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Vampire Virus av Michael Romkey

Vampire Virus (utgåvan 1997)

av Michael Romkey (Författare)

Serier: I, Vampire (4)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
752286,476 (3.03)3
When researcher Dr. Bailey Harrison ventures into the dense jungles of Costa Rica to investigate the death of an archeologist from a strange and deadly new virus, she stumbles upon a secret world dominated by a unique man who hungers for blood.
Titel:Vampire Virus
Författare:Michael Romkey (Författare)
Info:Fawcett (1997), 304 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Vampire Virus av Michael Romkey


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Vampires are everywhere! But the secret of what makes a vampire may be about to be solved. The Illuminati continue to love to be mysterious. ( )
  bgknighton | Jul 13, 2014 |
I was thoroughly happy when I came across this title while randomly searching for horror reading on the Phoenix Public Library website...all copies were checked out, so I was compelled to put a copy on hold...and I was rewarded on Friday with a copy to read. I just finished it today (SATURDAY...yes, one day later). For those who don't know me...let me be the VERY first to admit I LOVE vampire novels...all kinds of vampire novels (and movies, and TV series, and short stories, and so one and so on...). I love the good ones, the bad ones (it's like sex and pizza for me...even the bad ones are still pretty good)...the mediocre ones, the heavy ones, the fluffy ones...he, he...well, I guess you get my drift here!

The premise, that vampirism is a VIRUS, invading the human body and transforming it, is certainly NOT new...its been seen in countless other novels, movies, ect...(both good and bad, well explained and completely implausible...it's been around the block a few times)...but it IS a plausible explanation for Vampirism (if you want to entertain the idea that it COULD...or does, depending on how you look at the world...actually have happened at some point in human history...or in the future...he, he). So it makes for an easily "suspension of reality" mode in my book...especially given the increasing voracity and occurrence of new viruses popping up these days.

Starting with the premise that vampirism is a the result of a viral infection which transforms humans INTO something simultaneously human (they can walk about and function in full day light, they eat and drink, they enjoy many of the other pleasures of human existence -- sex, alcohol) and decidedly inhuman...driven to consume human blood and in certain transformations become insane monsters who are uncontrollably violent in nature (the premise in this book is that most vampires are GOOD, or even benevolent, yet elusive members of society).

Romkey certainly does a wonderful job of weaving all of these diverse elements into an interesting plot which is easy to read and defiantly enjoyable...but still not the best I've ever read! It IS engaging....easy to read...I'd say it was a bit on the fluffy side...no real depth to the characters and no startling plot twists...it's not overly predictable...but it's also not overly had to figure out the "ending" well before the end of the book...

Some of the "flaws" for me include:

Dr. Bailey...it's NEVER explained WHY two strikingly handsome, very old vampires find her so irresistible...sure she's beautiful...but to have two vampires (men who've been around long enough to see a plethora of beautiful women) almost immediately, fall madly in love with her...is disconcerting...I would have liked to have "known her better," making it easier to make this leap. The author does not develop this character very well and it's hard to have sympathy or truly worry about her well being as the story develops because we simply never get to know her beyond a superficial level. The same is true for most of the characters in the book.

Father Xavier is introduced as a lonely, "fallen" priest who apparently had an affair in Mexico City and has been exiled to this desolate little town, where the natives apparently have NO use for him whatsoever. The point of this character is mainly to carry the story line along (there are other plot devices that could have better servied Romkey here) and perhaps provide a point for "moral outrage" where we might fail to find it and to serve as a counter point for some mild development of Lazaro's "history near the end of the book...his departure was abrupt and I felt this cloud have been developed and used in a slightly different manner and served the story line MUCH better, if the author had taken some additional time to do so.

Ludwig/Samas/Beethoven...and the illuminati...PLEASE...this was ridiculous beyond reason...a group of benevolent vampires -- age old and apparently VERY talented as well...(a vampire support group as one reviewer called it)...who's purpose and function are never fully explained -- but I have NOT read I, Vampire or the other two books in that series...so this may be why I find this disconcerting...still even if I had, Beethoven coming to South America to "fix" this little problem...seems a bit far fetched to me...and I usually have not trouble with "suspension of belief."

The old man...the priest visits an old man living on the mountain regularly...but we only get a very brief glimpse of him and his purpose ?????? there doesn't appear to be one...why even have this character????

Having said all this...I still enjoyed the book...a much nicer way to spend a Friday evening/Saturday morning than watching re-runs on TV and cartoons with my kids...don't get me wrong...I love an episode of Scooby, but this was an entertaining light read!!

I particularly enjoyed the archeological/scientific elements (this could have been a really long and equally enjoyable book if the author had developed these story elements more) and the introduction of animals as carriers/infectors of the virus...very nice element, I thought!

So...if you need a good, quick, light read...I highly recommend this book... if your looking to become engrossed in another era or "life..." it's not going to happen with this book!! Enjoy it for what it is...entertaining fluff!! I think this qualifies as a book version of a "B" movie (and I love those too)!!!

I give it a "B" also...entertaining and easy to read...but not a lot of substance and certainly not to be counted among the WORST vampire stories I've ever read!! ( )
  the_hag | Nov 3, 2007 |
Visar 2 av 2
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When researcher Dr. Bailey Harrison ventures into the dense jungles of Costa Rica to investigate the death of an archeologist from a strange and deadly new virus, she stumbles upon a secret world dominated by a unique man who hungers for blood.

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