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Var är Jane Eyre? (2001)

av Jasper Fforde

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Serier: Thursday Next (1)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner / Omnämnanden
14,109557290 (3.99)3 / 1131
There is another 1985, somewhere in the could-have-been, where dodos are regenerated in home-cloning kits and everyone is disappointed by the ending of Jane Eyre. But in this world there are policemen who can travel across time, a Welsh republic - and a woman called Thursday Next.
  1. 412
    Jane Eyre av Charlotte Brontë (Kerian)
    Kerian: If for some reason you read The Eyre Affair without having read Jane Eyre, I definitely recommend it. It will certainly be interesting to read and is a very good book.
  2. 2610
    Liftarens guide till galaxen av Douglas Adams (coliemta)
    coliemta: One's more literary and the other more science-fiction-y, but they're both bizarre, hilarious and similar in feel. Most people who like one will enjoy the other.
  3. 152
    Goda omen av Terry Pratchett (flonor)
  4. 135
    Dirk Gentlys holistiska detektivbyrå av Douglas Adams (sanddancer)
  5. 50
    Aberystwyth Mon Amour av Malcolm Pryce (ten_floors_up)
    ten_floors_up: This and the other books in the Aberystwyth series share a specifically British alternative universe, and a dollop of entertainingly twisted literary pastiche.
  6. 83
    To Say Nothing of the Dog av Connie Willis (simon_carr)
    simon_carr: Similar light hearted style and 'book travelling' rather than time travelling but chances are if you like one then you'll like the other.
  7. 40
    Libriomancer av Jim C. Hines (TomWaitsTables)
  8. 74
    Shades of Grey av Jasper Fforde (shallihavemydwarf)
  9. 41
    The City of Dreaming Books av Walter Moers (ShelfMonkey)
  10. 20
    The Manual of Detection av Jedediah Berry (Katie.Loughlin)
    Katie.Loughlin: The two books have very similar flavor, but The Manual of Detection is a darker fantasy novel.
  11. 86
    Svindlande höjder av Emily Brontë (lauranav)
    lauranav: The Eyre Affair has a great scene of an anger management session in Wuthering Heights!
  12. 10
    Schrödinger's Ball av Adam Felber (fyrefly98)
  13. 21
    Who's Afraid of Beowulf? av Tom Holt (Dr.Science)
    Dr.Science: The English author Tom Holt is relatively unknown in America, but very popular in England. If you enjoy Jasper Fforde or Christopher Moore you will most certainly enjoy Tom Holt's wry sense of English humor and the absurd. He has written a number of excellent books but they will be difficult to find at your library.… (mer)
  14. 32
    Den trettonde historien av Diane Setterfield (norabelle414)
  15. 00
    The Blackouts av Robert Brockway (TomWaitsTables)
  16. 00
    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 1 av Alan Moore (interference)
  17. 00
    The Aunt Paradox av Chris Dolley (LongDogMom)
    LongDogMom: Similar style of writing and humour
  18. 00
    Bläckhjärta av Cornelia Funke (Cecrow)
    Cecrow: YA version of the premise about moving in/out of fictional worlds.
  19. 11
    Fables, Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover av Bill Willingham (TomWaitsTables)
  20. 00
    The Unwritten Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity av Mike Carey (LKAYC)

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GruppGrupp DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
 75 Books Challenge for 20…***Group Read: The Eyre Affair29 olästa / 29LibraryLover23, december 2010
 The Green DragonBook Discussion: The Eyre Affair ~CAUTION ~ Contains SPOILERS95 olästa / 95clamairy, maj 2010
 The Green DragonBook Discussion: The Eyre Affair - SPOILER FREE Thread72 olästa / 72clamairy, mars 2009

