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Dark and Dangerous (Zebra Romantic Suspense)

av Jeanne Adams

Serier: Faithful Defenders (book 1)

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665321,095 (4.17)1
Sizzling seduction and hair-raising suspense combine in this gripping debut novel about a woman whose past returns with a vengeance. Dark and Dangerous will leave you rapt and breathless.--Lisa Gardner. Original.

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Her ex is after her in a big way, the Feds are trying to protect her but they have a leak. Dana and Caine feel an instant attraction but resist given all the dangers. She's not a weeping willow and does as much to protect herself and son as the Feds. I liked that they were partners and not him saving the poor little female.
( )
  wyldheartreads | Jun 20, 2019 |
Right from the start you see that this heroine can take care of herself. First chapter of this book has Dana Markham kicking ass and not bothering with names.

Dana and her 10 yr old son have been on the run for years from her ex husband who is dirty in many ways. She's learned that she can depend on no one but herself to stay alive as the FBI has fumbled more than once. In the latest attempt by her ex husbands hire killers to kill her and take their son she manages to kill all but one and that one turns out to be an undercover FBI agent who ends up taking responsibility for Dana and her son by going on the run with them.

I didnt realize until about half way into this that I had read this years ago under another name. I take it since the cover and name of the book have changed its a complete reboot. I only say this to those who may have read the first book Dark and Dangerous (which is no longer available). If you haven't read that book then I recommend Dead Run. This was a fairly fast paced read with like I said a very exciting opening and two people who fall in love while on the run with lots of great scenes with her son and their very protective dog.
( )
  CindySnS | Oct 26, 2016 |
Dana Markham debe enfrentar a un asesino a sangre fría que la conoce como nadie: su ex marido Donovan Walker, Walker es un peligroso traficante de drogas y de armas. Lo que Dana sabe de su pasado puede llevarlo a la cárcel para siempre. o llevarlos a ella y a su pequeño hijo a la tumba si Donovan los encuentra primero. Su única posibilidad de sobrevivir recae en Caine Bradley, agente encubierto del FBI que se ha infiltrado en la organización de Donovan.
  kika66 | Oct 13, 2011 |
Dark and Dangerous is author Jeanne Adam's debut novel, and I have got to say, it starts out with a bang and just keeps on going. This novel is one of the best in its genre, Romantic Suspense, that I've read in a while. The romance, action, and suspense are blended together perfectly in this well plotted, fast-paced novel. I was drawn into the undercover world and amazed at how she was able to give such great details without taking me out of the story or overwhelming me.

The suspenseful first meeting between Dana Markham and Caine Bradley is one that was unexpected and unforgetable. And, as you read the attraction between Dana and Cain develop it's hard to believe they didn't set off sparks with their first kiss.
Dana is a strong heroine who has learned how to survive and protect both herself and her son, Xavier, from the clutches of her ex-husband, Donovan Walker. I believe if she had to, Dana could have survived and ran from Donovan without the help of Cain, but together they make a strong team and are each other's equal.

Caine is a FBI undercover agent who knows his job and how to succeed in it. He also knows that an agent should never get close to those they are protecting... but, it can't be denied, there's something different about Dana and Xavier. He'll go above and beyond to assure their safety, even if it means breaking the rules.

I can certainly see Dark and Dangerous on the big screen as an action movie. It has all the right elements and balance of action, suspense, and romance that'll quickly draw you into the story from beginning to end.

I definitely recommend Dark and Dangerous to any Romantic Suspense reader and to those who'd like to try this genre. ( )
  aliciaeflores1 | Sep 10, 2008 |
A very fine contemporary romantic suspense. "Dark and Dangerous" is the debut book by author Jeanne Adams. After I finished the story, I had to go research to confirm this was her first published book. It was so good I assumed she must have other books out...but no, this is her first. Her characters were so well drawn and the plot was so smooth...bravo! Just bravo!

The action in this story begins on page one and keeps going at break-neck pace until the end. The heroine and her son are believable and likable. The hero is definitely dark and dangerous, but also hot! When the three of them end up on the run, you're ready to rush out to help them so cheering them on is no problem. My biggest complaint was the length of the book. I think it needed to be a big longer to make the relationship more believable, but it did not interrupt my enjoyment one bit. If you're an Iris Johansen or Linda Howard romantic suspense fan, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book. ( )
  jjmachshev | Jun 21, 2008 |
Visar 5 av 5
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Original title Dark and Dangerous; reissued title Dead Run
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Sizzling seduction and hair-raising suspense combine in this gripping debut novel about a woman whose past returns with a vengeance. Dark and Dangerous will leave you rapt and breathless.--Lisa Gardner. Original.

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