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The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories av…

The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories (utgåvan 1983)

av Gene Wolfe (Författare)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
562931,919 (3.95)34
A superb collection of science fiction and fantasy stories,The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories is a book that transcends all genre definitions. The stories within are mined with depth charges, explosions of meaning and illumination that will keep you thinking and feeling long after you have finished reading.… (mer)
Titel:The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories
Författare:Gene Wolfe (Författare)
Info:Pocket (1983), Edition: Reissue


The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories av Gene Wolfe


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Wolfe's genre (which he shares with no one) is really Science Fantasy. This collection is my favorite of all his works (and I've read most of them). He's a true storyteller, and these are some of his very best. ( )
  Lyndatrue | Nov 26, 2013 |
A book of very varied science fiction stories, notwithstanding the fact that three of them had very similar titles: 'The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories', 'The Death of Dr. Island', and 'The Doctor of Death Island'.

I like the fact that the stories tended not to be tied up neatly at the end, since all the unsolved mysteries gives you more to think about and means that the stories aren't instantly forgettable. My favourites were "The Death of Doctor Island", "Hour of Trust" and "Tracking Song", and "Seven American Nights" was the only story in the book that I had read before. ( )
  isabelx | Apr 17, 2011 |
The title story (minus the other stories and other stories) isn't too bad. If you come across it in an anthology, I'd suggest you consider not skipping it. ( )
  jburlinson | Feb 5, 2011 |
Hit is +, miss is -.

+ The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories (1970)
Boy befriends island villain at a difficult time.
+ Alien Stones (1972)
A reason to study calculus.
+ La Befana (1973)
At long last, Christmas with aliens.
+ The Hero as Werwolf (1975)
Telekinetic undead vs hungry genetic conservatives.
+ Three Fingers (1976)
Michael M. is a tad paranoid.
+ The Death of Dr. Island (1973)
Death therapy for youths.
+ Feather Tigers (1973)
Sunbeams playing on the green leaves.
- Hour of Trust (1973)
Ruminations on an armed ideological conflict.
+ Tracking Song (1975)
Trekking on an ice planet with intelligent multi-sized fauna.
+ The Toy Theater (1971)
Master puppeteer confides in apprentice.
+ The Doctor of Death Island (1978)
Human weakness spoils diabolically clever escape plan from prison island.
+ Cues (1974)
An elaborate pun with coins.
- The Eyeflash Miracles (1976)
A story with two itinerants and an odd blind boy.
+ Seven American Nights (1978)
A diary of post-apocalyptic tourism. ( )
  igor.kh | Jul 26, 2010 |
An uneven collection, but there are some fantastic stories: THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR DEATH AND OTHER STORIES AND OTHER STORIES (yes, it's supposed to be titled that way), first published in 1980, is Gene Wolfe's first collection of short stories. It brings together 14 works published in the 1970's, some of which originally appeared in Damon Knight's "Orbit" anthologies. Like with any collection of short stories it ranges widely, but the volume does contain some of Wolfe's finest pieces.The first story in this book may make the reader wonder why exactly Wolfe receives so much praise, for "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories" (1970) is a very immature work, an unconvincingly written tale of child whose love of pulp adventure magazines helps him escape a broken home. The next story, "Alien Stones", dates from two years later and shows a dramatic improvement in Wolfe's writing. On the surface it appears to be about a spaceship crew exploring an abandoned alien vessel, but under the surface hints at a darker story. Wolfe, like Larry Niven in his 60's hard science-fiction works, unfortunately underestimates the progress of technology---his spacecraft's computer uses CRT's and manual switches---and his far-future female character seems supiciously like a stereotypical ditz of the early 1970's. Nonetheless, the strong storytelling and intricate plot more than make up for this. "Three Fingers" is a short diversion, an enhibition of Wolfe's droll sense of humour. "Tracking Song" is another of the high points of the volume, the chronicle of a journey on a frozen world where humanity has evolved into myriad diverse forms. The narration is reminiscent of Wolfe's first great novel, THE FIFTH HEAD OF CERBERUS. If this collection begins with Wolfe's weakest story, it ends with one of his best. "Seven American Nights" is the record of an Iranian visiting a bizarre post-apocalyptic America for less than honourable purposes, an ironic reversal of the phenomenon of 60's hippies visiting the Middle East for drug tourism. The novella contains the hallmarks of Wolfe's finest writing: unreliable narration, casual relevations, fantastic world-building, the perpetual feeling that the reader isn't getting the whole story, and an ending that shows that all the plot's secrets were really right there in the text all along. This is a powerful work, and it is worth buying the entire collection just for it. While perhaps not ideal for the reader who hasn't read anything but Wolfe yet, this is an excellent work to turn to next if you enjoyed one of his accessible works like The Book of the New Sun, PEACE, or THE FIFTH HEAD OF CERBERUS.
  iayork | Aug 9, 2009 |
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A superb collection of science fiction and fantasy stories,The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories is a book that transcends all genre definitions. The stories within are mined with depth charges, explosions of meaning and illumination that will keep you thinking and feeling long after you have finished reading.

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