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The Bungalow Mystery av Carolyn Keene

The Bungalow Mystery (utgåvan 1960)

av Carolyn Keene (Författare)

Serier: Nancy Drew (3)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
3,232243,105 (3.76)27
While trying to help a friend out of a difficulty, teenage detective Nancy Drew has a perilous experience in and around a deserted bungalow.
Titel:The Bungalow Mystery
Författare:Carolyn Keene (Författare)
Info:Grosset & Dunlap (1930), Edition: New edition, 192 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Kitty och kidnapparen av Carolyn Keene


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I dont know why I waited so long to pick one of these up. I think I've always been skeptical, despite the fact that I read so many girly mystery books when I was younger. Especially The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley.

This was delightful I loved the older language and tone, it ser a very nice mood to read and the mystery and characters were great. While its never going to be my davoruotw book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading the other three I found in the basement.

I wish I had read these when I was younger instead of being so jaded against the very idea of them. I must have hated yellow or something. ( )
  afrozenbookparadise | Apr 22, 2021 |
I always appreciate Nancy's care and protection of vulnerable young women, and she shines as a sister figure to the orphaned Laura Pendleton, whose guardians are acting strangely. ( )
  DrFuriosa | Dec 4, 2020 |
In this 3rd Nancy Drew Mystery, Nancy and her friend Helen are enjoying a trip out of town, when they have a boating accident during a thunderstorm. They are saved by a girl named Laura. Nancy doesn't realize at the time that meeting Laura will draw her into yet another mystery. This time, Nancy suspects Laura's guardians are stealing the orphan's inheritance. She just has to find proof!

I listened to the audio version of this story. Narrated by Laura Linney, the audio is just over 3 hours long. Linney reads at a nice, even pace and gives a great acting performance. The audio (Penguin Random House Audio Publishing) is enhanced by some background sounds, suspenseful music at the end of chapters, and other sound effects.

I enjoyed this story! I'm having a great time re-visiting this series. It's been so many years since I last read these books, that I don't remember whodunnit! It makes the stories seem fresh and new, despite the fact I read all the books as a child. :) The Bungalow Mystery was originally written in 1930, and revised/updated in 1960. The stories are a bit dated, but not enough to impair my enjoyment. I'm having fun listening to the audio books as I work in my yard and garden. The mystery progresses quickly since the books are short, so I can easily finish one in a day.

The books do follow a formula. Usually, the story opens with Nancy in some sort of danger that connects her to a mystery she needs to investigate. At some point, she will be confronted or threatened by the bad guys...barely escape unscathed....and discover some pivotal clue that helps further her investigation. Each chapter ends on a cliffhanger of some sort....pulling the reader to continue on to the next chapter immediately. It's definitely formula....but an enjoyable formula!

This series is totally appropriate for middle grade age kids and up. Nothing graphic or too scary. Nancy is an intelligent and resourceful main character, who occasionally gets help from her lawyer father to solve her cases. The books are short, quick reads so there isn't a lot of character development, but the plots really revolve more around the action and investigation than the characters themselves.

I love to read/listen to children's stories in between more the heavy adult fiction I read. Sometimes a light, simple mystery is a nice palate cleanser after a horror or thriller novel! Plus, I can listen to Nancy Drew books outside in my yard without worrying what the young neighbor children are over-hearing.

Enjoyable and a great dose of nostalgia! I'm enjoying these books just as much at 50 years old as I did at 10! Luckily my local library has these audio books always available with no waiting on their digital site! I can indulge myself with some good ol' Nancy Drew whenever I want! Sweet! On to the next book -- The Mystery at Lilac Inn! ( )
  JuliW | Nov 22, 2020 |
  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
That inimitable girl sleuth, Nancy Drew, returns in this third mysterious adventure, confronting all kinds of life-threatening situations with aplomb. The story opens as Nancy and her chum, Helen Corning, out for a expedition on Moon Lake, find themselves swimming for their lives when their boat goes down in a storm. Really, it's Nancy doing the swimming, valiantly towing the hapless Helen. When a girl their own age rows out to rescue them, at the risk of her own life, they make a new friend, learning that Laura Pendleton had only recently been orphaned, and left in the guardianship of an as-yet-unknown childhood friend of her mother's. When this guardian turns out to be a cruel tyrant, Laura runs away, seeking refuge with Nancy. Determined to help in any way she can, the girl sleuth loses no time in investigating, discovering that Jacob Aborn is not who he seems. Tracking him to a deserted bungalow, Nancy embarks on a nighttime adventure that involves many dangers, but which eventually restores her new friend's fortune, and reunites her with her true guardian, held captive for weeks by the criminal imposter, Stumpy Dowd...

As with its two predecessors, The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase, I read the original 1930 version of The Bungalow Mystery, reprinted in this facsimile edition by Applewood Books. I read the revised 1950s versions as a girl - the yellow-spined hardcovers so many readers of today remember - and never cared for them, only discovering the charm of the series when I started reading the originals. These longer versions are better written than their more contemporary counterparts, I feel, and are more descriptive, with plenty of period vocabulary and charm. They are also often far more racist - one of the reasons for the revision of the 1950s was to excise anything considered racially insensitive - although in this particular title there isn't anything of that nature. There is plenty of classism however, as Nancy is able to discern the villain's true nature by his "mistreatment" of his ward, which conduct includes such atrocities as expecting Laura to clean the house. The horror of it! Leaving that aside, this was just a fun little romp, complete with plenty of unlikely escapes for our heroine, and a happy ending in which all is restored to its proper order. Nancy is quite daring here! I understand from some comparative reviews that I have read online that her behavior has been toned down in the 1950s edition, making me quite happy to have read the original. It is a particularly nice feature of these Applewood Books editions that each one features an introduction by a contemporary woman mystery author, describing how reading Nancy Drew as a girl inspired her. Here that author is P.M. Carlson, author of the Maggie Ryan mystery series. Recommended to anyone who enjoys vintage girls' fare. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | May 27, 2020 |
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Carolyn Keeneprimär författarealla utgåvorberäknat
Carlson, P. M.Inledningmedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
Tandy, Russell H.Illustratörmedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
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[1959 & 1988edition] “Look at those black storm clouds!” Nancy Drew pointed out to her friend, Helen Corning, who was seated beside her in the bow of the small red motorboat.
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While trying to help a friend out of a difficulty, teenage detective Nancy Drew has a perilous experience in and around a deserted bungalow.

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