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Power Of Un av Nancy Etchemendy

Power Of Un (utgåvan 2002)

av Nancy Etchemendy (Författare)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
258478,302 (3.66)2
When he is given a device that will allow him to "undo" what has happened in the past, Gib Finney is not sure what event from the worst day in his life he should change in order to keep his sister from being hit by a truck.
Titel:Power Of Un
Författare:Nancy Etchemendy (Författare)
Info:Scholastic Paperbacks (2002), 160 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Power Of Un av Nancy Etchemendy


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Visar 4 av 4
What a book, even rereading it years later, it has a good solid feel to it. I read this as a kid and it's just such a joy to recall. One of those books you don't fully see everything until it all wraps up into a neat little package at the end.

Highly recommend. ( )
  Yolken | Nov 6, 2019 |
time travel for third to fifth grade. Good look at the contradictions and troubles associated with trying to fix things. ( )
  njcur | Feb 13, 2014 |
Science Fitction, 3rd-5th Grade, ( )
  Reidun | Feb 17, 2010 |
This fantasy book is about the dangerous business of tweaking time with a hand-held time-changing device called "the unner" that can undo specific events by going back in time. This creative idea, however, falls short with mostly stock characters that need to be more fully developed. The complicated themes and plot twists redeem the book as it examines powerful questions about ethics and personal power. It is a good way to get kids thinking about how to live with the mistakes we all make when we cannot change them. ( )
1 rösta DeirdreHarris | Mar 27, 2008 |
Visar 4 av 4
Gr 4-8 --Who wouldn't want the ability to undo a mistake, an accident, or even a tragedy, after it happens? Once he has the Unner, a makeshift creation of old parts and electronic gizmos, middle-schooler Gib Finney has that power.... While Gib is the only fully developed character, the unique and interesting plot featuring a practical look at the possibilities and results of planned time travel make up for the otherwise shallow characterizations. As the story gathers speed, suspense builds to a surprising and satisfying conclusion with room for more than one sequel. The book's themes and plot twists take it beyond the conventional, resulting in a delightfully thought-provoking science-fiction story.
tillagd av CourtyardSchool | ändraSchool Library Journal, volume 46, issue 6, page 144, Susan L. Rogers (Jun 1, 2000)
Etchemendy... mixes quick action and long thoughts in this tale of a lad who discovers that changing the past is a tricky business. When a gimpy old man, smelling of ozone, pops up from nowhere and hands him a palm-sized time machine, Gib Finney is understandably dazzled by the possibilities. But his excitement changes to anguish.... Gib’s increasing desperation, as he tries to figure out how to head off what he knows is about to happen, injects suspense into the story, and his misadventures with the “unner” prompt insights into how minor incidents or casual choices often have far-reaching, unpredictable consequences. ... (Fiction. 10-13)
tillagd av CourtyardSchool | ändraKirkus Reviews (May 1, 2000)
Gib is given an opportunity to change the past so that a horrible accident will be averted. ... [His sister] gets hit by a truck. Luckily, a crazy old man has given Gib the Unner, the power of time travel, to go back in time and change what has happened. When Gib goes back and tries to undo his sister's accident, he ends up changing other outcomes as well. ... This would be a good book to use to discuss choices and a good choice for any philosopher-students in your school. Recommended.
tillagd av CourtyardSchool | ändraBook Report, Sep/Oct 2000, Vol. 19, Issue 2, page 58, Tracy T. Ansley
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When he is given a device that will allow him to "undo" what has happened in the past, Gib Finney is not sure what event from the worst day in his life he should change in order to keep his sister from being hit by a truck.

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