy to read, the header gives a brief explanation of the dish, the title is in bold, beneath is the serving size/prep & total time, the ingredients in a smaller font (I need new glasses) are on the left & the preparation steps on the right; the recipes are clearly written and easy to follow; the pictures are appetizing (not that ugly yellow-red-orange-brownish of most cookbook photos); the instruction steps are numbered; there are notes at the end; supplemental recipes for sauces etc.; and the pages are not cluttered.

The book is broken down into: Contents; Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter w/ the recipe names by courses( Soups/Salads, Mains, Pastas, & Desserts); Introduction (blessedly short); Recipes; Basics; & Reference

Recipes included but not limited to:

Spring: Hot & sour soup; Potato-Leek soup; Crisp goat cheese salad; Buttermilk baked chicken; Thai-style steak salad; lamb chops w/ mint-pepper sauce; Pan fried shrimp w/ Thai green curry sauce; Linguine w/ sausage & peppers; Farfalle w/ salmon, mint & peas; carrot cumin slaw; Parmesan steak fries; Strawberry shortcakes; & Lemon custard cakes

Summer: Creamy corn soup; Shrimp gazpacho; Favorite turkey burger; Vietnamese steak sandwiches; Pork quesadillas; Lentil-walnut burgers; Rum glazed shrimp & mango; past w/ pesto, prosciutto& peas; Rigatoni w/ goat cheese; Corn fritters; Grilled sweet potatoes w/ scallions; Summer snowballs; & Blueberry crumb cake

Fall: Coconut shrimp soup; Shredded beet & carrot salad; Roasted Cornish hens w/ grapes (?); Parmesan stuffed chicken breasts; Rye crusted pork medallions; Lamb chops w/ yogurt sauce; & Roast salmon w/ lentils; Tomato & olive penne; Red cabbage w/ apples; Orzo & snap pea salad; Buttermilk mashed potatoes; Grilled chocolate sandwiches; & Cappuccino parfaits

Winter: Lentil soup; Mango/Hearts of Palm salad w/ Lime vinaigrette; Garlic roasted chicken breasts; Chili rubbed skirt steak; Crispy apricot pork chops; Mushroom tart; Sole w/ butter sauce; baked ravioli; Lemon-thyme green beans; Baby broccoli w/ orange sauce; & Cranberry upside-down cake

Basics: Vinaigrettes, Rubs; Herbs sauces; Eggs & chicken basics; Grains/pastas

Reference: Nutritional values; Acknowledgements; Credits; & Index

Although I certainly do not need nor want another cookbook: This one is a keeper! ( )
  Auntie-Nanuuq | Nov 13, 2018 |
Another great cookbook from Martha. We don’t use this one as much these days for entrees, just because most of the entrees are meat heavy, but the side dishes are top notch and veggie friendly. The title would indicate that these are super quick recipes, which actually isn’t the case. It’s a bit of a misnomer. Some only take 10 minutes or so, while others are upward of 2 hours. That said - they’re all super tasty (at least the ones I’ve tried). I also love that there’s a section devoted to breakfast. You don’t always get that, unless you buy a breakfast specific cookbook, and it was a happy surprise. I was also happy to see the sandwich section. In addition to the recipes, there are helpful tips throughout, guides, and nutritional information compiled at the end. ( )
  cattylj | Feb 28, 2015 |
These recipes are simple and delicious..the presentation is clean and colorful. I am not the greatest cook, but Martha' recipes make me look good.
  lkoble | Jan 2, 2008 |
The food I've made so far I've enjoyed and were, indeed, quick to prepare. If only I had time to cook at all. ( )
  edhead | Apr 30, 2007 |
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A collection of dishes that can be prepared with fresh ingredients in thirty minutes or less, including main dish salads, vegetable risottos, no-cook pasta sauces, grilled kabobs, and roasts.

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