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The Great Ship of Knowledge, Vol. 1:…

The Great Ship of Knowledge, Vol. 1: Learning Earth's Deathly History (urspr publ 2009; utgåvan 2009)

av William Bailey

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
219861,767 (3.58)3
What is reality? What if virtual-world technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams and we're actually living virtual-lives right now? This book teaches you to learn what's on the road to death and a little of what's possible on the road of life. It shows the world the cataclysmic cost of a world divided.… (mer)
Titel:The Great Ship of Knowledge, Vol. 1: Learning Earth's Deathly History
Författare:William Bailey
Info:Bailey (2009), Perfect Paperback, 536 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Great Ship of Knowledge, Volume 1: Learning Earth's Deathly History av William Bailey (2009)


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A lot of people here seem to give a book 100 pages before quitting. I have never really needed to use something like that - I just pretty much finish all books I start...eventually.....

I was counting the pages left until 100 before I hit page 25. However, it got more interesting by about p.70, and I DID finish the book.

This book has two different stories going on in it. The story you start with envelops the other story. Essentially it is about how life on earth ends and how, somehow (we don't find out in this book - perhaps Volume II will tell us), all life will flower again on another planet.

I found the story-within-a-story to be more interesting; eventually I was just skimming the 'outer story.'

This book needs lots and lots of editing. I was constantly being thrown out of the book because of the writing. One of the major problems for me was the level of detail of the descriptions - they just went on and on, and were so detailed and technical as to eventually lose me completely and then I had no idea of what the object being described even looked like at all. The use of the word futuristic, especially when used to describe things in the future also threw me off. In the story within a story, something else I made note of was that during a gun battle, it seemed like every gun shot was followed with descriptions of splattered brain, bone and blood....The excessive level of detail in the descriptions was also tough to take when the end of the world was being described, all the dead and dying people.....

I'm giving it 1/2 a star. I compared it to other books I have given low ratings, and the writing is what really killed me with this one. If the book had a really good going over with respect to grammar and word choice, and lots of editing, it would move up, but just can't give it anymore. ( )
  LisaMorr | Feb 10, 2010 |
This was a free book from the author on LibraryThing. After reading this book, I found myself wanting more. There is a sequel, and a part three according to the author, and I can't wait to read the next installment. Anyone interested in virtual reality and a plausable scenario to Earth's "coming" demise, should add this to the top of your to-read list; it is one phenomenal book. ( )
  lupoman | Feb 5, 2010 |
Unfortunately, I was unable to finish this book. It just couldn't keep my attention. The writing was sub-par and there were too many discrepancies with the real world to allow me to suspend belief for the science fiction sections. I think this book needs to be rewritten a few more times before it winds up on the shelves. The major tenet this author needs to follow is REWRITE! The story might go somewhere if the author spends more time on it. I really wanted to finish this book, and more than that, I really wanted to enjoy it. But its going to take a lot of work before it should grace bookshelves. ( )
1 rösta malachitemoon | Sep 7, 2009 |
This book, for me, was difficult to get through. The story and ideas the author was trying to relay were great. But, I had a problem with all the pointless rather extensive descriptions of everything. It seemed like such extensive descriptions - instead of helping the reader get a clear visual idea of what the environment was like, it actually was too much information and thus the actual visuals are lost to the reader. It also took awhile for any true action to start....I would have prefered more action at the beginning with less description.

The author openly admits that he's never tried writing before and I appreciate the honesty. I think the story is well worth telling, but, it would do well to have quite a bit trimmed out of it. ( )
  DelennDax7 | Aug 24, 2009 |
This book is a gem of a science fiction story. That's not all it is. It's a cry for the people of the world to wake up before they destroy the planet they live on. And it's a very realistic depiction of the holocaust and destruction that will take place if we continue on the present path. In this regard, it is truly frightening in its vivid and seemingly very realistic portrayal of current events escalating into apocalyptic proportions with the final outcome being an all too possible, human-wrought, Armageddon. The people that we follow in the story are living out a dream sequence, even as their physical beings are being stored in limbo onboard very elaborate space craft bound for a new planet to inhabit. They have been enroute for a thousand years, and are now just arriving at their destination. These "dreamers" who are to populate the new world, must first virtually live out a life on the Earth of a thousand years ago and the nightmare of the Armageddon that occurred then. The powers that be felt in this way, they would learn to respect their new world and all mankind would live in peace after they had seen for themselves what the stupidity of religious and racial hatred did to the Earth. How these "dreamers" were saved from the destruction of Earth is only hinted at, and is to be explained in detail in later volume(s).

The depiction of the strife that led to the Earth's destruction; as well as the portrayal of the advanced space traveling crew, "dreamers", futuristic equipment and gadgets, space craft full of specimens from the old world that were salvaged and are being transported to the new planet, holographic workers of all kinds, complete with elaborate costumes; and especially vivid descriptions of various modes of futuristic transport is awe-inspiring. I have read alot of science fiction books, and never has one painted such a vivid picture in my mind; as if a movie were playing in the background. This story just begs to be made into a movie--3D please!!!!

The foreword describes the eerie birth of this story; that alone is truly frightening. In it, the author also explains that he is not a writer, and is rather poor in English subjects, including spelling and tense; as mentioned by an English teacher he had originally asked to look over the manuscript. I appreciate his honesty and I must say, he is absolutely right. As far as English is concerned, this book would appear to be a pretty rough draft greatly in need of massive proofreading, spelling corrections and heavy editing. The tense issue is a prevalent one. Sentence structure is very poor, with long, run-on sentences full of ambiguity. Ordinarily, the problems mentioned in this paragraph would have turned me off of a book I was reading. I used to think that was the main reason I read; to experience elegant usage of the English language, which is truly an art form of its own. I've changed my mind after reading this book. The story that is told here, is worth it!

Library Thing and the author of this book have afforded me the opportunity to experience a book that I would not ordinarily have come across; and I would like to extend my thanks to them for their consideration. This book has enriched my imagination and also filled me with a new level of dread for the current state of affairs of this world we live in. Reading this book has truly been a unique and rewarding experience. ( )
  shirfire218 | Aug 19, 2009 |
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What is reality? What if virtual-world technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams and we're actually living virtual-lives right now? This book teaches you to learn what's on the road to death and a little of what's possible on the road of life. It shows the world the cataclysmic cost of a world divided.

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