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My Chinatown: One Year in Poems av Kam Mak

My Chinatown: One Year in Poems (utgåvan 2016)

av Kam Mak (Författare), Kam Mak (Illustratör)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
17227119,767 (3.67)Ingen/inga
A boy adjusts to life away from his home in Hong Kong, in the Chinatown of his new American city.
Titel:My Chinatown: One Year in Poems
Författare:Kam Mak (Författare)
Andra författare:Kam Mak (Illustratör)
Info:HarperCollins (2016), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:multicultural, immigration, chinese new year, poetry


My Chinatown: One Year in Poems av Kam Mak


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This would be a good book for primary or intermediate students. This book is from the perspective of a young boy who immigrated from Hong Kong to the United States, in which he lives in a place called Chinatown. The book takes the reader on the story of a year in Chinatown, and every page contains a poem and a very realistic painting of different aspects of Chinatown that reflect the Asian culture of the main character. This is a helpful book because it shows how an individual can hold onto their heritage culture if they immigrate to a new place, and it shows how big of an impact a community can have on an individual. I would use this book to teach my students about how cultures can exist and be valued within other cultures, and to share a view of Asian culture with them.
  ledambrockman | Mar 6, 2021 |
Kam Mak records his first year in Chinatown through poems. Apprehensive and homesick, he notices everything as obscure, different, not home. He is reminded of China by the firecrackers, food, and traditions, but at first he is unsure of this new "home". As the year progresses, Mak becomes more familiar and comfortable in Chinatown. The place may be different, but he appreciates the familiarity with China and accepts Chinatown as his new normal. Change is hard and takes time to get used to, but Mak shows us that you don't have to forget the old in order to love the new. ( )
  cblanco | Jan 19, 2020 |
Everything about this book is fantastic. It is a serious of poems, broken up into season, that tell absolutely vivid stories about the author's childhood experiences growing up in Chinatown, particularly experiencing Chinese holidays and customs away from China. The poems don't follow a rhyme scheme so this would be a great book to use to teach about the various types of poems. The illustrations were captivating and hard to discern from photography, the painting was so realistic and vivid. What I like is that Third Culture students will be able to relate to the main character's feelings about immigrating away from home. I know that this would have made me feel less alone as a child. I hope that the way he observes his surroundings with an astute eye and turns them into beautiful poems will serve as a model for students to see the beauty around them despite their situations. ( )
  afogg | Sep 14, 2019 |
The experience I had reading this book was not a great one. The illustrations are beautiful (given the half star), but the book over all did not leave me with a sense of identity as it pertains to the asian culture. When writing a book about a culture that is rarely represented, it is important to leave the reader with an experience that is memorable, and engrained in the mind. The paper that was used for the book was very thick and hard to turn therefore I looked for the numbers on the book to guide me, but there were none. The story line also seemed a bit choppy, therefore I was unsure if the author was talking about experiences in Chinatown or in New York, and because there were no numbers on the pages I found myself interrupting my reading by continuously flipping pages forwards and backwards. The author did not do a good job with making the distinctions between the experiences, which on it's own could have made a powerful impact on the reader, and the story. I walked away still feeling deprived of the Asian culture. ( )
  Kstanley35 | Oct 6, 2018 |
The book was fascinating because it is written in all poems. The point of view is a young boy. The theme of the book is that home is where you make it. The story goes through the journey of the different seasons and what is taking place in Chinatown. The little boy explains what it is like in Chinatown and how it is similar to China. The young boy also shows the different things that take place in certain seasons. The book does an excellent job explaining the culture of China. As the readers, we get a sense of what it is like to grow up in a Chinatown. The illustrations are beautiful in this book. The pictures make the book more vibrant and realistic. Reading the book and having the pictures to look at makes us as the readers feel like we are there. ( )
  Emorrison | Sep 28, 2016 |
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For my mother and father
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Back home in Hong Kong, it's New Year.
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A boy adjusts to life away from his home in Hong Kong, in the Chinatown of his new American city.

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