mashups and web services

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mashups and web services

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sep 19, 2009, 4:15 pm

I'd like to move on past what I know and get into what I don't know. There's alot I don't know.

The arena is web development. The direction is web services.

I've learned PHP/mySQL pretty darn deeply. although I am aware it gets deeper. I have not utilized the ZEND framework other than using zendAMF to drive a flash website.

I am currently beginning my first introductory to using web services. I know how to take XML and do all I need with it as far as parsing/processing domnodes and trees with PHP. I use DOM functions, not simpleXML, even though both may be efficient. Thats just what I ended up aiming towards, DOM.

Right now I am reading this book Pro Web 2.0 mashups. And it is proving to be very difficult. I can tell the author is giving scripts that are gold, unfortunately I cannot use, and usually can't decipher them yet because of my n00b level. I'm not on that level yet. Everything is hypothetical in my own perspective because its not a working practice, and alot of it is new to me.

I use PHP/mySQL on Apache. I'm going to finish off this book, hopefully within the month. . .

Does anybody have any recommendations for a more "Layman's Guide" or "introduction to" - making a web mashup, or using web services?

As a hobbyist, I have adopted Joomla, and Dojo as frameworks/CMS. How much more valuable would Zend be? Would it be worth the effort for me to learn it, I'm not doing any major commercial dev. Am I headed anywhere in the right direction?

any comments, suggestions, as long as they would be comprehensive, are welcome.

Thank you.