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This started out amazing, really dark and the writing was great, then it got kind of silly. There were flashes of darkness again here and there, but I found the main concept just really hard to understand and believe. Yes I realize it's sci-fi/fantasy but it just didn't really make sense how the concept really worked. Add to that that I can't stand Shakespeare and I've never read Jane Eyre or the other book that was part of the story and it didn't leave much for me to like about it, other than the writing in general. I was really glad that the end didn't end up being the Hollywood ending I thought it might be. ( )
  ragwaine | Oct 15, 2020 |
I had the Thursday Next series recommended to me by a friend with similar reading taste, but was unable to get past the first chapter. I revisited it via audiobook, and am very glad I did. This was a delightful listen, the narrator helped me past what was, for me, a very steep learning curve into the world of the novel. I look forward to listening to other books in this quirky series. ( )
  weylyn42 | Sep 23, 2020 |
Gro´ß-ar-tig! oder um es ohne die Bücherwürmer zu sagen: Großartig!

Nachdem ich Jasper Ffordes Die letzte Drachentöterin verschlungen habe und von seinem Stil absolut begeistert war, hat es mich nun zu Thursday Next geführt. Und ich bin wieder absolut hingerissen.

Erneut steht eine starke Frau im Mittelpunkt von Jasper Ffordes Geschichte, nämlich Thursday Next, eine Agentin, die die Literaturwelt beschützt und dabei auch ihr eigenes Leben aufs Spiel setzt. Ich mochte Thursday schon nach wenigen Seiten. Sie setzt sich für das Richtige ein, lässt ihre Kollegen nicht im Stich (auch wenn die Situation noch so gefährlich ist) und hat gerne einen kecken Spruch auf den Lippen. Ich mag sie und freue mich, dass es noch weitere Thursday-Next-Bücher gibt.

Jasper Ffordes Stil ist unverkennbar. Ich liebe seine Sprache und seinen Humor. Sätze, die normal beginnen, werden plötzlich skurril: "Mühsam stieß ich das Gartentor auf, das sich meinen Anstrengungen beharrlich widersetzte, und schloß es unter Stöhnen und Ächzen - was mir um so schwerer fiel, als sich eine Handvoll Dodos erwartungsvoll um mich versammelt hatten und aufgeregt durcheinanderpflockten, das sie mich wieder erkannten."
Ich kann es mir bildlich vorstellen und bin einfach begeistert. Überhaupt die Fantasy. Dodos, die als Haustiere leben oder die Bücherwürmer, die mir zur Überschrift verholfen haben und sich liebend gerne Bücher einverleiben, um dann mit dazu passenden Wörtern um sich zu schmeißen - wunderbar, hervorragend, ich liebe es!

Wenn ich einen negativen Punkt suchen müsste, dann würde ich mich auf den irreführenden Klappentext stürzen. Die Entführung findet nämlich fast zum Ende statt - aber da das Buch bis dahin unwiderstehlich witzig und fantasiereich (und erwähnte ich schon großartig?) ist, sehe ich sehr gern darüber hinweg.

Thursday Next: Der Fall Jane Eyre ist umwerfend tolle Literatur, humorvoll, toll geschrieben, spannend und süchtig-machend! ( )
  Gesa-Marie | Aug 25, 2020 |
Tried it, wasn't loving it, gave it up about a third of the way through.
  bookbrig | Aug 5, 2020 |
A Book of Detective Fiction*

Before you read The Eyre Affair, read or reread Jane Eyre. If you aren't familiar with the plot of Jane Eyre, you'll miss out early and often on Jasper Fforde's very clever borrowing of the story. You cannot appreciate the laugh-out-loud genius of how these two novels intertwine without knowing how Jane Eyre ends.

The Eyre Affair is an odd but entertaining story. It takes place in the 1980s, but not the 1980s as they were. It is full of literary and cultural references, some important, others just amusing diversions. Many characters have names which are real things, such as Braxton Hicks (a contraction a pregnant woman can have when she isn't in labor). I had google open the entire time I read this book. There are a myriad of homages to other detective fiction, such as one murder victim being stuffed up a chimney (The Murders of the Rue Morgue). There's even a Casablanca-inspired scene with the roles of Sam and Ilsa intermingled ("A lot of water under the bridge."). Being on the outside of these won't take away from the main story, but they are fun little Easter eggs sprinkled throughout.

