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Utdelare: Hampshire County Council, School Library Service

Andra namn: Hampshire Illustrated Book Award (engelska), Hampshire Information Book Award (engelska), Hampshire Picture Book Award (engelska)
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The Hampshire Illustrated Book Award is an annual award given to illustrated works of children's literature. The award is judged by children in Year 5 and run by Hampshire County Council's School

visa mer Library Service. The shortlist is announced in October each year, and the winner in December. An award ceremony is held in March the following year.
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Winner 65

When the World Was Ours av Liz KesslerHampshire Book Award2023
The Station Cat av Stephen HogtunIllustrated Book Award2023
If the World Were 100 Animals: A Visual Guide to Earth's Amazing Creatures av Miranda SmithInformation Book Award2023
The Day Fin Flooded the World av Adam StowerPicture Book Award2023
Ground Zero av Alan GratzHampshire Book Award2022
The Barnabus Project av Terry FanIllustrated Book Award2022
Endangered Wildlife: Rescuing Ocean Life av Anita GaneriInformation Book Award2022
The ABC Factor: Meet a host of extraordinary animals in this brilliantly funny alphabet story with a strong message about self-belief av Katrina CharmanPicture Book Award2022
The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones av Daven McQueenHampshire Book Award2021
The Couch Potato (The Food Group) av Jory JohnIllustrated Book Award2021
Red Alert! Endangered Animals Around the World av Catherine BarrInformation Book Award2021
Elephant in My Kitchen!: A critically acclaimed, humorous introduction to climate change and protecting our natural world av Smriti HallsPicture Book Award2021
Outwalkers av Fiona ShawHampshire Book Award2020
A Christmas Carol av Tony MittonIllustrated Book Award2020
The Problem with Plastic: Know Your Facts, Take Action, Save the Oceans av Ruth OwenInformation Book Award2020
What Do You Do When Your House Is a Zoo? av John KellyPicture Book Award2020
Shell av Paula RawsthorneHampshire Book Award2019
The Bad Seed av Jory JohnIllustrated Book Award2019
Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles av Patricia ValdezInformation Book Award2019
Instructions for a Secondhand Heart av Tamsyn MurrayHampshire Book Award2018
Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters av Oliver JeffersIllustrated Book Award2018
Ocean and Sea (Scholastic Discover More) av Steve ParkerInformation Book Award2018
Danny McGee Drinks the Sea av Andy StantonPicture Book Award2018
River of Ink: 1: Genesis av Helen DennisHampshire Book Award2017
Where the Bugaboo Lives av Sean TaylorIllustrated Book Award2017
The Epic Book of Epicness: The World's Most Epic Facts av Adam FrostInformation Book Award2017
Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise av Sean TaylorPicture Book Award2017
Looking at the Stars av Jo CotterillHampshire Book Award2016
The Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, the Wolf, and Grandma av Diane FoxIllustrated Book Award2016
Predators (Visual Explorers) av Toby ReynoldsInformation Book Award2016
Use Your Imagination av Nicola O'ByrnePicture Book Award2016
Den skrikande trappan av Jonathan StroudHampshire Book Award2015
Winter's Child av Angela McAllisterIllustrated Book Award2015
Lions (Animal Lives) av Sally MorganInformation Book Award2015
Supertato av Sue HendraPicture Book Award2015
Bodyguard Hostage Book 1 av Chris BradfordHampshire Book Award2014
The Day the Crayons Quit av Drew DaywaltIllustrated Book Award2014
Scholastic Discover More: Weather av Penelope ArlonInformation Book Award2014
Lion vs Rabbit av Alex LatimerPicture Book Award2014
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece av Annabel PitcherHampshire Book Award2013
The Pirates Next Door av Jonny DuddleIllustrated Book Award2013
Fizzing Physics (Science Crackers) av Steve ParkerInformation Book Award2013
Wolf Won't Bite! av Emily GravettPicture Book Award2013
Half Brother av Kenneth OppelHampshire Book Award2012
Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School av David MackintoshIllustrated Book Award2012
Otto the Book Bear av Katie CleminsonPicture Book Award2012
TimeRiders av Alex ScarrowHampshire Book Award2011
The Santa Trap av Jonathan EmmettIllustrated Book Award2011
This is My Book av Mick InkpenPicture Book Award2011
Hungerspelen av Suzanne CollinsHampshire Book Award2010
Tortoise v Hare: The Rematch av Preston RuttIllustrated Book Award2010
Super Daisy (Daisy Picture Books) av Kes GrayPicture Book Award2010
Special Operations: Dogfight av Craig SimpsonHampshire Book Award2009
Don't Read This Book! av Jill LewisIllustrated Book Award2009
Skulduggery Pleasant av Derek LandyHampshire Book Award2008
Scoop!: An Exclusive by Monty Molenski av John KellyIllustrated Book Award2008
Percy Jackson Graphic Novel: The Lightning Thief av Rick RiordanHampshire Book Award2007
Castles av Colin ThompsonIllustrated Book Award2007
Väktarens lärling av Joseph DelaneyHampshire Book Award2006
Katter ska slåss (med varandra) av Nick ButterworthIllustrated Book Award2006
Private Peaceful av Michael MorpurgoHampshire Book Award2005
The Dot av Peter H. ReynoldsIllustrated Book Award2005
A Little Piece of Ground av Elizabeth LairdHampshire Book Award2004
The Adventures of a Nose av Viviane SchwarzIllustrated Book Award2004
Skelettkusten av Anthony HorowitzHampshire Book Award2003


The Hampshire Illustrated Book Award is an annual award given to illustrated works of children's literature. The award is judged by children in Year 5 and run by Hampshire County Council's School Library Service. The shortlist is announced in October each year, and the winner in December. An award ceremony is held in March the following year.

(English, Wikipedia)
URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/?curid=14123293#Hampshire_Illustrated_Book_Award
An annual award for the best paperback fiction title published in the previous year for the 11-14 age group. The judges of the award are Year 8 students from participating schools (secondary schools subscribing to the School Library Service). The students are involved in every stage of the award, from selection of both the long and short lists to the final vote for the winning author. (English, Medlemsbidrag)

The Hampshire Picture Book Award is an annual award given to works of children's literature published in paperback during the previous year. The award is judged by children in Year 1 and run by Hampshire County Council's School Library Service. The shortlist is announced in January each year, and the winner announced in April.

(English, Wikipedia)
URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/?curid=14123293#Hampshire_Picture_Book_Award


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