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Dark Fire (Last Dragon Chronicles) av Chris…

Dark Fire (Last Dragon Chronicles) (utgåvan 2011)

av Chris D'Lacey (Författare)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
8191025,665 (3.9)2
Bestselling author David Rain returns to help Lucy and the Pennykettle dragons try to find and destroy a drop of dark fire before it is discovered and used to birth a darkling, while in the Arctic, enshrouded in mist, hide dragons that have at last returned to Earth.
Titel:Dark Fire (Last Dragon Chronicles)
Författare:Chris D'Lacey (Författare)
Info:Scholastic Inc. (2011), Edition: Reprint, 576 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Dark Fire av Chris d'Lacey


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As with all the Last Dragon chronicles this novel is brimming with that magical spark of excitement.
Chris D'Lacey once again manages to capture the imagination and keep you reading more! These books are probably going to stay my all time favorite reads! ( )
  Enchanten | Mar 12, 2023 |
Dark Fire is about this man named David Rain and his daughter Alexa. Alexa turns out to be a new species to earth because she is a mix of Fain and Sybil. David and his wife Zanna are Fain and Sybil. So Alexa is an 'Angel' she has wings and could fly. At the same time at the arctic there is a mysterious mist that contains Drangons! meanwhile Lucy and Tam are at Scruffenberry where they will revive Gawaine, the Queen of all dragons. Meanwhile at the Pennykettle household Liz (Elizabeth Pennykettle) is comatose but unharmed while Arthur is watching over her.

I honestly love this book. Its apart of the Last Dragon Chronicles which has 7 novels. This is my favorite series so far and i hope that everyone would Love It. Whats special about these books is that they have a hint of suspense at the end of the book. So you could look forward to the next book to come at your local library. This book is the 5th book of the 7 book series. Everyone should read this series.
  luisalucas101 | Oct 27, 2016 |
Dark Fire is the fifth book in the Last Dragon Chronicles, by Chris d' Lacey. David is now reunited with his family, but he is no longer human and working closely with the dragons who landed on the Arctic, enshrouding it with mist. David's mission is to bring Gwillan's inverted tear, which has now become pure darkness. He gets it, but does not return it to the Arctic as he plans to give the tear back to Gwillan. However, the obsidian breaks and goes into Liz, who goes into a coma. David travels to Africa after a message from his first girlfriend, but she is dead when he gets there, and her hospital lit up by a darkling, which kills Sophie's (David's first girlfriend's) fiance, and is killed by David; meanwhile Lucy travels with Tam Farrel to Scruffenbury. There, Tam is almost killed by a trap set by an old sybil, who hopes to unleash Gawaine, queen of the dragons. The sybil is killed by Gawaine herself, and along with Gawaine rises a unicorn. A couple darklings come to fight it, and Grockle, a smaller dragon, comes to help Gawaine. They defeat the darklings, and the Ix assault Gawaine's mind, while she throws herself into a volcano, ending the Ix. Liz awakes from her coma, while Alexa, David's daughter, turns out to be supposedly an angel, a race with which to help bring dragons and humans together.
I wish I hadn't said that Fire Star was the best book in the series. Now I feel like Dark Fire is the best book in the series so far. Really great book, we learn a lot about dragons and their ancestry. Even though we have many such elements, the book no longer feels like a fairy tale. The book no longer felt like the heroes are fighting some all-powerful enemy, but more like a real conflict. I hope the next books in the series are as good as this one. Fire World is up next! ( )
  JanW.B1 | Mar 2, 2014 |
I almost read all of series. my favorite book out of the series was dark fire.this book was prety cool but the most part of it it was about a dark dragon. ( )
  skipballin25 | Aug 17, 2011 |
What is David? First he is human, then he is Fain, then he is a polar bear or is he a dragon? The author can't seem to make up his mind. However, this mystery creates a sense of suspense and makes you longing for more....if only just to have some answers.
As the saga of the Pennykettles and the assortment of Fain, sibyls, Ix, dragons, and now angels that are drawn to them continues, you feel like you are caught up in a plot where the author is still not sure what direction to take. Hopefully he has a plan and ultimate goal insight.
Despite the complex plot, this is a well-written book that can keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat. ( )
  SheilaCornelisse | Jul 5, 2011 |
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Bestselling author David Rain returns to help Lucy and the Pennykettle dragons try to find and destroy a drop of dark fire before it is discovered and used to birth a darkling, while in the Arctic, enshrouded in mist, hide dragons that have at last returned to Earth.

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