I won't divulge much of the plot. The heroine of the novel, Thursday Next, works for the literature division of Special Operations. She's investigating the theft of the original text of Martin Chuzzlewit (a Dickens novel you don't need to have read). During her investigation she'll encounter vampires, time-travelers, fictional characters, corporate villains and a criminal mastermind impervious to bullets and invisible to cameras who just happens to be an old professor of hers whose advances she declined. She'll spend a great deal of time recounting her service in the Crimean War, the one the British and Russians are currently fighting, not the historical one, although her service closely resembles "The Charge of the Light Brigade". All the things Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dame Agatha Christie forgot to put in their detective stories.

For English nerds (the school subject, not the language), there's a terrific twist highlighting the importance of point of view. Fforde's usage of this twist is both inventive and satisfying to the resolution of the story.

This is the first in a series of novels Fforde wrote about Thursday Next. She seems to have become a big deal in some circles, and Fforde's quirky webpage is well worth a visit as well. I can easily see myself reading further into this series with the hope that the subsequent editions are as enjoyable as the debut.

* - I've had to set my themed reading list aside for now, as I'm taking a couple literature classes this summer through a state program that provides free tuition for Texas residents over 55. This novel is assigned for my Modern and Contemporary British Literature class that's focused on detective fiction. ( )
  skavlanj | Aug 5, 2020 |
Visa 1-5 av 555 (nästa | visa alla)
Fforde wears the marks of his literary forebears proudly on his sleeve, from Lewis Carroll and Wodehouse to Douglas Adams and Monty Python, in both inventiveness and sense of fun.
tillagd av Katya0133 | ändraYale Review, David Galef (Oct 1, 2008)
Fforde delivers almost every sentence with a sly wink, and he's got an easy way with wordplay, trivia and inside jokes. ''The Eyre Affair'' can be too clever by half, and fiction like this is certainly an acquired taste, but Fforde's verve is rarely less than infectious.
A good editor might have trimmed away some of the annoying padding of this novel and helped the author to assimilate his heavy borrowings from other artists, but no matter: by the end of the novel, Mr. Fforde has, however belatedly, found his own exuberant voice.
THE EYRE AFFAIR is mostly a collection of jokes, conceits and puzzles. It's smart, frisky and sheer catnip for former English majors....And some of the jokes are clever indeed.
tillagd av Shortride | ändraSalon, Laura Miller (Jan 24, 2002)
Dark, funny, complex, and inventive, THE EYRE AFFAIR is a breath of fresh air and easily one of the strongest debuts in years.
tillagd av jburlinson | ändraLocus, Jonathan Strahan (Aug 1, 2001)

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Fforde, Jasperprimär författarealla utgåvorbekräftat
Bussolo, EmilianoÖversättaremedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
Gewurz, Daniele A.Översättaremedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
Koen, ViktorOmslagmedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
Kruger, GabrielleBerättaremedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
Rostant, LarryOmslagmedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
Sastre, ElizabethBerättaremedförfattarevissa utgåvorbekräftat
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For my father
John Standish Fforde

Who never knew I was to be published but would have been most proud nonetheless
—and not a little surprised.
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My father had a face that could stop a clock.
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The barriers between reality and fiction are softer than we think; a bit like a frozen lake. Hundreds of people can walk across it, but then one evening a thin spot develops and someone falls through; the hole is frozen over by the following morning. (Victor to Thursday)
Governments and fashions come and go but Jane Eyre is for all time.
It was a glorious sunny day, and the airship droned past the small puffy clouds that punctuated the sky like a flock of aerial sheep.
He wore thick glasses and mismatched clothes and his face was a moonscape of healed acne.
"You shot him six times in the face."
The dying killer smiled.
"That I remember."
"Six times! Why?"
Felix7 frowned and started to shiver.
"Six was all I had," he answered simply.
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There is another 1985, somewhere in the could-have-been, where dodos are regenerated in home-cloning kits and everyone is disappointed by the ending of Jane Eyre. But in this world there are policemen who can travel across time, a Welsh republic - and a woman called Thursday Next.

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