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The House of Cards Trilogy [1990 TV mini series] (1990) — Regissör — 92 exemplar
Rumpole of the Bailey: Set 3 (Seasons 5-7) (2005) — Regissör — 13 exemplar
Van Der Valk, Series 1-5 [1972-1992] — Regissör — 7 exemplar
The Final Cut [1995 TV mini series] (2003) — Regissör — 5 exemplar
The Productivityist Workbook (2013) 4 exemplar
The Productivityist Playbook (2018) 2 exemplar
The One Game [DVD] 1 exemplar
Beyond Trying (2014) 1 exemplar
Van der Valk, Season 2 [1973] (1973) — Regissör — 1 exemplar


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I've followed Mike Vardy (podcasts, social media) for a while now and really like his approach to productivity. This book intends to help you create your own productivity framework and system using tried-and-true "plays" rather than just copy-and-pasting somebody else's system.

The great thing about Mike's approach is that he backs up everything with explanations and examples that make sense. I had been letting my current system slip lately and began digging around for some inspiration on how to revitalize my "to-do" list. I've walked away from this book completely invigorated; I have a couple "plays" in mind to implement already. My next step is to purchase the full online package to watch the videos and continue receiving more "plays" to consider.

It's a quick read, but well worth it if you're into productivity at all.
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teejayhanton | Mar 22, 2024 |
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