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Miss Julia Delivers the Goods av Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia Delivers the Goods (urspr publ 2009; utgåvan 2009)

av Ann B. Ross (Författare)

Serier: Miss Julia (10)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
2531078,966 (3.89)6
Miss Julia reckons Mr. J.D. Pickens is the key to solving all of Hazel Marie's problems, especially the female kind. But how can Miss Julia coax the savvy PI back to town--and back into the arms of her 40-something friend Hazel Marie?
Titel:Miss Julia Delivers the Goods
Författare:Ann B. Ross (Författare)
Info:Penguin Books (2009), 364 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Miss Julia Delivers the Goods: A Novel av Ann B. Ross (2009)



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Miss Julia is beside herself. Hazel Marie has taken ill, but she refuses to let Miss Julia notify Mr Pickens. Apparently they have broken up; he’s in Charlotte working on a case and may be moving there. Hazel Marie says she is ready to get on with her life, but she is clearly miserable. Miss Julia and Lillian both think that the two just need some time together to work things out, but how to engineer that when they are in different cities? When there’s a break-in at Sam’s home and only the research on his book is taken, Miss Julia suggests that Sam hires Mr Pickens to investigate. With this forced proximity, Miss Julia is sure that Hazel Marie and the confirmed bachelor will work things out.

I love Miss Julia and the rest of the cast of characters in these charming Southern stories. Everyone is in everyone else’s business, but always (or mostly) with good intentions. The basic storyline in this book (#10 in the series) is fairly straightforward. While the mystery of who broke into Sam’s place does provide a little distraction, the main focus is on Hazel Marie and Mr Pickens and their on-again-off-again relationship.

It’s not great literature, but it’s a fun read. A few laughable moments, no real danger, and characters you just want to hug … what could be better on a summer day?
( )
  BookConcierge | Jan 13, 2016 |
A cute little cozy mystery. Personally it was a little too cozy for my taste. (It's not even a murder mystery.) Also, I don't find the lead "sleuth" all that likeable. She makes Jessica Fletcher look like she keeps to herself and minds her own business. But the mystery aspect--even as low-stakes as it is--is interesting and tangled. And the book is well-written. I can certainly imagine it appealing to a woman of a certain age, especially in the South. ( )
  TheBentley | May 23, 2015 |
As I added this title to my book list on Goodreads, I discovered it was the 10th title in the series. I disagree with some of the earlier reviewers who said this book can not stand alone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I've not read any of the previous titles. One thing that I found quite pleasant as I read this title, is that the author didn't waste time in Chapter 1 or 2, "catching me up" on characters that may have been introduced in previous novels. As much as I enjoy Debbie Macomber and Sue Grafton titles, it is sometimes annoying and interrupts the storyline to be given what almost seems a "presentation of characters and backgrounds" in Chapter 1 or 2. Ann Ross doesn't worry about that and it seemed a breath of fresh air.
Miss Julia reminds me of one of the neighbors when I was growing up...knowing everything about everybody or as the perfect definition of the neighborhood "busy body". One of the other pleasures about reading the book is that the author seamlessly shares not only Miss Julia's conversations but Miss Julia's thoughts (and inner thought analysis of situations as women tend to do) as she proceeds through her life in the storyline. I think that takes a very special writer to share those thoughts so seamlessly without it ever becoming an interruption of the story and/or an awkward presentation. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up another Miss Julia title and learn of her next adventure or an earlier one that I missed.
( )
  FerneMysteryReader | Aug 6, 2014 |
Miss Julia and the entire cast are at it again. There is chaos on several fronts. Hazel Marie and JD are on the outs. Someone has broken into Sam's house and trashed all his work on the history of law in their county. Julia has secrets on top of secrets that she is trying to keep and everyone is running around with different bits of the story.

This one was a bit more madcap than some and I had to laugh at the line about Miss Julia not sticking her nose into other peoples business, since that about all she does!

I only have one more book in the series to be caught up, and I have it sitting here beside me. ( )
  bookswoman | Mar 31, 2013 |
My blog post about this book is at this link. ( )
  SuziQoregon | Mar 31, 2013 |
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As evidenced in the tenth book in her "Miss Julia" series, Ross (Miss Julia Paints the Town) has a solid handle on the matronly know-it-all who can’t stop meddling in the lives of her loved ones. Although the mystery angle is lukewarm, fans of the series will enjoy.

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Miss Julia reckons Mr. J.D. Pickens is the key to solving all of Hazel Marie's problems, especially the female kind. But how can Miss Julia coax the savvy PI back to town--and back into the arms of her 40-something friend Hazel Marie?

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