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The Flag We Love av Pam Muñoz Ryan

The Flag We Love (utgåvan 2000)

av Pam Muñoz Ryan (Författare), Ralph Masiello (Illustratör)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
8231120,028 (4.2)Ingen/inga
An introduction to the history, meaning, and care of the American flag.
Titel:The Flag We Love
Författare:Pam Muñoz Ryan (Författare)
Andra författare:Ralph Masiello (Illustratör)
Info:Charlesbridge (2000), Edition: Commemorative, 32 pages
Samlingar:Younger children Books


The Flag We Love av Pam Muñoz Ryan


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I enjoyed reading The Flag We love for both its patriotism and its poetic rhythm throughout the book. I saw a lot of cultural significance in the text with nice illustrations to accompany. It not only talks about our the history of the American flag, but also some of American's journey throughout history. This book also has additional informative text boxes on most pages which give the reader a bit more history and explanation of what is being discussed on those particular pages. I did like this book and I think this could be integrated into the classroom in a number of different ways. ( )
  Jessica.Kirkland | Apr 2, 2020 |
I enjoyed reading this book since there was large print poetry that rhymed at the top and more in-depth facts and history about the American flag at the bottom. The poetry was aesthetically pleasing and not direct, making you want to read on to find out the history behind what was being referenced. For example, the verse "A casket draped with a solemn flag journeyed the countryside. While people came from town and field to mourn the man who died," leaves you wondering who died and what the tradition is behind draping an American flag on a casket.

The illustrations lack in appeal when being compared to the writing. While some pages have brightly painted, realistic, images of scenery, others consist of people who are extremely off-putting and creepy looking. In my opinion, the illustrator should have stuck with painting inanimate objects.

Overall, the story provides the reader with the meaning behind the symbolism and pride people have towards the American flag. Reasons behind traditions such as why U.S. citizens sing and STAND for the national anthem are explained; something that is crucially important for people of today's day and age to understand. ( )
  kfranc7 | Oct 16, 2017 |
This informative book speaks volumes of our culture and where we came from. The flag and its colors are important and there are many events in our history that allow us to be free. Let freedom ring. It introduces us to our country and the respect our flag entails. ( )
  Lukemathison | Jul 23, 2016 |
This is a great book that can teach pride in what the flag stands for and how it came t be. There is a lot of history in this book as well. ( )
  robe0605 | Jul 19, 2016 |
This is one of my favorite children's literature books. I feel that even an older audience would enjoy reading this book as well. The book is one long interesting poem, but it is also very informational. The first thing that I really liked about this book was how on each page there is a historical description that gives insight into the history of our flag and the descriptions match the illustrations as well as the words of the poem that are on the page. For example, one of the historical text boxes says, "While the flag is often flown during joyous occasions, it is also displayed at serious events. When President was assassinated in 1865, his flag-draped casket was carried by train from Washington, D.C., to his family home in Springfield, Illinois." This historical description in the box states a piece of history of the U.S.A. matches the picture on the page. The picture shows a casket and there is a flag draped over the casket-showing where people came to mourn a man that died (Abraham Lincoln). It also shows a train with Abraham Lincoln's picture on the front of it; this must be an illustration of the train that carried the casket with his body back to his family in Springfield, Illinois. As previously stated, the pictures truly reflect the words in the book. For example, "A teacher raises a radiant flag to let the children know, the schoolyard is a place to come, for the chance to learn and grow." The picture that accompanies this stanza of the poem shows a picture of students watching their teacher raise the American flag. Another example is where the stanza reads, "Americans stand together before ceremonies start and promise their allegiance with their hands across their hearts." The picture shows a boy who has his hand over his heart and is looking up at the flag. There is also diversity shown throughout the book. For example, the boy who had his hand over his heart was black. The pictures of people vary throughout the book. On some pages there are white people, some have black people, some have Asian people, and there is a page where all of the races of people are standing together. Lastly, I loved the rhyme scheme of the book. I think that children enjoy reading poems more when the words rhyme and it makes the book easier to follow.

The big idea/message of the book is appreciating the American flag, its history, and what it stands for. Appreciation of the flag is more evident when people know the history behind it and how different people fought for our freedom and how citizens come together as one to pledge their allegiance to the flag. ( )
  abecke14 | Sep 28, 2015 |
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Författarens namnRollTyp av författareVerk?Status
Ryan, Pam Muñozprimär författarealla utgåvorbekräftat
Masiello, RalphIllustratörmedförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat
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An introduction to the history, meaning, and care of the American flag.

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2 utgåvor av den här boken publicerades av Charlesbridge.

Utgåvor: 0881068446, 1570917078


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