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Stage Fright (Allie Finkle's Rules For…

Stage Fright (Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls) (utgåvan 2009)

av Meg Cabot

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
244886,298 (3.91)1
Allie's theatrical hopes are crushed when, instead of being cast as the princess, she is given the role of the evil queen in the fourth-grade class play.
Titel:Stage Fright (Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls)
Författare:Meg Cabot
Info:Scholastic Press (2009), Hardcover, 224 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:youth lit, play, jealousy, acceptance, princess, evil queen, character part, Uncle Jay, Sophie, Cheyenne, fourth book in the Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls series, fourth grade


Stage Fright av Meg Cabot


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Allie and her class are putting on a play that their teacher wrote about recycle. But there is a big problem almost every girl wants the same part and that is the lead role. Allie really wants that part but she finds out at the last minute that her best friend Sophie wants the part too. Allie dose not want to hurt Sophie's feelings if she did get the part.But Allie wants to be the best one there and bet Cheyenne so that she dose not get the part because everyone thinks she dose not deserve it. Allie went and asked her uncle if he could help her with practicing the lines of the main role and help her do her best. When the parts came out most of the people were disappointed because only one got the main role and that person was Sophie. Allie was very disappointed but she found out that the evil queen had more parts or lines then anyone in the whole play. After that most people were happy expect for Cheyenne.

I did not like this book the way I liked the others but it was good. The reason why I do not like this book much is because it dose not have a much humor that the other books have. But I kind of do like the book because all the rules people can live off and there is a lot of lessons to learn. Also it shows young readers how to deal with bulling and friend problems. The reason I rated the book with only 3 stars is because it is not as good as the others. It dose not have much humor and affection to the readers. that is the reason I do not really like this book. ( )
  ashleys.g3 | Dec 26, 2013 |
Allie Finkle and her fourth grade class are putting on play for the school’s open house. Everyone is really excited to audition and several students want to be the lead. Including Allie’s BFF Sophie and Cheyenne, a mean girl in Allie’s class.

After reading through the play, Allie decides she wants to try out for the Princess too and asks her Uncle Jay for help. Allie isn’t sure how Sophie will react when she finds out Allie is auditioning too, but Allie doesn’t allow this to hold her back.

Things take an interesting turn when Mrs. Hunter, Allie’s fourth grade teacher, announces the parts. Sometimes stardom can quickly go to one’s head… even a fourth grader’s! ( )
  scoutlee | Nov 6, 2010 |
This book is one of those rare books where you laugh halfway
through the first page. You will not regret reading this funny classic! ( )
  sspigott | Jul 9, 2010 |
Reviewed by Michaela Pallante aka "Mickey" for TeensReadToo.com

Allie Finkle's fourth grade class is putting on a play and Allie really, really wants the part of the main character, Princess Penelope. The only problem is that so does almost every other girl in her class, including one of her best friends, Sophie, and snobby Cheyenne.

Allie's not worried, though. With help from her ex-theater major Uncle Jay and her mom's new "Celebrity" job as a movie critic on a local cable show, she's sure to get the part.

But if she does get the part, will Sophie still be her best friend? How will she ever practice her lines with her two little brothers playing tackle football in the hallway all the time? Most importantly, can Allie figure all this out without breaking any of her rules?

STAGE FRIGHT, like all Meg Cabot's books, was very funny and a lot of fun. Young girls will relate to Allie's friendship (and enemy) troubles and excitement. Allie and everyone in her world are sweet, and Allie always finds a way to make any situation fun. ( )
  GeniusJen | Apr 15, 2010 |
Stage Fright comes out strong, setting a very powerful and perfect tone to a great story. This series really is great for fans of Barbara Park's snarky Junie B. Jones. It's the same brand of humor, and fans who may have outgrown Junie and are looking for something new to read will definitely find the same type of honest outlook on the world from Allie. Cabot is really good at keeping up with current pop culture and putting in age appropriate references, which would make the books all the more appealing with her target audience. This book is not only adorable and kid-friendly, it also contains simple environmentally-friendly facts for them to learn and hopefully adapt in their own lives. We need more books telling our children how to be environmentally friendly in this day and age, so kudos to Cabot for blending it in with the plot so well! This book, like its predecessors and sequel, carries out fantastic characterization and is just as humorous, too! The ending's a little anticlimactic and predictable, and I do not think the title fits even slightly, but it's a cute read and I'm sure kids would really enjoy it. ( )
  Runa | Jan 31, 2010 |
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Allie's theatrical hopes are crushed when, instead of being cast as the princess, she is given the role of the evil queen in the fourth-grade class play.

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