Riktigt namn
Alexander Marriott
Om mitt bibliotek

I have several libraries. My local public library is the Houston Public Library--but the libraries I most frequent are my campus library (ACC Library), the Fondren Library at Rice University, and the MD Anderson Library at the University of Houston.

Om mig

I was born 6 February 1984 in Winfield, Illinois, outside of Chicago. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas, NV. I developed an intense interest in history while living abroad and made a career of it, going to graduate school and graduating with a PhD in American history from Clark University in 2013. I have taught American, British, European and Texas history at Wiley College and Alvin Community College since 2013. I continue to travel widely, read broadly and write whenever I have the time and opportunity.

Houston, TX
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