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Warrior (The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 2) av…

Warrior (The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 2) (utgåvan 2008)

av Cheryl Brooks

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1246169,854 (3.73)1
Second in The Cat Star Chronicles series, a sexy paranormal featuring an enslaved warrior from a race whose feline gene gives them remarkable sexual powers.
Titel:Warrior (The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 2)
Författare:Cheryl Brooks
Info:Sourcebooks Casablanca (2008), Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Warrior av Cheryl Brooks


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Visar 5 av 5
Good sequel to Cat. Not the best in the series but I enjoyed it all the same. ( )
  SephOfErebus | May 22, 2013 |
Better than the first in the series. Here she has a reasonable grasp of dialog, and the relationship is slightly more believable. It's still special sexual prowess as the main driver, though, rather than any individual characteristics of either the hero or the heroine. Rafe's "secret" is really stupid - but Tisana's is no better. She gave herself away in minutes, long before she decided to tell him. Much better writing but the story structure was still weak. ( )
  jjmcgaffey | Apr 11, 2011 |
A very nice book for the second installment to this series. I have enjoyed revisiting the world that Cheryl Brooks has created in these books. She has a great talent for writing really hot steamy romances. I wish I could find my own cat out there. ( )
  lexi1022 | Apr 23, 2010 |
Almost Purr-fect Romantica

Like its predecessor, Warrior is not the book for every romance reader. And it is definitely not the book for most sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy readers. Warrior mixes some of the best elements of fantasy romance and sci-fi erotica. You've been warned.

Tisana is a witch, practicing her healing on the backwater planet of Utopia. The peaceful image one would expect of a world called Utopia isn't quite what you get. This is a planet where lords run what is essentially a feudal system and slavery is an acceptable practice. Tisana has never approved of slavery and when Rafe, her former lover, drops his new slave off for her to heal she isn't adverse to letting him escape so long as he has somewhere to run to.

Unfortunately, Leccarian--or rather, Leo, as she calls him--is a Zetithian. If you've read the first book in the series, Slave, you'll know why this means he has no where to go. If you haven't read Slave you could probably enjoy this book as a stand-alone but I think they should be read in order or you're missing out on a great story. But back to Leo... With no where to run to Leo stays with Tisana, healing not just from her potions and remedies but also from the pleasures they share.

When Rafe returns to fetch his slave Tisana has her own reasons for wanting to keep Leo. But Rafe needs them both! His children have been kidnapped and only Leo and Tisana can track their captors. The adventure that ensues is humorous and action-packed. But how will their journey end? Will Tisana find a way to convince Rafe to sell Leo to her?

I must admit this one didn't work as well for me as Slave did. I enjoyed it as a fantasy story but all of the mind-to-mind dialog between Tisana and her animal friends got on my nerves about halfway through the book. At one point I began to think of Disney movies like Snow White or Enchanted where the princesses talk to their animal friends all the time. I especially found the times when she spoke to the animals while engaged in sexual situations to be a little off-putting.

Leo was cute but seemed almost a sweeter version of Cat from the previous book and Tisana was kind of an air-head in comparison to the fiery Jacinth. Even still where Slave was a little too sci-fi for some readers this one might be just the right amount of fantasy to win new ones over to the series. I usually don't read the previews of the next book in the back but I have enjoyed the unique flavor of this one so much I had to see if Rogue was going to be as good and it certainly looks tantalizing. If you're looking for romantica at its finest but with a sci-fi/fantasy twist you can't go wrong with this series! ( )
  MisfitRhi | Oct 11, 2008 |
Reviewed for queuemyreview.com; book release Oct08

The Cat Star Chronicles are a series of science fiction romance/erotica books by Cheryl Brooks about a race of catlike people. Their planet was destroyed, most of their population killed, and the few remaining Zetithians sold into slavery. Each book tells the story of one of these slaves. “Warrior” is the second book in this series and it’s a hard one for me to categorize. It’s not necessary to have read the first one, although I did and enjoyed it too.

Tisana is a witch, the only child of a witch who was the only child of a witch ad infinitum. She’s had lovers, but can only have a child with ‘the one’. But considering how rarely she sees any other people, she may never get to meet him! Then an old lover and current overlord drops a desperately ill new slave at her door. She has one month to heal him. In less than 24 hours, he’s pleasured her senseless and tried to escape. Those things that make him so very different from every other male are the same things that make him such a valuable slave…and her ‘one’.

Leo is a Zetithian—one of a race hunted to near extinction for their sexual prowess and prized as a captive or slave…at least by the women. Zetithians have hormones that can ensnare females and semen that by itself produces climax, even by just touching the skin! (Where can I find one of these?) In any event, he’s become accustomed to his slavery until he meets a woman who truly sees him as just a man.

This relationship progressed at first solely due to sex, which for me places this book into the erotica category. And even later in the book and throughout their relationship, the sexual aspect is the driving factor. Of course, with ‘talents’ like Leo’s, I can certainly see why!! My complaint is that I felt those same sexual aspects overwhelmed the emotional ones in Tisana and Leo’s interactions. Even though this bugged me, it didn’t keep me from enjoying their story, just made it a little more difficult to ‘get into’.

The secondary story in this novel, about two men, two children, power, status, and a deceitful woman was actually rather interesting. The journey required to further this plot is the journey that helped Tisana explore her newly strengthened powers and I though that was pretty clever.

I think my favorite characters in this book were the various animal species Tisana interacted with. I don’t want to give her secrets away, but even if you only pick up the book to learn about: an adventuring squirrel named Gerald, a dog called Max, a stallion named Sinjun trying to ‘pick up’ a mare named Morgana, Desdemona the cat, and Royillis the vulture; “Warrior” by Cheryl Brooks is well worth the time and money! The next novel in this series is “Rogue” and is scheduled to release in March 2009. I can’t wait to see what’s next for our Zetithians! ( )
  jjmachshev | Oct 4, 2008 |
Visar 5 av 5
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Second in The Cat Star Chronicles series, a sexy paranormal featuring an enslaved warrior from a race whose feline gene gives them remarkable sexual powers.

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