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The Belgariad

av David Eddings

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner / Omnämnanden
414457,608 (3.98)1 / 40

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Returning to Pawn of Prophecy after many years, I am struck by how by-the-numbers it is, how it reflects a tired set of tropes, and how many misogynist statements are thrown out there. This should make it a bad book, but fortunately David Eddings is a talented writer who brings charm, humour, and relatability to his work. I enjoyed this book, and even if Eddings' motivations writing it were cynical his delivery isn't. Fantasy often suffers from overlong volumes and poor editing but here the work is exactly right - nothing is missing, but it is well paced and moves comfortably between scenes of calm and scenes of action. Pleasing!

Queen of Sorcery is less problematic on the whole, though there are still some tired sexist tropes. The adventure really gets going here, and we're taken on a trek through Arendia and Tolnedra and down to Nyissa to see the world and give Eddings a chance to show us what he's made. Garion remains a wet git, sorry, a naive narrator, which was definitely the best way to do it. Belgarath and Polgara are maybe just too powerful though, so we're starting to lose any sense of peril or risk. Nevertheless, it remains a charming and readable series!

Magician's Gambit is a great work, the whole Ulgo and Cthol Murgus bits are lovely and dramatic but I don't really understand Ctuchik's death, it seems like he would be smart enough to avoid that action, even if he was panicking. I would have had him distracted long enough for Belgarath to make his head explode or something, but I'm not a clever writer or owt, just a mad old git.

Castle of Wizardry is a bit of a weak point. Not a lot of overall plot action here, so what there is is stretched out. Its all essential, and couldn't really have gone into Gambit, but the lack of action leaves this book mostly people going places and saying stuff. Eddings' poor use of character language comes to the fore, with most of the characters sounding the same and using the same linguistic style despite being from different cultures, and it makes this probably the least pleasurable of the series. ( )
  elahrairah | May 5, 2021 |
This was a great refreshing read for me, a lover of ancient fictional kingdoms, heroic charachters and plots, David Eddings is the creator of the fantasy Novel. The novels stay consistantly great to read and the anticipation grows greater each book. ( )
  brooklynj | Mar 19, 2010 |
Pre09: Maybe I'll try it again, but I just couldn't handle it the first time. Sooooo trite. So contrived. So predictable. The characters just weren't dynamic enough to be enjoyable.

Characters: Cookie cutter except for Polgara.
Plot: Boooring. Save the world crap.
Style: Flat, no twists; all romanticist. ( )
  Isamoor | May 8, 2009 |
I fell in love with this whole series one summer when I was about 16 I think. It was the first fantasy I ever read that really created an elaborate world with that went beyond unusual creatures with unusual powers, to different socialstructures, a mythology, social customs, and unusual species. I identified with the boldest female character Polgara who became a sort of role model for me I suppose. I tried reading David Eddings after this series but it seemed like his whole writing style change and was dumbed down. The sentence structure in this series is full, descriptive and I thought it was beautifully written prose. There is a love story embedded in this (several)and a sense of urgency tha will keep you turning the pages. Read it and escape somewhere else for awhile! ( )
  nlaurent | Jan 1, 2009 |
Visar 4 av 4
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This is the complete Belgariad, spanning all five volumes.
This is an omnibus work containing all 5 volumes of the Belgariad by David Eddings. Do not combine with any of the individual volumes.
This is a five-volume set of "The Belgariad". Please do not combine with any individual volume.
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