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Over My Dead Body (43 Old Cemetery Road) av…

Over My Dead Body (43 Old Cemetery Road) (utgåvan 2011)

av Kate Klise, M. Sarah Klise (Illustratör)

Serier: 43 Old Cemetery Road (book 2)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
254680,319 (3.9)4
In this story told mostly through letters, busybody Dick Tater tries to ban Halloween and ghost stories, as well as to break up the popular writing team of I. B. Grumply, ghost Olive C. Spence, and eleven-year-old illustrator Seymour Hope.
Titel:Over My Dead Body (43 Old Cemetery Road)
Författare:Kate Klise
Andra författare:M. Sarah Klise (Illustratör)
Info:Sandpiper (2011), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 128 pages
Taggar:AR Level 5.6


Over My Dead Body av Kate Klise


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Great book! A fun Halloween read for both young and young at heart! ( )
  GRgenius | Sep 15, 2019 |
Another great title! Review coming soon! ( )
  Kewpie83 | Apr 3, 2013 |
I believe I'm now addicted to these charming books. They're like a quality box of candy - they don't take very long at all to consume, they're sweet, and you can tell the quality of the makers from the product. A little sad that the library doesn't have any more of the Regarding... series. Something to look for in the bookstore. ( )
  sriemann | Apr 1, 2013 |
Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToo.com

After being abandoned by his parents, 11-year-old Seymour Hope took to living at the old Spence Mansion with the cranky author, Ignatius B. Grumply, and the ghost of Olive C. Spence, a failed author who has vowed to haunt the mansion at 43 Old Cemetery Road until one of her mysteries is published. Together, the trio has published the first three chapters of a ghost story (aptly entitled 43 OLD CEMETERY ROAD), and are busily working on the following three, which they hope to have ready for their subscribers by Halloween.

At least, they were until the arrival of a letter from Dick Tater, director of the International Movement for the Safety and Protection of Our Kids and Youth (aka IM SPOOKY)...

According to Mr. Tater, Grumply cannot be the legal guardian of Seymour, and neither of them can be living with Olive, since she died in 1911. Tater promptly removes Seymour and places him in the orphanage, and has Grumply committed to an insane asylum. As if that wasn't bad enough, Tater announces that the book was a hoax all along. Outraged fans of 43 OLD CEMETERY ROAD begin demanding refunds and jumping on board Tater's plan to burn all of the ghost stories in the world instead of celebrating Halloween. It's up to the illustrator Seymour to come up with a clever plan to save the reputations of his coauthors and, ultimately, Halloween.

Told through a series of letters, transcripts, and newspaper clippings, this second book in the series makes for an enjoyable read, especially for the reluctant reader who likes to laugh. ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 14, 2010 |
The Klise sisters are back with the follow-up to 43 Old Cemetary Road: Dying to Meet You. Here we once again catch up with Ignatius B. Grumply, Seymour Hope and that wonderful ghost, Olive C. Spense, who are now part of their very own publishing group. Olive and Ignatius do the writing, Seymour does the drawing and the readers pay $3 for their stories. It's worked out quite nicely since they have been able to buy the house on Cemetary Road and are all living happily.

But their happiness is soon dampened, when upon investigation by the The International Movement for the Safety & Protection Of Our Kids & Youth (a/k/a IMSPOOKY), it is deemed that Seymour can no longer live at 43 Old Cemetary Road without his parents. No matter how much Ignatius tries to prove that Seymour is not "unsupervised", but instead is loved and living happily with him, Olive and his cat Shadow, Dick Tater, the head of IMSPOOKY, will not relent and splits up the trio. They'll need some clever and quick thinking in order to get their trio together again and provide their readers with the promised chapters in the book by Halloween or else it will be complete and utter mayhem.

Once again, this series is cleverly written in epistolary fashion. Mostly told through letters, e-mails, drawings, newspaper clippings and Dick Tater's television broadcasts. I absolutely fell in love with the first book in the series and I was not disappointed in this sequel. It is a fun, quick read that is geared more for a younger crowd (3rd to 5th graders) but can definitely be enjoyed by adults as well. My favorite part of the series still remains the names of the characters who reside in the town of Ghastly, IL: Shirley U. Jest, Dick Tater, Claire Voyant, Fay Tality, and of course M. Balm, the librarian! Full of great humor and very sweet little story that you can devour in an hour flat. ( )
  bookwormygirl | Apr 28, 2010 |
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Kate Kliseprimär författarealla utgåvorberäknat
Klise, M. SarahIllustratörhuvudförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat

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In this story told mostly through letters, busybody Dick Tater tries to ban Halloween and ghost stories, as well as to break up the popular writing team of I. B. Grumply, ghost Olive C. Spence, and eleven-year-old illustrator Seymour Hope.

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