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Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About

av Kevin Trudeau

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Presents the author's thesis that processed foods and drugs approved by the FDA can be harmful to consumers' health and offers advice on the use of alternative therapies and natural cures to treat and prevent illnesses and disabilities.

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This is a good book for beginner's into natural and alternative healthy living. BUT all of this information is available for free on the internet and and any health food store clerk can tell you the same thing for free. Alot of this is common sense. ( )
  LauGal | Aug 16, 2016 |
Un po' Beppe Grillo, un po' Alan Carr, un po' Alfio Bardolla. Il testo è pieno di verve, di cose sensate, di sciocchezze abissali. Interessante per chi è statunitense, per chi non lo è potrebbe risultare noioso - visti i continui richiami alla FDA e FTC - oppure consolante, leggendo delle condizioni mediatiche degli USA. Alcuni suggerimenti possono comunque rivelarsi utili, anche solo per prova - per dire, diventa difficile non essere incuriositi dalla idrocolon terapia... :-) Per chi è interessato alla propria salute è un libro utile, a patto di non credere bovinamente a tutto quello che c'e' scritto. Il buonsenso non andrebbe mai messo nella posizione OFF, neppure di fronte alla apparente sensatezza delle tesi presentate. ( )
  bobparr | Dec 14, 2014 |
I bought this book hoping that it would help me with Migraines. Instead, it gave me one.

Kevin Trudeau is maddeningly repetitive. It's been a while since I read this one, but I recall the 1st quarter of the book sounding like this... I'm paraphrasing here:

"Did you know that there are natural cures for almost every ailment and illness you can think of? Oh yes, there are, but there are people who don't want you to know about them. These people want to keep you sick for their gain. But, let me assure you, there ARE natural cures that are available almost everywhere. AND, I know what these cures are! They are natural cures that can be found in nature, but they don't want you to know that."

...and so on.

He goes on and on about the benefits of the "health care" industry and government keeping people sick, which of course, he says is all for profit. He also makes it abundantly clear that the "they" who want to keep these natural cures under wraps also want to shut him up about them.

Finally, the last part of the book contains an index of illnesses that can be "cured" by the natural ingredients previously alluded to, but Trudeau then negates everything he just went on and on and on about by saying that these cures aren't actually guaranteed to cure anything.

I tend to agree with him on one point, which is that it does benefit pharmaceutical companies and HMOs etc to keep people sick and needing their help, but that is fairly self-evident. If they cure the sick, they lose money. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Anyway, my advice is, if you want to read this one make a trip to the library and pick it up. Don't waste your money on the book. ( )
  TheBecks | Apr 1, 2013 |
Phony Baloney!!!!
Waste of cash to purchase
  jbenny57 | Feb 8, 2013 |
Buried under the mass of misdirection and attempts to sell you membership of his website and/or his newsletter is some useful and thought-provoking information. However his thesis that modern drugs are what is causing most of the ills of the world and that you should follow his regimen and abandon all these drugs to gain health, all the drugs are doing is adding to the ever-increasing coffers of the Drug Companies, who have campaigned through the FDA and FCC to keep Kevin from telling you the truth.

Well his hypothesis that if you eat nothing but over-processed junk you won't be healthy and if you try to eat more organic food and less food with tonnes of junk in them you'll be healthier is true, this is one thing that definitely work. (however his assertion that you shouldn’t eat anything you can’t pronounce is a little disingenuous) Also questioning the amount of drugs you’re taking and making sure that the interactions and side effects aren’t causing issues for you, indeed a good thought. However the idea that the earth’s magnetic field is lessening? That you should do 15 colonic irrigations in 30 days? That you need to pay a guy miles away to ensure that your energy is properly balanced? On Page 175, “Do dianetics/scientology.” Yeah, those all hit high numbers on my crank meter.
The other things that rang alarm bells were some signs I’ve seen before of fairly cultish behaviour. He insists he is the only one who knows it all? Yes. There’s a conspiracy to keep the truth from you? Yes. That there’s hidden poisons and toxins in the air/food etc.? yes. That you should avoid news/papers because they’re all lying? Yes. That you should trust him above everyone else? Yes. Sorry, it all comes across as being a large scheme to make a lot of money and to engender guilt and fear. Yes we should question the reasons for prescribing a certain drug and also question the news bias of certain stations but we need to temper it with balance.
So yes the news and the papers are depressing and scary and make you upset, and often they should. Yes they incense you, but they should, you should be fighting for everyone else, you should be aware of things so that you can ask your politician when they turn up at your door looking for your vote what they plan to do to fix it. What you want them to do. Sometimes watching the news reminds us both that there are others in our boat and that there are others who need our help. Avoidance isn’t going to help someone starving on the street, asking where your money is going and why they accept large wages is at least going to make a start.
This is terrible stuff. It repeats itself ad nauseam so that some of it’s invidious message can make it through and I could see that an absolute answer could help some people with minor illnesses. I do not recommend this except as an exercise in how far someone is willing to go to dupe other people. ( )
3 rösta wyvernfriend | Jan 27, 2011 |
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Presents the author's thesis that processed foods and drugs approved by the FDA can be harmful to consumers' health and offers advice on the use of alternative therapies and natural cures to treat and prevent illnesses and disabilities.

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