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Red Dog

av Bill Wallace

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448543,550 (3.59)21
Living with his family in the rugged, often dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the 1860's, twelve-year-old Adam finds his courage put to the test when he is left in charge of the household during his stepfather's absence.

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After Maxes father dies him, his sister, and his mother all moved to Wyoming because his mother had gotten married again and that's where her husband lived one day though his step-dad brought back this big red pup that he found in a cave, now Max at first hated this dog, but that's untile he became to like his step father and the pup, and so him and his little sister named him Red. Now right when Max came to like his step father he had to go on a business trip, now not a business trip like with a briefcase and a suit, cause this is back when Indians and cowboys were around and they lived in the middle of two mountains deed In a valley. When Sam took off (a.k.a Maxes step father) on his business trip these three mountain men came and started to take over or take their land and they took them in hostage, Max over hard that they were going to kill Sam and then after take the land Max snuck out and went to warn Sam but the dog that was tied up out front saw Max and started to bark, but they only thought that it was barking at a deer so in the morning when they went to check on the girls and the Max and that's when they saw he was gone they untied the dog and they started to follow it as it led them to Max. Soon they caught up with Max and when things started to look bad when Max and Red were almost to the brink of death that's when she came, the mountain lion that always watches over the red pup and boy did she tear the men up and then just like that she was gone. When max got up he was all cut up and when he looked over at Red he was gutted right in the stomach. So Max had to drag the red pup all the way back home but when he got their he saw Sam walking down the path towards his house with a bundle of presents in his hands and a big jolly ole smile on his face. That's when Max saw the gun sticking out the window and he heard the gun shot go off and Sam fall to the ground. When Max ran up to Sam he saw that Sam was still alive because of the presents he was carrying. and then all you see is the man with the gun running out of the house screaming and Maxes little sister run out with a coffee pot in her hand saying my Daddy! my Daddy!

My opinion about this book is absolutely amazing and I think that this author should keep writing. ( )
  tylerc.b3 | Jan 12, 2015 |
I reccomend this book to people who like adventure and braveness books. ( )
  SRaval | Sep 28, 2012 |
This story about Red dog.He do not have owner.But he has many friend which are humans.Whenever he go, The trouble happens.But Red dog is loved by many people.
I think people who do not have any pet should read.because you know the healing of pet. ( )
  dazzlin | Jun 25, 2011 |
In the rugged Wymoing territory the red pup is adams best friend. while living in the mountians you dont have many people to see or play with. except the wild animals and trees in the forest.adam and his family live in a lonely cabin in the mountains facing the dangers of the wilderness alone. One day adems stepfather ,sam announces that he must leav for a weekand long trip to cheyenne.Adem is put in charge of the famly and must be alert with any signs of danger.Everything gos smoothly until threee cuttthroat gold prspectores come crashing into the cabin and hold the family (except sam) at gunpoint. late at night yes,adem maneges to somehow escape.unfortunalty the men let the pup(Ruff) loose,and the one thing that dog does best is trck adaem.... who knows if the pup leads the nasty men to adam if that happens adem might not be able to save hos mother and sister louren.
  hulagirl270 | Mar 19, 2009 |
Red Dog is a book about a boy, Adam, whose mother has remarried and they have moved from Tennessee to Wyoming territory. Adam is real resentful to his stepfather and doesn’t want him to be his father. Adam also has a puppy who he is trying to train to be a tracker, so far to no avail. The puppy has been trying to tree a big mountain lion. One day the stepfather leaves to put a claim on the land they are on because there are gold seekers in the area and they are not very nice at all. While he is gone, Adam is in charge of the family chores and to protect his mother and little sister. On a stormy evening, the gold seekers break into the house and hold the family hostage and threaten to kill them if they do not hand over the deed to the land. Adam escapes in the night to go warn his stepfather about the men. In the end, all is well and Adam has a great relationship with his stepfather.

I think this book is a good one to keep in your class for the boys to read (girls will like it too). Bill Wallace seems to be a popular author to students, so I decided to read one of his books. After reading Red Dog, I will be reading more of his books because I enjoyed it a great deal.

I would use this book as an option for the boy students to read instead of Little House books while studying pioneer ways. I might have students write a story about what would happen if they were left in charge of their family. What chores would they have to do? This also is a great time to do research on mining gold or even on mountain lions.
  ds119933 | Oct 19, 2008 |
Visar 5 av 5
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Living with his family in the rugged, often dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the 1860's, twelve-year-old Adam finds his courage put to the test when he is left in charge of the household during his stepfather's absence.

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