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The School is Not White! av Doreen Rappaport

The School is Not White! (utgåvan 2005)

av Doreen Rappaport (Författare)

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13511203,594 (4.31)Ingen/inga
The Carter family stuggles to integrate an all-white school in Drew, Mississippi, in 1965.
Titel:The School is Not White!
Författare:Doreen Rappaport (Författare)
Info:Hyperion Book CH (2005), Edition: 3rd Print, 32 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The School is Not White!: A True Story of the Civil Rights Movement av Doreen Rappaport


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True stories always touch my heart because those types of stories explain real-life situations also, very inspiring. This family in the story showed how brave they were; they made it possible for other black families to bring their children to white schools. In Mississippi, during segregation, schools were segregated. Mae and Matthew want their eight children to get the best education by attending the white school. However, her children had to deal with death threats, name-calling, and embarrassment. That did not stop the Carters from fighting for equality in education. It took the family courage, determination, and confidence by making a difference for their family and other black families. As the carter children became young adults, they all graduated from Drew because of strength and perseverance. Their parents knew if their children go to a white school, a difference will be made for them, and their dreams would come true by faith. This story is a true inspiration to our black culture. This story is a perfect example for younger and older students because they would appreciate and understand the content, also, the lesson of this true story. Even though the family struggled, they kept fighting for equality. I learned so much from this story. The illustrations in the story are amazing because it has a chalk pastel texture. I love how the Carter family was the first to attend the white school of their choice. ( )
  EveYoung | Mar 8, 2020 |
The first thing I noticed about the book is that there's a page explaining that this book is a true story. I feel that knowing that a story isn't just speculation helps put things into perspective for readers. The writer and illustrator did a great job showing just how brave this family was. The language in this book is simple and the hardships of this family are portrayed in a way that isn't too much for children so I think this would be a great book to read. I'd pull this book out during a Civil Rights Movement lesson because not only is it a history lesson, it can teach things like kindness and forgiveness. ( )
  Haley_dennis | Feb 26, 2020 |
Wow, this story was so touching. It broke my heart to hear that the Carters never received acceptance while they were at the school. It hurt me, even more, the fact that the teachers and principal were just as rude. I love how they never gave up and their parents strongly encouraged them to stand with courage and to love their enemies. They created a chain and after them, multiple black families brought their children to a "white" school. No one really wants to be that first person who gets treated wrongly. But what they did was so inspiring. This will teach young readers about the civil rights movement and how things were back then in school. ( )
  cynthiahurtado | Apr 30, 2019 |
The School Is Not White! written by Doreen Rappaport is a heartbreaking true story about the Carter family of Drew, Mississippi and their fight against segregation. The story is set in 1965, in all of the U.S. segregation is illegal, however, in Drew, MS schools are still segregated. Until Mae Bertha, the mother decides to send seven of her kids to be the first to integrate all white schools.

"She looked into their hurt and angry eyes and reminded them, 'The school is not white. It's brown brick. and that school belongs to you as well as it belongs to them.'"
The children are tortured by their white schoolmates, the family is forced off of their land, they were even shot at by the owner.

The illustrations within the book were just as heartbreaking as the story itself. Pictures of white kids and their angry faces and balled fist compared to the Carter kids with faces filled with hurt and confusion. The Carters remained strong and unbreakable through those times, in the end, they all graduated high school and more black families began to enroll their kids into majority white schools.

Personally, stories like this break my heart and make me so angry that my people, black people, have been dealing with racism for so long! Books like these are important to black culture because it reminds us of how far we have come. But it also gives me the strength to continue to fight for equality for all people of color. ( )
  AConverse | Feb 22, 2019 |
Age: intermediate
Genre: Biography
Media: Colored pencil
Review/Critique: This follows a family who are one of the first African Americas going to white schools. They have a really hard time but don't give up. Eventually, more African Americans start integrating into the schools. ( )
  kwilson14 | Mar 21, 2017 |
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Doreen Rappaportprimär författarealla utgåvorberäknat
James, CurtisIllustratörmedförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat

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The Carter family stuggles to integrate an all-white school in Drew, Mississippi, in 1965.

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