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The Silent Boy

av Lois Lowry

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8272519,896 (3.73)34
Katy, the precocious ten-year-old daughter of the town doctor, befriends a retarded boy.

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Both prompted and illustrated by a collection of period photographs, this is a short book, but one with a lot of depth to it. It's a skillful depiction of the loss of innocence from the point of view of the one who loses it. Perhaps some of the characters lacked depth; but then perhaps that fits with the restriction implied by having a child as narrator.
  KathleenJowitt | Apr 3, 2020 |
This is a historical fiction book set in the early 1900s and follows Katy Thatcher, a girl who wants to be a doctor like her father. She meets a boy named Jacob who never speaks but has a way with animals and becomes sort of friends with him. However, some town scandal follows and Jacob does something horrible that he felt like was helping his family, but wasn’t.

Silent Boy is an interesting middle grade book because it takes on rather serious subjects. It shows just how difficult it was to live in the 1900s and how dangerous it was to get sick or injured during this time frame. It also sets up how a mentally disabled person would have been treated and what their lives would have been like. It’s a bit dark, but I appreciated it for how genuine the story is and how it tells the straight truth.

Katy is a wonderful main character, and I loved viewing the events through her perspective. While fairly young and a bit naive, she is exceedingly clever and figures out what the adults so often try to hide from her. I loved her relationship with her father and really enjoyed seeing a male figure who encouraged his young daughter’s wit and curiosity, which was likely not common during this time period. Throughout the book, he tries his best to be as truthful as possible with her while also keeping things appropriate for her maturity level.

It’s a rather slow book because it takes its time setting up the time frame, the culture, and the way Katy’s and Jacob’s lives were; however, it’s a fairly short book and easy to get through. I would recommend this for mature middle grade readers, or for a family or classroom readalong to make sure young readers have resources and an adult to help them process the traumatic events that take place. I think it’s a wonderfully interesting concept for a book and enjoyed it a lot.

Also posted on Purple People Readers. ( )
  sedelia | Aug 13, 2019 |
Set in small Pennsylvania community in the early 1900s, Silent Boy is the story of bright and curious Katy Thatcher, a doctor's daughter, and Jacob Stoltz, a farm boy, and brother of the Thatcher's hired girl, Peggy. Jacob is quiet, he never talks and has a special way with animals. Jacobs ability to handle animals of all sizes and peaceful, yet reticent behavior fascinated Katy and the two become friends. Jacob's silence and strange behaviors are often seen as stubborn and willful frequently causing Jacob more harm than good. Lowry does an amazing job of telling the story of an unconventional friendship and acceptance. ( )
  hfuhriman | Jul 16, 2019 |
The Silent Boy is what I would consider to be a masterpiece of creative writing by Lois Lowry. She used old photos from antique stores that didn't have a home to create this beautiful story. It opens as the narrator (an elderly women) telling a story of her younger years, and a time in which she was friends with a boy named Jacob who never spoke. Through writing she tells this story to her grandchildren so that it will not be forgotten. This is a great way to talk about the early 1900's and how children/people with disabilities were treated, but also talking about how even though some people may do things differently than us, they still have value. ( )
  AnnaBailey | Mar 30, 2017 |
Katy loves to accompany her doctor father on his rounds. On a trip to pick up their newly hired housegirl, Peggy, Katy spies Peggy's brother Jacob. Peggy says Jacob is "touched in the head." Katy develops and understanding and friendship with Jacob, who has an affinity for animals and imitates their sounds. Quiet but compelling, well-rounded characters. *SPOILER* In his innocence, Jacob believes he can save a human baby in the same way he saved a lamb whose mother refused it, but the baby dies.
  Salsabrarian | Feb 2, 2016 |
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Katy, the precocious ten-year-old daughter of the town doctor, befriends a retarded boy.

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