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575356,892 (3.79)Ingen/inga
Dane is reigning king in the Austin BDSM scene. Nathan sees beyond Dane's swaggering persona to the hidden submissive beneath. Can Nathan convince Dane of his place at his feet? As the two come together, the sexual sparks fly. It's only a matter of time before a spark catches and bursts into flame.

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The way Claire Thompson writes about submission is perfect for this story, perfect in ways I might not've thought of before.

Dane has always been the Dom, the popular one, who all the subby boys seek out. But, when he meets Nathan, he gets asked a question that profoundly disturbs. Just how long has he been a sub?

I have to admit that I found Dane to be an ash-hole sometimes, especially when he was so attached to his preconceptions. But, watching his struggle and journey was fascinating, and he overcame a lot during the book. Nathan was patient and nurturing and caring, even at the most difficult times. He seemed to really understand Dane and what he was feeling, and was happy to be on the journey with him.

Altogether, an excellent exploration of D/s and what it takes to submit and dominate. ( )
  tetisheri | Aug 15, 2020 |
This is an absolutely fascinating story about a man who thinks he's a Dom until he learns through experience that he's actually a sub. The man who teaches him has a lot of patience and explores different aspects of submission as the story develops.

Claire did a great job at taking me along on their journey of discovery. ( )
  SerenaYates | Oct 19, 2017 |
This book had a lot of potential and most of it was unfulfilled. Both characters were intriguing and their relationship had great potential for some wonderful conflict and passion but it just wasn't there. Dane spent a lot of time proclaiming that he was a dom and Nate spent a lot of time trying to show Dane his true nature as a sub. But we didn't get to see the trust being built, it apparently happened but as a reader I felt I was being told rather than shown. Dane and Nate spent a week together where apparently Dane had a break through but he didn't seem to affect him as much as I thought it should. He'd spent almost a decade believing one thing to be true about himself and his identity but he seemed willing to slide into submission after just an amazing week with Nate. I'm sure that everything that happened was possible but I just didn't feel the connection with the two characters and I don't think the author spent enough time developing the characters or their relationship fully. Over all it was a good concept and an enjoyable read but there was potential for so much more that I felt let down. ( )
  Shanna_McConnell | Jun 29, 2013 |
I really enjoyed Thompson’s “Submission Times Two.” It was an original, very erotic gay BDSM romance. However, I have to say that “Switch” was even better. This is also mid-level BDSM, not hard core but way beyond vanilla. The story is more focused and examines the D/s mindset in depth.

Dane is in Austin on temporary assignment from his banking firm in NY. He is also a well regarded Dom in an underground BDSM club. In a bar near the club, her meets Nathan. Nathan isn’t a dom, per se, but he is a top. His views about BDSM ignore, and even contradict, the traditional labels. He does think Dane is really a submissive denying his true nature, especially since he has never experienced the other end of the whip. Unlike Dane, Nathan has experienced D/s from both sides. Can he persuade Dane to let go of the control long enough to discover the pleasures of true submission? The story seems simple enough at first glance, however the author gives readers much more. Dane has defined himself as a dom for so long, he is truly scared to see himself any other way. The scenes where Nathan challenges him to try submitting (even simple obedience rather than pain) are very intense. Dane thinks being a dom is the real work, but Nathan shows him that it is much harder, and more brave, to truly submit. Dane has unconsciously viewed submission as a weakness, and unless he gets past that he’ll never “fly.” His gradual understanding of the reality makes the story come alive. I also like that Dane isn’t the only one who grows. Nathan comes to see that the BDSM scene at clubs, which he had dismissed as playing, could be very real for those involved (after observing Dane as a dom therein).

I have read books from the dom’s perspective and from the submissive’s perspective, but always with the roles completely established beforehand. This book was unique because readers get a peek into the mind of someone who is wrestling with that decision. Dane alternately embraces submission and rejects it. The psychological struggle was very realistic. There is some hot sex in the novel, particularly when Dane agrees to spend a week as Nathan’s sub – and really give up control. The BDSM aspect is fully developed, but the romance is given equal measure. Dane is the first person Nathan can see himself having a future with, if they can only bring Dane peace with himself. Dane finally trusts someone enough to really consider submitting. Overall, this book was excellent and I highly recommend it to fans of BDSM and erotic romance. ( )
  jshillingford | Aug 19, 2009 |
Dane sees himself as a Dom. He is a young and successful businessman, and he is used to be domineering at work as well as in his private life. He is not born from money, but he is doing well, and he likes to show it, to prove that him and only him has done that. At 29 years old he thinks to have all, but a chance encounter in a bar changes everything.

Nathan is 26 years old and an artist. But he is not a struggling artist, he is from a wealthy family and he has the authoritative behavior of who knows well what he is and what he can do. Basically he is a good boy and so he is not the classical spoilt baby of too much permissive parents, but he is used to drive his life where, how and when he wants. In a scene, Nathan compares himself to a lake, with its peaceful waters; I would bring on the metaphor: he is like a lake in the a mountain plain: he receives the agitated waters of mountain streams, he placates them with his huge basin, and then he releases the waters in big rivers, ready to flow away toward the valley. Till now Nathan has never taken a lover with him forever, but then he is only 26 years old.

From the first moment they meet, Nathan sees in Dane something that no one never see, a yearning to be a submissive lover, the need to give up the control. Dane, even if gay, is a very conservative thinker: if you are bigger, older and wealthier, you are the Dom. And since he is bigger, older and he believes wealthier than Nathan, he doesn't take in account that he could be a sub with Nathan. But Nathan, probably since he had a pretty easy life, has never felt the necessity to follow common rule, and so he is ready to prove to Dane that he can be a real Dom, with the real sub.

Dane feels the D/s life as a way to prove something to the world, it's another way, along with his job and his Mercedes, to prove that he is a successful man; Nathan instead looks at the D/s life like a private thing, a lovers game to bring on in the intimate comfort of a bedroom. Becoming Nathan's sub, Dane will not lose his outside independency, but he will not, deep inside him, that he belongs to Nathan.

Probably of all the D/s books I read by Claire Thompson, this is the one I like the most, since maybe I'm more similar to Nathan's point of view on D/s: thinking on it, I always liked books in where the pleasure/pain games remain inside a private bedroom rather than when it's displayed in a public dungeon.

  elisa.rolle | Oct 24, 2008 |
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Dane is reigning king in the Austin BDSM scene. Nathan sees beyond Dane's swaggering persona to the hidden submissive beneath. Can Nathan convince Dane of his place at his feet? As the two come together, the sexual sparks fly. It's only a matter of time before a spark catches and bursts into flame.

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