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Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way Comes…

Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way Comes (utgåvan 2011)

av Kate DiCamillo (Författare)

Serier: Mercy Watson (6)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
646627,133 (4.06)1
When Mr. and Mrs. Watson and their pig Mercy take in a movie at the Bijou Drive-In, mayhem ensues after Mercy smells the enticing scent of hot buttered popcorn.
Titel:Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way Comes
Författare:Kate DiCamillo (Författare)
Info:Candlewick (2011), Edition: Illustrated, 96 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way Comes av Kate DiCamillo


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In this fifth and final entry in Kate DiCamillo's Mercy Watson series, about the (mis)adventures of a butter-loving pig, the Watsons head to the Bijou Drive-In, where Mercy (once again) gets into trouble. Following the enticing scent of butter, Mercy causes chaos as she chows down on multiple movie-goers' popcorn. As a growing string of people pursue her, Mercy, who thinks it all a good game, goes on the run. Eventually (as is often the case) the local firemen are called...

A worthy conclusion to this amusing chapter-book series, Mercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way Comes features all of the secondary characters who appeared throughout the earlier books, from Officer Tomilello to firemen Ned and Lorenzo. Animal Control Officer Francine Poulet and reformed thief and would-be cowboy Leroy Ninker, who star in the subsequent Tales of Deckawoo Drive series, also appear. The artwork is every bit as colorful and entertaining as in the previous books, adding to the sense of frenzied fun. Recommended to anyone who has read the previous titles in the series, or who is looking for engaging tales for those just getting started with chapter-books. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Jul 2, 2016 |
Ages 6-10.

The Watsons discover that the Bijou drive-in theater is serving bottomless buckets of popcorn with real butter! Of course, they take their darling Mercy the pig along for the trip and invite their friends. At the drive-in, Mercy finds the heavenly scent of butter distracting. She is too busy munching on everyone's delicious, buttery popcorn to notice that she is creating quite an uproar.

While the book is divided into chapters, it falls on the high end of the easy reader spectrum. The pages have generous margins, and plentiful white space between lines and words. Lines do not contains more than 8 words, and full text pages do not exceed 13 lines.

Van Dusen’s illustrations feature robust, rosy-cheeked midwesterners reminiscent of Norman Rockwell paintings. Many spreads feature illustrations across half of the pages, and illustrations cover some full pages. A limited number of page spreads are full text, preparing children for higher levels of reading material.

Though this book is the sixth in the Mercy Watson series, it can easily be read as a standalone. However, Mercy is a charming pig capable of stealing hearts, and readers will likely seek her other adventures. Recommended. ( )
  Rachel.Seltz | Nov 30, 2013 |
The porcine wonder is back, and she’s going to the movies. At the drive-in (a concept that might have be explained to young readers today), there’s a showing of a film called “When Pigs Fly.” Mrs. Watson thinks it will be inspirational. Mercy herself wants to go for the buttery popcorn. The familiar feuding sisters from next door go along, setting in motion a gathering of a cast of recurring characters. DiCamillo and illustrator Chris Van Dusen are at the top of their game. The antics have never been better, and the vivid illustrations will having readers laughing out loud. Mercy does seem to be having the time of her life. And then there’s the ending — complete with towers of buttery toast. Recommended for young readers, and for anyone who, like Mercy, enjoys a good chase. ( )
  English_Teacher | Nov 13, 2012 |
Genre: Fantasy
Review: The author stays true to the genre of fantasy by creating a story that could not take place in our world. There is no such thing as talking, buttered-toasted bread eating pigs.
Point of View: The story is told from the omniscient 3rd person point of view. We see and hear everything that people are doing and feeling, but never from someone saying "I".
Media: Gouache ( )
  adaniel11 | Feb 24, 2012 |
This is the first Mercy Watson book I've read. I admit it. I'm not a huge fan of Kate DiCamillo. Hey, she has lots of fans, she doesn't need little me. I do, of course, recommend her to appropriate readers. (Although I nearly wacked that one patron over the head, when she explained to me that she was reading her eleven-year-old son all of Kate DiCamillo's books. Even though he hated them. Because she liked them.)

Anyways. If you, like me, have not previously encountered Mercy Watson, here's her basic story. Mercy Watson is a pig. She lives with Mr. and Mrs. Watson in a charmingly old-fashioned town. Mercy Watson is slightly anthropomorphized and her owners treat her almost like a human, but she remains completely and always a pig. And in this story....what happens when you take a butter-loving pig to the movies? The movies where they serve real butter on their popcorn? Chaos, that's what happens.

This series is on the young side of beginning chapter books with limited text that's very bold and easy to read. There's plenty of quirky turns of phrase and kooky humor for kids to enjoy, but the overall effect of these books is sweet family fun.

The main draw, to my mind, is the luciously colored illustration by Chris Van Dusen. They somehow manage to create a 50s style without looking outdated and they just...glow. Really.

Verdict: Kids who like the slightly wacky with plenty of sweet and don't want to give up their favorite illustrated picturebooks will enjoy this laid-back beginning chapter book.

ISBN: 978-0763636449; Published July 2009 by Candlewick; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library
  JeanLittleLibrary | Dec 31, 2011 |
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When Mr. and Mrs. Watson and their pig Mercy take in a movie at the Bijou Drive-In, mayhem ensues after Mercy smells the enticing scent of hot buttered popcorn.

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Candlewick Press

2 utgåvor av den här boken publicerades av Candlewick Press.

Utgåvor: 0763636444, 0763652326


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