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The Fight to Survive (2002)

av Terry Bisson

Serier: Star Wars: Boba Fett (book 1), Star Wars: Clone Wars (2002.04), Star Wars (22 BBY)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
425444,752 (3.55)3
"Boba Fett will grow up to be one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. But first he must survive his childhood."

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Visar 4 av 4
  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
Writing: 4.0; simplistic writing that definitely feels right for a juvenile book, but not for a Star Wars one necessarily.
Theme: 4.5; the origin story of sorts for Boba Fett as he must overcome his poor circumstances and escape the Jedi and their new clone army after losing his father, eventually seeking out help from his father's latest employer, the enigmatic Sith Lord Count Dooku.
Content: 4.5; some violence throughout the book, with some blood running, but nothing too explicit, besides description of Jango Fett's decapitation.
Language: 5.0; nothing objectionable.

The first book in a juvenile fiction series about Boba Fett's origins, The Fight to Survive follows the titular hero as he overcomes all sorts of odds to please his father, the late Jango Fett, and make it to another day. Growing up on Kamino, a water world, Boba learns to overcome his identity as a clone of his father, with thousands of young men sharing the same DNA and face as him. Brought up under a shaky moral code devised by Jango, Boba prepares to take the mantle as just as notorious a bounty hunter when Jango is pursued by Obi-Wan Kenobi, causing the father-son duo to escape. When tragedy strikes at the hands of the Jedi, leaving Boba orphaned, the would-be bounty hunter goes on the run with his father's armor and ship to try and live up to his promise to abide by Jango's morals and be his successor. Encountering a variety of troubles he overcomes with help from Jango's code, Boba is able to reunite with Jango's latest employer, Count Dooku, who helps him take the first steps into his journey to become a bounty hunter. The writing is rather choppy until the last few chapters, catering more to a juvenile audience (which, to be fair, isn't me), but it seems as if Mr. Bisson was following the system of writing for many similar kids' books of the early 2000s, but it just doesn't suit Star Wars. It seems to Earth-y, if that makes sense. And, as a die-hard Star Wars fans, some things like Geonosians speaking English/Basic is a bit off-setting, but it won't bother many who aren't too deeply entrenched in Star Wars lore. Still, the book picks up after the events we've seen in Episode II, as we get to see a first look into Boba Fett's career as a bounty hunter. Not to mention Boba Fett is my favorite Star Wars character, so that helps. I look forward to continuing the series, and I hope it follows the trend it began to set up in the latter half of this book. Recommended, especially for fans of the character and the time period, just be forewarned it moves a bit slowly at first, but it does pick up and is a brisk read. ***Finished August 24, 2019*** ( )
  DarthTindalus | Aug 24, 2019 |
The writing is simplistic and all of the moral ambiguity of the character is censored for kids--if you're going to do that, why make a kid's book about Boba Fett at all? But the second half the book is pretty interesting in how it develops the character, and it's a good start to the series.

For a more in-depth review, please see http://childrensbooks.suite101.com/article.cfm/star-wars-the-fight-to-survive-re... ( )
  siroc | Aug 5, 2010 |
Born to be a Bounty Hunter. Boba Fett is not like other boys. His father, Jango Fett, is a bounty hunter. His planet, Kamino, is home to an army of clones. He has no friends, on school. THE one thing he does have is a future as a bounty hunter. This future comes quickly. Suddenly Boba Fett is all alone in a dangerous galaxy. He must struggle for safety and vengeance—using his strength, his intelligence, and his father’s hard lessons. Boba Fett will grow up to be one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. But first he must survive his childhood. ( )
  padame | Sep 20, 2007 |
Visar 4 av 4
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"Boba Fett will grow up to be one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. But first he must survive his childhood."

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